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Fishing Expert Jeff Henderson
  • Jeff Henderson

    I am currently a graduate student studying aquatic biology, specifically focusing on habitat restoration in aquatic ecosystems. I grew up outside Philadephia, PA and am now temporarily living in Wisconsin's Driftless Region. My free time is spent in a stream, on a lake, or somewhere in between. My passion for fishing stems from my youth and has led me in several directions from competitive bass fishing to backcountry fly fishing adventures. I pride myself on this diveristy as it has allowed me to develop an immense knowledge in fishing. I have been fortunate for opportunities to travel both across the US and internationally chasing a variety of fish species with my fly rods. When I am not fishing, you will find me tying flies, camping, backpacking, drinking beer, and documenting my experiences with my camera.

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    Fishing Expert Jeff Henderson
    Reviewer: Dan
    Great Advice and very responsive!!
    Easy to work with, super knowledgeable, and did a fantastic job helping me put together a kit that met my expectations both for performance and price. Learned a lot through the process as i was able to ask any question i wanted about equipment, techniques, and just general fly fishing knowledge. Will absolutely reach out to Jeff in the future and enjoyed the shopping experience the curated model provided.
    Verified Review | Submitted Jul 22, 2020
    Jeff Henderson
    5.0 from 27 reviews
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