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  • Leo C.

    I am a FULL TIME Curated Expert!

    I have over 10 years of experience in the outdoor retail industry, specializing in cycling and snowsports! I'm here to help you find your perfect fit and get you stoked to go outside!

    Winter has always held a special place in my heart. I grew up skiing and snowboarding on the tight, technical slopes of New England, before moving to capital of the outdoor industry- Colorado! In the snowsports world I have been the go-to gear expert on skiing and snowboarding for some of the biggest retailers in the country. I've had the privilege of testing the latest and greatest in gear and working with the biggest names in the game!

    The only thing more impressive than my master bootfitting certification and numerous industry accolades, is the level of care I put into my customer service for you 😊🙌

    Ladies, blokes, non-binary folks - I've got you! I know that athletes and enthusiasts come in all shapes and sizes, with unique individual experiences and needs. I look forward to guiding YOU, to your outdoor bliss!

    BIKERS!! - Give me a shout and I'll get you rolling! 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️

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    Favorite spotVail Mountain
    Current locationWheat Ridge, CO
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    My Qualification10 yrs of facilitating the gnar
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    Ski Expert Leo C.
    Expert: Leo C.
    Reviewer: Robert
    Leo was fantastic and worked hard on my ski requirements
    I am unusual in my preferences and "old school" in thinking about skiing. Leo helped me and advised without overriding my comfort level in skis. What a great service! Well done and the time I saved in "making guesses" easily justifies this service. Thank you Leo!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 25, 2022
    Ski Expert Leo C.
    Expert: Leo C.
    Reviewer: Kate
    Leo was AMAZING
    I am not a novice skier, but took off a large gap of time from skiing. Last year I got back into skiing, and all of my equipment did not fit. I was a little nervous to walk into a ski shop in person because of my body image, so I found this option. Immediately, Leo was non-judgmental, attentive, and thoughtful in all recommendations. They killed it with the recommendations and sent a video explaining why they chose what they did. They took into consideration the icy east coast slopes, my weight and how that probably affected calf size to pick a better boot, and everything within my price range. I could not recommend Leo’s expertise more. This was a great experience!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 9, 2022
    Ski Expert Leo C.
    Expert: Leo C.
    Reviewer: Jack
    Ski Guru
    Leo was extremely helpful. As a 1 quiver guy, I'm super picky and simply dont trust online reviews from just anybody-its too subjective. Leo helped me think through what I need in a ski and helped me find the perfect setup and a great deal. A pleasure to chat with too! Thanks Leo!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 27, 2022
    Ski Expert Leo C.
    Expert: Leo C.
    Reviewer: greg
    Leo is the greatest.
    Leo has had the best customer service I’ve ever received. He’s super helpful, after letting him know about me and my experience level he was able to provide me with options I like and that works best for me. Always available to chat and that helps things go by quick and easy. You can trust him forsure!!!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 7, 2022
    Ski Expert Leo C.
    Expert: Leo C.
    Reviewer: Gabriella
    Gabriella's experience with Leo
    I hadn't skied in years, I had just got back into skiing last year after moving to Maine. I knew I needed my own gear, but didn't know exactly what I was looking for. I told Leo my ski level, what skiing I had in mind, and issues Ive had with renting gear in the past. Curated truly gets to keep their name because every item was specifically curated to my wants and needs. This was such a pleasant shopping experience. I am excited to receive my items.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 21, 2022
    Ski Expert Leo C.
    Expert: Leo C.
    Reviewer: Kevin
    Leo was great!
    He was very helpful with providing me information about ski's specific to my ski style, and also was very personable. I mentioned I ski in the northeast and he said thats where he grew up so he knew the mountains I was skiing. I mentioned I would like to go out west and he gave me recomendations and information about everything. He was great
    Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 10, 2022
    Ski Expert Leo C.
    Expert: Leo C.
    Reviewer: Tasha
    Fabulous expertise!
    I wanted to update my gear, but didn’t know even where to start . Leo took away the guesswork by curating fabulous selections for me to review based on the survey I took. Easiest way to shop ski gear. Looking forward to my shipments to arrive!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 28, 2022
    Ski Expert Leo C.
    Expert: Leo C.
    Reviewer: Andrew A
    Leo knows his stuff!!
    He’s really helpful! I definitely recommend him fitting you for your boots and your gear for me being a first time buyer I didn’t know anything about the gear or what is best. he made sure my stuff arrived and helped me every step! Once every came in an to see if everything fit properly made me really happy! Thanks Leo
    Verified Review | Submitted on Aug 22, 2022
    Ski Expert Leo C.
    Expert: Leo C.
    Reviewer: Jared D
    Leo knows his stuff!
    I am an avid skier and really know my gear well so Leo had a high bar to clear and he cleared it! I had a blast talking skis with him AND he was able to help me narrow down my choices to select the best ski at a great price. Thanks again Leo!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 27, 2022
    Ski Expert Leo C.
    Expert: Leo C.
    Reviewer: Nancy
    Leo was very knowledgeable and helpful
    I am a beginner skier and was looking to get my first setup. Leo walked me through the process and took into consideration my preferences, skill level, and needs. It felt like shopping through a store because of the customized experience.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 18, 2022
    Leo C.
    5.0 from 252 reviews
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