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  • Matt Wood

    I grew up mountain biking with my family and friends, and the passion for the sport was soon ignited when in high school I was lucky enough to join the NICA high school racing league where I raced through the years, leading my team to 3 state championships. I then began coaching professionally with the Boulder, Colorado Based SMBA race team, spreading my love for the sport. Ive worked as a race mechanic, shop guy and general bikes man in many different places and am stoked to help you find exactly the bike you are looking for!

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    Expert: Matt Wood
    Reviewer: Clifford D
    Matt is Awesome!
    I feel like I just made a new friend! and sometime in the near future I'm coming out to his area to go riding with him. He is great in answering any and all questions based on what bike you need for whatever type of riding you plan on doing, you wont be disappointed! Matt is awesome!
    Verified Review | Submitted Oct 7, 2019