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    I spent nearly 9 years working full time at a Ski/Snowboard/Bike shop in Summit County Colorado riding 80+ days a year. I have worked for Signal Snowboards in the factory and helped develop the now retired Epic and Freedom Machine, worked with Flow and Nidecker on the R&D team, and done some experimental testing with Arbor. I am a gear NERD and it is likely easier to list the boards and bindings I have NOT ridden than those that I have! I have a wealth of real world experienced and have garnered the nickname, the encyclopedia, at my old shop. During the off season you can find me running up and down mountains and punishing myself on my singlespeed mountain bike!

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    My Qualification9+ years shop experience, R&D
    Favorite beerSka Mexican Logger
    Favorite snow gearFlow Freeballers FS
    Favorite terrainPowder
    Favorite spotBreckenridge, CO
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