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Cycling Expert Mark Freytag
  • Mark Freytag

    Grew up in the Adirondack's area of Upstate New York mountain biking every chance I could get, a family who bike's together, stays together!

    I honestly was probably riding a bike before tying my shoes on my own, both the facts I started biking early and was a slooooow learner on the tying shoes aspect.

    Biked everywhere in upstate from my backyard trails to climbing singletracks on the mountains north, as parks evolved on Mt. Van Hoevenberg outside of Lake Placid then out west where bike park's are entirely different beast!

    I ride mainly local up here in Eagle County, CO outside of Avon/Eagle and get over to Trestle Bike park on Winter Park as often as time permits, out west to Fruita in Colorado, beyond to Utah and truly, wherever the dirt leads.

    Looking forward to working together on your journey, dialing in YOUR specific needs and getting on trail!

    "Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt!" - John Muir

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    CategoryCycling Expert
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    Home townUtica, NY
    Favorite drinkCoffee!
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