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Snowboard Expert Michelle king
Backcountry Pow Pow! Backside of Keystone, CO
  • Michelle king

    My desire to snowboard came from my younger days as a skier. I wanted to wear more comforatable boots, for reals! As soon as I got my feet into those snowboard boots, I never looked back. However, as a stubborn teenager that didn't take any lessons or research the right gear, it took me FOREVER to learn to ride. Luckly, I am an extremely determined individual. So, after years of maturing into adulthood and lots of days spent in padded shorts, my skill has caught up to my life long passion of snowboarding.

    I was born and raised in New England and love to ride at Sunday River in Maine or Burke Mountain in Vermont, where my sister lives and works. However, my greatest days riding have been in Colorado. We get to visit friends and family once every year. The absolute best experience was when my cousin took us on his sleds out to the untouched backcountry behind Keystone. That day, we surfed the snow and it was epic!

    My day job (more accurately, my night job) is a bartender at a local watering hole. I love interacting with people and being able to work 2/3 nights a week and play the rest! When there is no snow to ride, you'll find me in my camper van traveling to mountain bike, surf, hike or just camp. I love being on the road to adventures! And from past experiences, your gear can make or break your adventures. I can't wait to help my fellow adventurers enjoy our passion comfortably and push our limits.

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    Favorite beerAll Day IPA
    Favorite snow gearQuickSilver Bib Snowpants
    My QualificationLive to Play
    Favorite terrainPowder
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    Snowboard Expert Michelle king
    Reviewer: Cameron G
    Couldn’t have picked a snowboard without Michelle!
    Michelle was essential in my journey to picking out my first snowboard. I’m fairly experienced but have always rented. When it came time to buy my own board I was experiencing a bit of paralysis analysis. There’s so many options! I had know idea what to get. I had narrowed it down to some brands I was curious about and from there michelle steered me in the right direction based on my preferences, riding style, boot size, budget, etc. Most importantly, Michelle was patient. We traded messages for months before I ultimately made a purchase. I can’t recommend Michelle enough!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 30, 2022
    Snowboard Expert Michelle king
    Reviewer: Slade
    Really knew her stuff
    Michelle was really knowledgeable about different board and which ones would be the most compatible with my height, weigh, wants, and riding style. She gave me a lot of great options and explained why she chose each one. With her help I was able to narrow down what I wanted.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 27, 2022
    Snowboard Expert Michelle king
    Reviewer: Daniel
    Daniel's experience with Michelle
    Michelle was dilligent in finding options for me after what I really wanted didn't turn out to be available. Those recommendations are viable options and in line with the price range I am looking for. The cadence of communication is comfortable as well as polite without being too basic. Definitely recommend Michelle if you need some help finding gear
    Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 9, 2022
    Snowboard Expert Michelle king
    Reviewer: Rishabh
    Michelle is AMAZING
    She is super helpful, will spend as much time as you need and answer any and every question you have very promptly (even when she says she's out for the day! :D ). She explained what would be the best for me and made sure that I make the best choice for my current riding stage. She supported me throughout my through process and also helped me think clearly when I started pondering over not-as-critical factors like board graphic. I can't wait to try out my new board, but I might have to wait until the next winter. I'm sure it's going to be worth the wait though. Thanks Michelle, you're awesome!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Mar 25, 2022
    Snowboard Expert Michelle king
    Reviewer: Colton
    It was a pleasure working with Michelle
    Michelle was very helpful and knew I was looking for a deal. She put together a kit that didn’t break the bank and identified deals for me to save even more money
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 21, 2022
    Snowboard Expert Michelle king
    Reviewer: Reilly
    Reilly's experience with Michelle
    First time using your customer chat. It was much easier than every other chat feature I’ve used. Took off so 5 minutes, AND I bought one of the sick boards Michelle recommend.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 6, 2022
    Snowboard Expert Michelle king
    Reviewer: Paula S
    Michelle was amazing!
    She answered all my questions super fast and provided great guidance. She also help me find really good deals perfect for my budget
    Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 23, 2022
    Snowboard Expert Michelle king
    Reviewer: Michelle
    Michelle was extremely knowledgeable and very patient, helpful and kind in assisting me with my needs and budget.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 12, 2022
    Snowboard Expert Michelle king
    Reviewer: Kristen
    Michelle was super helpful
    Michelle really took the time to listen to the issues or concerns I was having and went above and beyond to try and provide many different options to fit my style of riding. She was awesome!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Feb 19, 2022
    Snowboard Expert Michelle king
    Reviewer: Jorge
    Michelle was awesome!
    Michelle did a good job getting me and my wife's new snowboarding gear! Didn't know what size board or which board to go with but she had us covered thanks Michelle!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Apr 18, 2022
    Michelle king
    5.0 from 46 reviews
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