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Hiking in Bear Canyon- Bozeman,MT
  • Lucas Proffitt

    My passion for skiing began when I moved to Bozeman, MT four years ago. I had very limited experience with the sport up until then, but once I was exposed to big mountain skiing I was hooked. I spent every day at the mountain that I could and skiing became the center of my universe.

    My first job realted to skiing was bartending at the Moonlight Lodge in Big Sky. I got introduced to the sport by some very proficient big mountain and backcountry skiiers and I've been chasing powder ever since. I currently live in Bear Canyon just outside of Bozeman, MT where I have backcountry access right in my backyard and only a short drive to Bridger Bowl. I bartend in town and since I work nights, you can find me on the Bridger Bowl ridge or touring local backcountry just about any day of the week.

    I love what good gear allows you to do in this sport. There are so many ways to ski and every piece of gear is a tool to enhance your style. I love researching and trying out different setups and seeing how differently then can highlight a skier's various attributes. If the mountain is a canvous, your skis are your paintbrushes, and there is nothing better than painting the perfect line!

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    Favorite ski gearMy J Skis Masterblasters
    Favorite spotThe Bridger Bowl Ridge!
    Favorite terrainPowder
    Favorite brandsJ Skis, Salomon, Atomic
    Current locationBozeman, MT
    Favorite cocktailNothing beats a great Manhattan