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Ski Expert Michaela Pilkenton
I promise it's a selfie - Durango, Colorado backcountry
  • Michaela Pilkenton

    I have gone from a snowboarder, to a skiing park rat, and finally found my true passion in backcountry skiing, and specifially ski mountaineering. You could say suffer-fest is my middle name. My favorite days with two sticks on my feet have involved long slogs uphill just to see what's on the other side, and of course epically long rides down.

    I am a former ski instructor, but have spent more time teaching college students how to stay safe in the mountains. I have taught courses in avalanche safety, mountaineering, and have guided friends up many snowy summits.

    My favorite winter accomplishements involve cascade mountains, number one being my non-guided summit of Mt. Rainier, and number two being my one day solo summit and ski of Mt. Shasta (it was a very long day).

    My most epic ski line has been Chuter Buck couloir in Grand Teton National Park.

    Nedless to say, I have dabbled in many areas of winter recration and I am here to help you have the best time possible utilizing gravity to slide down snowy slopes.

    Oh, and did I mention I'm a total gear nerd?

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    Favorite spotMt. Hood Meadows
    Favorite terrainBackcountry
    Home townHood River, Oregon
    Michaela Pilkenton
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