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Ski Expert Matt G
Earning my turns when the lifts stop spinning
  • Matt G

    I love skiing!!! I live in Montana and I love skiing - it’s my passion (my wife would call it an obsession).

    As an adult in my 20’s, I took the uncommon route of learning to snowboard before learning to ski on a business trip to Santa Fe. I didn’t live near the mountains back then and rode as a recreational snowboarder 5-10 days per year whenever I could take a mountain vacation with my wife and/or friends. Once my kids came along and were ready to head to the mountains with us, they decided they wanted to snowboard too. However, they didn’t offer snowboard school to kids as young as mine, so they went to ski school and I went with them - I am so glad I did!!! Starting over was hard, but I love everything about skiing, especially the challenge to continuously improve on the mountain … from the steep and deep, to fast groomers and from the terrain park to tracked out icy moguls - I love it!!!

    As frequent visitors to Summit County Colorado, we skied for several years at A-Basin and Keystone, CO. Then we ended up pursuing our dream of living in the mountains full time and moved to Durango, CO, where we lived at the base of Purgatory Resort.

    We now live in Montana and ski primarily at Red Lodge Mountain. That being said, I have two teenage kids that share my passion and are on a freeride team which takes us all over the state and region participating in freeride and freestyle competitions. I’m blessed to be able to ski 30-40 resort days per year on average.

    Having a family of avid skiers can get expensive, so I’m also passionate about finding the best gear at the best price. I’m also a bit (a lot) of a gear nerd and love pouring over reviews of skis and trying out new and different gear. I’m excited to be a Curated Expert so that I can share my passion and knowledge to help others pursue amazing times and awesome adventures on the mountain with the best gear for them.

    When I’m not out skiing or curating, I’m helping to deliver your new gear purchases while flying the friendly skies for a major cargo airline.

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    CategorySki Expert
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    Favorite terrainPowder
    Current locationBillings, MT
    Favorite beerPBR & Coors Banquet
    Favorite brandsArmada & LINE
    Favorite spotRed Lodge Mountain
    My QualificationPassion for skiing
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    Ski Expert Matt G
    Expert: Matt G
    Reviewer: Kasey
    This guy is awesome!
    Communication with Matt has been seamless. He’s personable, extremely friendly, non judgmental and always quick to respond. Having never met him, I’m pretty sure if I made my way to his home Mtn, he’d invite me over for dinner. I’ve been skiing for 30 years (35 now) and believe I’m a decent skier, but I know nothing about the technical side of skiing. He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful with all my questions. 100/10 experience with Matt!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 27, 2022
    Ski Expert Matt G
    Expert: Matt G
    Reviewer: Bob D
    Matt is the man!
    He was super helpful and gave me a wide variety of skis to choose from. He was not biased toward a brand and helped me explore all the options. He is super knowledgeable when it comes to skis and that was great. If you need any help with skis or equipment talk to Matt. He also definitely has an evident passion for skiing which made it easy to talk to him. Overall would recommend Matt to anyone.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 31, 2022
    Ski Expert Matt G
    Expert: Matt G
    Reviewer: Qian L
    Matt was awesome!!
    I am so happy for shopping for my first skis set with Matt. He is very knowledgeable to answer all my questions including ski level, length, width for different circumstances. Although I am tight on budget, Matt made the best suggestions and price adjustment for me. I never thought the shopping experience on would be this great. Definitely recommended!!!!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 23, 2022
    Ski Expert Matt G
    Expert: Matt G
    Reviewer: Austin J
    I mostly signed up for Curated just to test what the "experts" were really like, and Matt completely crushed my expectations. I had already decided on a couple skis based on my own research, and he recommended both of them in addition to some others that I hadn't even considered. I ended up going with one of his reccs over my own picks because it fit my needs better. Matt took the time to research and give in-depth comparisons about the equipment I was considering, and I apppreciated him taking into account external reviews when considering my skiing needs. He started adjusting his recommendations as we talked to tailor things that I prioritized, whether it was an unconscious bias he picked up on or an inclination I expressed. Just an overall thoughtful and knowledgeable guy!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 28, 2022
    Ski Expert Matt G
    Expert: Matt G
    Reviewer: Michelle
    Matt guided me the whole way through!
    Such a great buying experience. I know nothing about skis but wanted to buy some gear for my husband’s birthday. I felt educated on every detail and therefore confident in my buying decision. If only every shopping experience was so pleasant…
    Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 25, 2022
    Ski Expert Matt G
    Expert: Matt G
    Reviewer: Jack
    He was very helpful
    He answered all my questions and when I told him I liked something he responded with positive things. While also giving his own opinion on a different product (very constructive). He was a huge help and will definitely be recommending him to other people.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 30, 2022
    Ski Expert Matt G
    Expert: Matt G
    Reviewer: Bryce
    Couldn’t have asked for better
    Matt made my decision process on the products I bought east and made me feel secure about it. He took in everything I told him I wanted and needed (budget, size, experience,etc) and gave me the perfect products for what I needed.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 11, 2022
    Ski Expert Matt G
    Expert: Matt G
    Reviewer: nalu
    Matt G
    Matt was super responsive and extremely helpful. He took time to get to know more about my riding style and what kind of gear I was looking for before rushing to give recommendations. He was extremely knowledgeable and able to get me some great options and suggestions.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 28, 2022
    Ski Expert Matt G
    Expert: Matt G
    Reviewer: brooke
    Matt was responsive and eager to go the extra mile
    Matt did a great job answering my questions and looking up/ comparing different options for me. His opinion was non-biased and he truly was supportive in me finding the best fit and best deal.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 27, 2022
    Ski Expert Matt G
    Expert: Matt G
    Reviewer: Jeff
    Jeff's experience with Matt
    Matt as well as (Ellyn last year) have been incredibly helpful in guiding me through a complicated purchase that simply had too many options to be simple and clear cut. I am confident the purchase made will be a great choice for my ability.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 30, 2022
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