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Descending the Grand Teton (Ford-Stettnor Couloir)
  • Jake Parker

    Skier, Climber, Biker, Rafter working on a Physics PhD

    I grew up skiing, whitewater rafting, and backpacking with my family in Southeast Idaho. Since I moved to Bozeman for school outdoor sports have become a huge part of my life.

    Although I have been skiing my whole life it wasn't until I started skiing in the backcountry that I became truly pasionate. Over the last 10 years skiing has taken me some incredible places including a descent of the Grand Teton, completing the Bugaboos to Rogers Pass traverse, and a ton of other couloirs and traverses within a 10 hour drive.

    Since I have been a poor college student for the entirety of my gear obsession, scouring the internet for great products and great prices is a serious hobby of mine. Get in touch and take advantage of the amount of time I've spent drooling over gear on the internet.

    Whether you are transitioning from rentals, looking to head out into the backcountry, or looking for the perfect 5th pair in your quiver I'd love to help. Reach out anytime and let's get you the perfect gear so you can get into the mountains where you belong.

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    Expert: Jake Parker
    Reviewer: Travis F
    Best experience looking for equipment
    Jake was friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable right from the beginning. He stayed with me for almost a year as I made my decisions and he took the time to explain all the differences in the equipment and what would be the best and why. He never tried to push the most expensive gear, just the gear that would work the best for me and my experience level. Not to mention the killer deals he found for brand new equipment. Jake is a valuable asset to this company.
    Verified Review | Submitted Nov 16, 2019
    Expert: Jake Parker
    Reviewer: Julian
    Knowledgeable and EXTREMELY responsive
    I was blown away by the responsiveness of Jake - I got a response within SECONDS of making my inquiry. Jake intelligently asked a few more questions and gave me a few great recs - and was able to price match another site. Great deal on the skis and the bindings too. Excited to shred with the new skis
    Verified Review | Submitted Jan 7, 2020
    Expert: Jake Parker
    Reviewer: Kristin
    Very knowledgeable
    I just started skiing again after many years. All the equipment has changed so much since I last purchased skies. Jake helped me sort through the choices and picked a couple of great skies and bindings to fit my ability. He was also very patient as I thought about each option. I can’t wait to try out my new skies!
    Verified Review | Submitted Jan 16, 2020
    Expert: Jake Parker
    Reviewer: Slater
    Jake has the skis
    Jake quickly found skis that would have taken hours of internet scouring to find. They were exactly what I need and fit exactly within the budget I gave him. He didn't try to up-sell me and gave insight only a truly experienced skier could offer, knowing which specific ski area, type of skiing, and experience level I was working with.
    Verified Review | Submitted Sep 6, 2019
    Expert: Jake Parker
    Reviewer: Marlon
    Easy to talk too
    Jake was easy to talk too, offered solutions, asked the right questions and was always willing to answer no matter the time i bothered :) after a few weeks of back and forth took his recommendations and bought myself a new pair of Skis/Bindings and Boots. Thanx again for your time Jake
    Verified Review | Submitted Jan 8, 2020
    Expert: Jake Parker
    Reviewer: Jason
    Jake is the man
    Jake was extremely knowledgeable and professional and hunted down an exceptional deal for me. I was convinced this site was a scam and first because having a ski expert do your ski shopping for you seems too good to be true, but it turns out the team just wants to help out than industry that everyone loves being a part of. Finally, as a broke grad student, Jake could relate to my budget and had no problem working with it. Five stars!
    Verified Review | Submitted Apr 7, 2019
    Expert: Jake Parker
    Reviewer: Taylor
    Knowledgeable and helpful
    Without a reputable ski shop nearby, my options are either ordering online to getting my gear at the resort. It can be difficult to know what you’re getting online but usually saves some money and it’s usually much more expensive at the mountain but you can tak with someone. With Jake I felt like I got the best of both worlds. He didn’t try to sell me something but rather give me suggestions of what he thought would meet my needs best. It was a great experience and would definitely recommend trying it if you’re on the fence.
    Verified Review | Submitted Mar 11, 2019
    Expert: Jake Parker
    Reviewer: Corry
    Quick to respond and very helpful!
    Ski's, Boots, and bindings. I was lost on where to begin with so many options, but after sharing my needs, Jake was quickly able to match me up with exactly the gear I needed. He answered all of my numerous questions, making me feel very comfortable with the items being purchased. He will be my go to guy for any future purchases. Thanks Jake!
    Verified Review | Submitted Apr 8, 2019
    Expert: Jake Parker
    Reviewer: Adam
    Best representative I have ever worked with
    Jake was not only quick but he was very engaging. He listened to what I wanted, searched and found what I needed for the best possible price. Wish he lived closer, seems like a great guy. I will definitely be sending some more work his way with friends.
    Verified Review | Submitted Oct 16, 2019
    Expert: Jake Parker
    Reviewer: Zach
    Jake killed it!
    He was so helpful and found an awesome deal on my setup for my new skis! Down to earth person that didnt make it awkward not knowing eachother, it was pretty much carrying a conversation with a friend about buying new gear and not trying to break the bank in doing so.
    Verified Review | Submitted Nov 1, 2019