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    Hello all,

    My name is Jack (My birth name is John but everyone knows me as Jack) Sherwood and I'm from a small town south of Atlanta called Newnan. I was lucky and born with a dad who hated the beach and loved taking us out west at an early age. From 12 years old I knew I would spend the rest of my adult life trying to spend every moment I could snowboarding. I love sports in all forms and by that I mean individual and team sports. In high school I wrestled, skateboarded and played football. So I've spent the last 20+ years on a board, whether it be snow or concrete. I also enjoy literature of all sorts and I'm constantly reading on history and current events. I believe the one who understands history the best will be able to accurately predict the future and avoid repeating the past. When I graduated high school I attended the University of Alabama.

    While at Alabama I took classes in business and marketing.. After Alabama (and several national championships) I moved to Kirkwood in California for one season and then Colorado where I've been ever since. Now as far as snowboarding goes there is literally no better feeling. My wife and I are so happy we have snowboarding. It has helped us grow and make our relationship stronger. Snowboarding provides you the most legitimate form of happiness that one can experience. I love riding park, trees, powder, backcountry, groomers etc. It doesn't matter to me, as long as I'm riding with my friends. As I stated earlier snowboarding is my life and I owe everything to snowboarding, so I always go as hard as I can every time I ride. I hope to hear from you.

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    Snowboard Expert Jack S.
    Expert: Jack S.
    Reviewer: Michael
    You're talking to a real person
    Jack responded to my inquiry about returns. I thought he would just answer and move on, but he followed up about my order and suggested a different board since it didn't seem that the board would be a right fit for my size and style. After talking to him about my preference he had a few suggestions. Even though I haven't committed to switching a board, he's definitely the person I'd talk with before making a decision. Thanks Jack
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 6, 2021
    Snowboard Expert Jack S.
    Expert: Jack S.
    Reviewer: cindy
    The face of Curated
    I would give anything to have someone like Jack representing every company I shop with. He made my experience extremely pleasurable and simple. He is simply an amazing young man and I hope Curated gives him the opportunity to help this company grow in the right direction. He seems like an extremely intelligent young man that is even more passionate about what he does and who/how he helps people he interacts with.
    Verified Review | Submitted on May 28, 2021
    Snowboard Expert Jack S.
    Expert: Jack S.
    Reviewer: Luke
    Jack is absolutely the best!
    Been awhile since I last hit the slops and needed a lot of new gear since my buddies and I were planning a few trips this year. This guy calls me on top of the messaging app, hits me up with deals and info on the best gear for my skill level and even gives me tips to some saucy slops and secret spots! If I could give this dude 10 stars out of 5 I would, best help I've ever had shopping for anything. You can clearly tell this man knows his stuff and actually cares about getting you hooked up the right way. 5 stars hands down, this guy is totally ripper!
    Verified Review | Submitted on May 27, 2021
    Snowboard Expert Jack S.
    Expert: Jack S.
    Reviewer: Eugene
    Very unprofessional...
    Very disappointed in my experience with Jack. Jack was very pushy with my purchase and would be very quick to respond to anything I had to say. I was finally able to make a decision for my purchase. Jack added some items to my cart, but added the wrong sizes for two of my items after I told him what sizes I wanted. (It doesn't tell you what size you are getting in your shopping cart) After receiving the wrong sizes, I messaged Jack and after about 5 days, there is still no response. I can see that Jack is reading my messages as well. I would be careful with Jack.
    Verified Review | Submitted on May 9, 2021
    Snowboard Expert Jack S.
    Expert: Jack S.
    Reviewer: Lea
    Super honest
    I was looking for some bindings to complete my set up but on a super tight budget. I found my boots new on Facebook for cheap, my board was discounted because it was last years model, but bindings I couldn’t find anywhere. He was really honest in telling me that if I should splurge anywhere it’s on my bindings and he still managed to find me a deal on a great pair. Super stoked to hit the mountain with my own set up now :D
    Verified Review | Submitted on Mar 30, 2021
    Snowboard Expert Jack S.
    Expert: Jack S.
    Reviewer: mitchell
    A gift from from Craig Kelly, the Roman snowboard God
    Right off the bat I could tell Jack knows his way around a snowboard. He already the answers to my questions before I even asked them. He gave me constructive criticism which was hard to hear but at the same time delivered it in a way that let me know he cared. I was looking for a new pair of goggles and I was dead set on the Smith mags. But after a little guidance from Jack (which honestly felt like the training session from kill bill vol. 2) he showed me a pair of goggles that belong in a museum, the Oakley flight tracker torstein horgmo/shredbot Ltd. Edition and THEY WERE ON SALE!!! I was shocked he knew of the shredbots youtube channel but then again any real snowboarder has seen at least one of their clips. He could've easily sold me the $280 goggles, have made double in commission and spent a fraction of the time he did talking to me but instead he did the incredibly hard right thing. The best part of it is was that I could tell he was enjoying talking and working with me. At my local board shop it feels like if you aren't a pro or don't work there then you aren't welcome. If Jack is ever stuck in Big Sky I would let him live with me. Long and short, the world (not just curated) need more people like Jack. Oh yeah and not to mention his families houses were literally destroyed by a tornado the other night. As long as Jack is here to guide me then I will come back to learn, regardless of the price! Ride like Jack!!!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Mar 29, 2021
    Snowboard Expert Jack S.
    Expert: Jack S.
    Reviewer: Joseph N
    THE Guy
    Jack knew exactly what he was doing. Kept the recommendations coming, tailored exactly to what I was looking for. Once I narrowed it down to a couple choices for a board, he paired in a couple of complementing items and I was set to go. Super responsive throughout all times of the day (literally all times), and we got everything squared away in just a couple days. If you're looking for some help with a thoughtfully curated set, he is THE guy to go to.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Feb 26, 2021
    Snowboard Expert Jack S.
    Expert: Jack S.
    Reviewer: Eileen
    Jack's the best!
    Jack answered my (multiple) questions about boards, boots, and bindings. He was also super patient with my requests of color scheme while still maintaining the board quality. You could tell he knew what he was talking about, and he really wanted me to get the best board for my snowboarding experience. Can't wait to work with him again in the future!!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Apr 13, 2021
    Snowboard Expert Jack S.
    Expert: Jack S.
    Reviewer: Joe h
    everything will work out
    this all hermitages on the idea that everything will work out. Jake helped me through the clams process of returning a snowboard. he confidently explained the situation and gave me advice on the board I purchased. he was the sole reason I brought another board here.he was unbelievably consistent while responding. however there is a chance that my board get denied for retuning because it was delivered so long ago. if that's the case, and I brought another board for no reason, then this was tragic.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jan 17, 2021
    Snowboard Expert Jack S.
    Expert: Jack S.
    Reviewer: Cora
    Super Knowledgeable Expert, Wonderful Experience
    Jack was such a lovely guide through the board shopping process. He is super knowledgeable on a variety of brands, styles and amenities for your desired ride and style. He was very attentive to my needs and concerns and gave me a variety of options to choose from with great background info and feedback. I was shocked at how much he knew and how much he had to say about each style and question I had. I haven't purchased my board yet because I am still deciding on a few features, but I am certainly going to purchase one thanks to Jack (:
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jan 13, 2021
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