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Matt Wood

I grew up mountain biking with my family and friends, and the passion for the sport was soon ignited when in high school I was lucky enough to join the NICA high school racing league where I raced through the years, leading my team to 3 state championships. I then began coaching professionally with the Boulder, Colorado Based SMBA race team, spreading my love for the sport. Ive worked as a race mechanic, shop guy and general bikes man in many different places and am stoked to help you find exactly the bike you are looking for!

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Expert: Matt Wood
Reviewer: Daniel
Initially, it's a weird setup....
Once you talk to Matt, it's like talking to an old buddy - like someone you've known for a while. I peppered Matt with questions and I really wasnt sure which way to go - but he had the answers and sometimes, he was at the hardware store - or I was getting in my truck to head to a meeting. As we went through our day, I'd text him questions and then we'd talk at the end of the day. Super helpful!
Verified Review | Submitted Oct 16, 2019
Expert: Matt Wood
Reviewer: Frederick
Trust this man! He won’t steer you wrong and will help every step of the way to ensure that your bike choice maximizes your stoke!
I was a pain in the ass customer. I didn’t trust the service, constantly asked questions, often early am and late pm. Matt needs to sleep more, but my questions were always answered conversationally with ridiculous speed. Since I’m a pain in the ass customer, I had to verify and double check everything, down to the location of Curated HQ, all their reviews, how the business works, how they got Matt...all the paranoid questions before buying a bike on the internet. After much to-do and with the hesitation of a first-time web user, I pulled the trigger on a dream bike. It was at my door in 5 days and I rode it all weekend until I flattened the tires, laughing like a maniac, only bummed that the bike shops were closed Sunday evening and I had to wait to get new tubes. Seriously, Matt knows his shit and is a seriously cool dude. I would recommend that anyone buy a bike from him. Thanks homie.
Verified Review | Submitted Oct 7, 2019
Expert: Matt Wood
Reviewer: William
Matt is awesome
What can I say? He put up with my questions and could discuss the bikes on a knowledgeable level. Even understood what the difference in geometry from bike to bike meant to the fit and function. Listened to what I thought and helped to arrive at a great solution. Didn’t try to sell me a bike. But did try very much to help me find the right bike. We did that. You can bet I’ll be back.
Verified Review | Submitted Oct 7, 2019
Expert: Matt Wood
Reviewer: Clifford D
Matt is Awesome!
I feel like I just made a new friend! and sometime in the near future I'm coming out to his area to go riding with him. He is great in answering any and all questions based on what bike you need for whatever type of riding you plan on doing, you wont be disappointed! Matt is awesome!
Verified Review | Submitted Oct 7, 2019
Expert: Matt Wood
Reviewer: Eric
Full of info
Matt is ready to have a conversation about what you want or are looking for wether you did your research or not. Willing to talk shop if you have your eye on something and give other good recommendations you may not have thought of. If you need a bike, he's your guy.
Verified Review | Submitted Oct 18, 2019
Expert: Matt Wood
Reviewer: Brady
Very helpful!
In my experience with Matt, he's been very prompt in responding, helped me determine the correct size bike to get, offered to throw in some extras and even dropped the bike price some to account for paying tax!
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 20, 2019
Expert: Matt Wood
Reviewer: Jason
Matt is a great guy
He was very friendly and found just what I'm looking for.i recomend giving him a shot. He won't let you down. Thanks again and I will contact him again when in ready to purchase more biking stuff🙂🚲👍
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 20, 2019
Expert: Matt Wood
Reviewer: Robbie G
Matt really knows his stuff. He gave me plenty of options and info on each bike. I settled on the Raleigh Tokul 3 and it's been amazing on the local trails. Thanks again Matt!
Verified Review | Submitted Oct 5, 2019
Expert: Matt Wood
Reviewer: Jason
Super fast response time, got me what I needed!
Matt was great- Super helpful and didn't waste a second of my time- Much appreciated, will tell everyone I know to check out the site
Verified Review | Submitted May 24, 2019
Expert: Matt Wood
Reviewer: Jaymes
Easy to talk to, all knowledge
Matt feels like a friend you have had for a while, just wants to help with no pressure at all for his service. Cant wait to ride!
Verified Review | Submitted Jul 17, 2019