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    After growing up as a hockey player in the winter and wakeboarder in the summer, I began snowboarding during my senior year of high school. I quickly fell in love with the sport and a few snowboard trips each winter just wasn't cutting it for me, so I moved to Breckenridge, Colorado 6 years ago! I started out here as a ski and snowboard tech in a rental shop, and when I wasn't slapping bindings on boards or spinnin' the din on ski bindings I'd get out on the mountain as much as possible. 6 years later, I'm still here loving every second of it!

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    Favorite snow gearLobster Snowboards
    Favorite spotKeystone Resort
    Current locationBreckenridge, Colorado
    Favorite brandsElectric, Union, Oakley
    Favorite terrainTerrain park
    Favorite beerPBR
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    Reviewer: James H
    Extremely Professional
    Im new to everything Snowboarding but my first time was AMAZING and i decided to go all in. Im not very knowledgeable when it comes to boards, boots, bindings and i didnt know how many brands and types of boards there were... but having a professional on my side worked winders on understanding it all, and Michael was that for me... I've told my friends about this site and i hope they use the expertise it offers... thanks again
    Verified Review | Submitted Dec 1, 2019
    Reviewer: Rod
    Michael is the best
    He spoke to this N00b like I was one of his family members who needed real talk advice on new gear. Michael listened and gave excellent recommendations. He also went the extra mile in finding the best possible price. I walked away with sweet new gear and a new kindred spirit. Keep carving bro!
    Verified Review | Submitted Mar 26, 2020
    Reviewer: Kevin
    Knows what he’s talking about, understand exactly what you need
    Michael is a solid person, who’s very knowledgeable in his craft. solid person to work with. Couldn’t expect more from someone over the phone. Best board I’ve ever bought. I’d recommend Michael to anyone. You need something go to him
    Verified Review | Submitted Feb 6, 2020
    Reviewer: Turner
    Very patient
    Michael took the time to be personal and find exactly what gear i was looking for. He asked me some questions that lead to a few great conversations and picked out a great pair of bindings and goggles. He really had me pinned down after hearing my experiences and my style of riding.
    Verified Review | Submitted Jan 25, 2020
    Reviewer: Trey
    Michael Rocks
    Micheal is RAD, he always responded to me immediately. He knew everything I needed to know. He was cool and professional, accommodating and his recommendations were spot on. I’ll be talking to him for all my snowboarding purchases. 🤘🏼
    Verified Review | Submitted Apr 12, 2020
    Reviewer: John
    Couldn’t have been better
    This dude not only does his job, but does much more. No matter when I texted him to get his opinion on something I didn’t know about he always respond with everything I needed to know and great products for me to look at!
    Verified Review | Submitted Feb 17, 2020
    Reviewer: Sara
    Sara's experience with Michael
    He answered all my questions. He was super friendly and was great at picking options for me. He was good at matching bindings and boots to my board. He is truly the guy to talk to. :)
    Verified Review | Submitted Mar 24, 2020
    Reviewer: Andy
    Knowledgeable dude
    Michael was easy to talk to, knew his stuff and was extremely helpful in picking out options for my style of riding.
    Verified Review | Submitted Mar 19, 2020
    Reviewer: Erick
    Outstanding service!
    Michael gave me some info that I had not considered that has positively influenced my purchasing decisions.
    Verified Review | Submitted Feb 16, 2020
    Reviewer: becky w
    marvelous michael!
    this guy knows it all! super helpful product recommendations!
    Verified Review | Submitted Mar 19, 2020