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Kimberly A

I was raised in the Sierra Nevada Mountains with Yosemite's Badger Pass and Sonora's Dodge Ridge as my home mountains. I ended up at Mammoth for what I thought would be a season, and it turned into 16 years! AASI/PSIA trained thru their awesome Sport School, I really grasped the physics behind snowboarding and enjoy giving tips and advice! I also met my husband in Mammoth, and he is a hardware guru and has taken my knowledge to a whole other level. He is a Master Boot Fitter and i go to him for all my boot comfiness needs to make sure I'm not getting any hot spots or loose areas. We relocated to his hometown of Cincinnati after we started a family and although I'm used to riding bigger mountains; I love the little local family mountain we have nearby, Perfect North, Indiana! I hope to get back and ride Mammoth at least once a season. Luckily, i can go in the summer time certain seasons and still get that opportunity! My goal as your Snowboard Expert is to guide you into the right choice of gear, whether you just had your first lesson and it left you hungry for more, needing an upgrade and want some assistance on narrowing your choices down, or you're just looking to transition to a different part of the mountain and not sure where to start. I can be your personal concierge and help ease the process of shopping for new gear by bringing everything to you, in your size, ready to go! Snowboarding is fun, so shopping for gear should be too! Together, we can determine what your goals and strengths are to make sure you're getting something you truly fall in love with.

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Snowboard Expert Kimberly A
Expert: Kimberly A
Reviewer: Bill
Bill's experience with Kimberly
Was very undecided on which particular snowboard to upgrade from, while using a set up that is 10+ years old. The past two years I’ve been doing so much research on different technology and manufacturers on the market, and it just kept making me go in circles… I took a brief survey, and had a very pleasant conversation with Kimberly, which, in minutes prove to me what board I should be upgrading to. If It wasn’t for Kimberly I would not have made this purchase! She was extremely knowledgeable and honest, Thank you for all your help! I’ll definitely be returning customer!!
Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 4, 2023
Snowboard Expert Kimberly A
Expert: Kimberly A
Reviewer: Andrew
Kimberly was AMAZING!!!
Right from the start Kimberly was quick to respond, and happy to get to know me and my needs. Most of all Kimberly was super intuitive and asked the right questions to get me into my perfect board setup. Good customer service is rare nowadays, but Kimberly absolutely exudes top notch service and knowledgeability!! Thanks again Kimberly🤙🏼
Verified Review | Submitted on Jan 28, 2023
Snowboard Expert Kimberly A
Expert: Kimberly A
Reviewer: Aurora B
Aurora B's experience with Kimberly
This was my first time using Curated & it went very well! My expert was awesome & was able to give me a ton of insight on things I wasn't quite familiar with. It was easy and fast communicating with my expert & they were able to answer all my questions & customize my recommendations to suit my needs. I will definitely use Curated again for future purchases!
Verified Review | Submitted on Dec 8, 2022
Snowboard Expert Kimberly A
Expert: Kimberly A
Reviewer: Tristan
Kimberly knows her stuff
I don't quite fit on snowboard size charts as easily and I think Kimberly took in account my weight more than my height to fit me with a board that will do well. She gave me plenty of options to choose from given the information and after several hours I ended up narrowing down to the top pick she chose anyway. Although I chose to spend a lot of time myself going over every suggested board, Kimberly reached out to see if she could help further during the process.
Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 22, 2022
Snowboard Expert Kimberly A
Expert: Kimberly A
Reviewer: Jared
Great experience
Responsive, knowledgeable, and provided six great options with detailed comments for each option all within the requested parameters. Def recommend
Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 31, 2023
Snowboard Expert Kimberly A
Expert: Kimberly A
Reviewer: Logan
You're in good hands
I watched plenty of reviews about snowboards and had a couple of ideas about what I wanted. When making selections, Kimberly was spot on with what was in my head. But more than that, she explained how the boards would feel better than any review I watched. Incredibly helpful and easygoing.
Verified Review | Submitted on Aug 9, 2022
Snowboard Expert Kimberly A
Expert: Kimberly A
Reviewer: Genesis
Very knowledgeable
Gave multiple reviews on all the boards I chose as well as reviews and thorough commentary on multiple recommended boards. She knows her stuff! Really thoughtful responses and helped me confidently choose my new board!
Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 23, 2022
Snowboard Expert Kimberly A
Expert: Kimberly A
Reviewer: JC
Helped me feel more confident about my purchase
Kimberly has amazing service skills and was very present and accessible. Absolutely helped increase my confidence throughout the process and make a great purchase.
Verified Review | Submitted on Jan 22, 2023
Snowboard Expert Kimberly A
Expert: Kimberly A
Reviewer: Evans
Evans's experience with Kimberly
Big thanks to Kimberly and all of her help. Made this process super easy and I cannot wait to try out my new board.
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 22, 2023
Snowboard Expert Kimberly A
Expert: Kimberly A
Reviewer: Kourtney
Kourtney's experience with Kimberly
Kimberly was awesome!! She helped me and my husband get everything we needed to start our skiing and snowboarding adventures. I will definitely recommend this company to my friends :)
Verified Review | Submitted on Mar 24, 2023
Kimberly A
5.0 from 75 reviews
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