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Jacob Zimmerer

I live in Bozeman, Montana and ski between 75 and 100 days per year both in-resort and in the backcountry! I just finished my undergraduate in Environmental Science at Montana State University, so I'll be spending this winter enjoying the snow around Bozeman. I'm stoked to be helping people get gear that will enable them to get into the woods and enjoy what winter has to offer!

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CategorySki Expert
Customers helped514
Current locationBozeman, Montana
Favorite terrainBackcountry
Favorite spotNelson, BC
Favorite brandsDynafit, Solomon, Patagonia
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Ski Expert Jacob Zimmerer
Reviewer: Michael
Jacob was awesome!
Im getting into skiing after 22 years of snowboarding so I had no clue as to what I was looking for. Jacob asked a couple questions and found the perfect gear that fit exactly what I was looking for. He thouroughly answered every question that I had and was always willing to explain further. Super great experience. So glad I used Curated and got help from Jacob.
Verified Review | Submitted Apr 23, 2020
Ski Expert Jacob Zimmerer
Reviewer: Kerem
Very patient, knowledgeable, and helpful
I came in with no real idea about what kind of ski I wanted, and I tend to overanalyze everything so I definitely wasn't the easiest customer out there. Despite that, he answered all of my questions patiently and extensively, and went over the pros and cons of multiple skis in detail, finding me great deals in the process. Super cool guy, and I'll definitely be back when I'm inevitably in need of some powder skis!
Verified Review | Submitted Feb 21, 2020
Ski Expert Jacob Zimmerer
Reviewer: Dan
I am a disabled skiier and find it very hard to just purchase 1 ski and 1 binding set for my sit ski rig. Once Jacob realized that was all I was looking for, he found exactly what I was looking for. I was also surprised that he found the required binding block set too! One stop shopping. I will recommend Curated to all my disabled ski buddies!!!
Verified Review | Submitted Apr 9, 2020
Ski Expert Jacob Zimmerer
Reviewer: Chris
He takes the time to answer everything
I am just getting back into skiing and have never purchased a pair of skis with expert guidance. Jacob was great to answer everything I asked and help me understand they why to the recommendation. He went the extra mile to find a product that would work for my budget. Thanks Jacob!
Verified Review | Submitted Mar 4, 2020
Ski Expert Jacob Zimmerer
Reviewer: Kate
Knowledgeable and Friendly
Jacob gave a lot of great insight on both mens and womens skis on the market. He was very responsive and patient as I struggled to make a ski decision. I got a great end of the season deal and I’m really excited to try out the skis I purchased next ski season!
Verified Review | Submitted Apr 9, 2020
Ski Expert Jacob Zimmerer
Reviewer: Jamie
Great Experience
I looked into Curated because I wanted to upgrade into some intermediate/advanced skis. Jacob was very knowledgeable about the performance of different skis and which would fit my needs. He recommended multiple options (and they were all great end-of-season deals!).
Verified Review | Submitted Apr 9, 2020
Ski Expert Jacob Zimmerer
Reviewer: Ben
Best expert
I asked about some googles and he gave me the best types and ones all those I did not buy them yet i will i choose to wait till fall so I dont break them ore forget them and he recommended the best thing that I have asked for. Love him and the website
Verified Review | Submitted Mar 16, 2020
Ski Expert Jacob Zimmerer
Reviewer: Kristina
Responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly
I adjusted my ask/preferences a couple times throughout the process and Jacob was patient and insightful. Appreciated his perspective and research when I was undecided. Thanks again - really excited about my new gear!
Verified Review | Submitted Mar 28, 2020
Ski Expert Jacob Zimmerer
Reviewer: Chuck C
He was the best!
Jacob goes above and beyond for you, he needs a raise! Very helpful, and gets the job done! Bravo brother!! Can’t wait for these skis! Whoooohoooo! One happy old fart at 42 here
Verified Review | Submitted Apr 1, 2020
Ski Expert Jacob Zimmerer
Reviewer: Austin
Gnarley Ski Expert
Here's a guy that knows about customer service while keeping things fresh and cool. Super helpful without being overbearing. Will come back to him for all future needs. Thanks bud!
Verified Review | Submitted Feb 14, 2020