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    My bad luck made me a serious gear hound; Losing at least one jacket a season has been costly, but lends me great advice...If there is a gear brand out there, chances are I have put them to the ultimate test - surviving a weekend with my outdoor antics -

    Find me riding through the trees around Ut/Co; Yet, I grew up riding around the mid-west, and have rode in France and Switzerland - hoping to add Japan & Canada soon, so hit me up with your advice if you've been!

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    Expert: Katelyn Cox
    Reviewer: Merrit
    Great expert and super friendly!
    I'm so glad I came across and got Katelyn as my expert! She was super helpful and gave me multiple options that I could choose from. She answered any questions I had very quickly and to as much knowledge as she could provide and definitely helped me decide which snowboard was perfect for me. 11/10 would recommend Katelyn to anyone!
    Verified Review | Submitted Dec 26, 2019
    Expert: Katelyn Cox
    Reviewer: Jackson
    Best snowboard advice!
    She made the experience very easy and fast. It was so simple I couldnt believe it. I was having a hard time choosing a board because of my stature being 6ft 3 and with a foot size of 14 U.S. I wouldn't have found the board I did without her help! Thanks again so much for your time, I will most definitely come back if ever need be!
    Verified Review | Submitted Dec 14, 2019
    Expert: Katelyn Cox
    Reviewer: Dylan
    Amazing, helpful, funny, all around outstanding!!
    Katelyn was the most helpful person I’ve ever ran into looking for new gear. She understood what I was looking for and was able to find multiple options for me to pick from! Along with being easy and fun to talk to about what I was thinking!! Definitely coming back with any other questions!!
    Verified Review | Submitted Dec 13, 2019
    Expert: Katelyn Cox
    Reviewer: Garth
    Katelyn is A-1
    Katelyn is exactly the person you would want to talk to about a good steeze. She informed me about which board types would fit me as a rider through different terrain and seasonal advantages to each. Easy to have a conversation with and responsive to difficult questions!
    Verified Review | Submitted Nov 23, 2019
    Expert: Katelyn Cox
    Reviewer: Julie H
    Super Helpful
    Super helpful while trying to decide for my son. Available and I definately appreciate her descriptions of the different items she suggested. Helped me make an informed decision and stay close to my price range
    Verified Review | Submitted Dec 2, 2019
    Expert: Katelyn Cox
    Reviewer: Brenda
    Katelyn is awesome!!
    She is so helpful and patient! I had a lot of questions which she helped answer and found really great deals on equipment! She's the best! Thank you Katelyn, I'm excited to start using my new gear :D
    Verified Review | Submitted Nov 29, 2019
    Expert: Katelyn Cox
    Reviewer: Jordan
    First class service
    Very patient with me and asked countless questions which means she takes pride in finding the best fit with her recommendations. Overall highly satisfied with this service!
    Verified Review | Submitted Dec 13, 2019
    Expert: Katelyn Cox
    Reviewer: Ethan
    Very kind
    they were very nice to me and understood what I felt, got to the point quickly, unfortunately I did not have much money this year but would definitely recommend them for help
    Verified Review | Submitted Dec 3, 2019
    Expert: Katelyn Cox
    Reviewer: Colby
    Great at communication
    Very responsive even for a holiday weekend. Has earned her knowledge from experience in the field. Very friendly and straightforward.
    Verified Review | Submitted Nov 29, 2019
    Expert: Katelyn Cox
    Reviewer: Julia
    Board Brands
    Katelyn really helped me with which boards would be good for beginners. She was very helpful and easy to talk to.
    Verified Review | Submitted Dec 4, 2019
    Katelyn Cox
    4.9 from 18 reviews
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