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    I started snowboarding because my ski boots were so uncomfortable.

    As a stubborn teenager, I didn't take any lessons or research which gear was best for me. It took me FOREVER to learn to ride. Luckily, I am an extremely determined individual. So, after years of maturing into adulthood and lots of days spent in padded shorts, my skill has caught up to my life long passion of snowboarding.

    I was born and raised in New England and love to ride at Sunday River in Maine or Burke Mountain in Vermont, where my sister lives and works. However, my greatest days riding have been in Colorado. We get to visit friends and family once every year. The absolute best experience was when my cousin took us on his sleds out to the untouched backcountry behind Keystone. That day, we surfed the snow and it was epic!

    My day job (more accurately, my night job) is a bartender at a local watering hole. I love interacting with people and being able to work 2/3 nights a week and play the rest! When there is no snow to ride, you'll find me in my van traveling for mountain biking, surfing, hiking or just camping out. I love being on the road to adventures! And from past experiences, your gear can make or break your adventures. I can't wait to help my fellow adventurers enjoy our passion comfortably and push our limits.

    I've helped 951 people find the right product - I'd love to help you too!
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    Snowboard Expert Michelle K
    Michelle K
    Snowboard Expert
    I've helped 951 people find the right product - I'd love to help you too!
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    Snowboard Expert Michelle K
    Expert: Michelle K
    Reviewer: Jasmine
    Jasmine's experience with Michelle
    Michelle was super knowledgeable and very accommodating while working with me to curate my gear. I was hoping that there would be more board designs and graphics to choose from. I ended up getting the right board for the performance quality I was looking for so overall, this has been a good experience.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Mar 26, 2023
    Snowboard Expert Michelle K
    Expert: Michelle K
    Reviewer: Melissa
    So helpful and patient!
    I wanted to update my 23 year old snowboarding gear and I needed help figuring out what I wanted. Michelle patently recommended different things (I like to be pretty thorough in my research of options) and I’m pretty excited about the board/bindings I picked! Got some end of season deals and will be set up to rip and advance my snowboarding!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Mar 13, 2023
    Snowboard Expert Michelle K
    Expert: Michelle K
    Reviewer: Kyle
    Knowledgeable Curator
    It was hard finding the right board. I was looking to upgrade my old board and wanted something that would play well on trails, powder, and in the park. As anyone will tell you, there will always be trade-offs in a “jack of all trades” style board, but Michelle was able to help push me through my analysis paralysis and commit to a a board that would fit my style of riding at the price I was hoping to pay. Without her help, I can honestly say I would have been browser shopping boards all the way through summer. 😅
    Verified Review | Submitted on Feb 28, 2023
    Snowboard Expert Michelle K
    Expert: Michelle K
    Reviewer: Irma
    Would have been lost without her!!
    I'm sooo super thankful I got to talk to Michelle! I was deciding between two boards and she was super knowledgeable about what things to take into consideration from riding style to terrain to millimeter differences based on my boot size. Snowboards are definitely expensive so the decision feels like a really big one but she made me confident in my choice and was never pushy about the products, just super passionate about the gear and what she does :D Def have peace of mind with my decision and so excited to get on the mountain!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Dec 31, 2022
    Snowboard Expert Michelle K
    Expert: Michelle K
    Reviewer: Spencer
    Michelle is absolutely incredible!
    I was having a lot of trouble picking out a new snowboard. With way to many options out there I got pretty overwhelmed. Michelle quickly got back to me with 3 options. We talked some more and he found an absolutely perfect board and bindings made sure everything would fit together and fit me perfectly. I can't recommend him enough if I ever need help in the future I know who I'll be reaching out to. Thank you again Michelle I really appreciate it.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Dec 30, 2022
    Snowboard Expert Michelle K
    Expert: Michelle K
    Reviewer: Skylar
    Michelle was outstanding
    Michelle assisted me with buying my first board, bindings, everything pretty much. She was so knowledgeable about everything, and really tried to save me some money! She offered multiple different recommendations, and was open to hear my preferences. She was able to get me boots that were out of stock as well. Amazing service!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Dec 28, 2022
    Snowboard Expert Michelle K
    Expert: Michelle K
    Reviewer: Emma P
    Michelle is my new bestie!
    Michelle helped me find the perfect board and listened to my preferences on what I wanted it to look like! She also helped search for some headphones to go in my new helmet she also picked out!! I’m so stoked to get my board and get it all set up!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Feb 23, 2023
    Snowboard Expert Michelle K
    Expert: Michelle K
    Reviewer: Steven F
    Incredibly knowledgeable on all kinds of snowboards, Even obscure ones.
    I asked some questions about a couple of boards and Michelle was super helpful in answering all of my questions and even knew some things I couldn't really find in any of the reviews I looked at. Absolutely awesome job!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jan 3, 2023
    Snowboard Expert Michelle K
    Expert: Michelle K
    Reviewer: Jae
    Michelle coming thru with that clutch
    Michelle is amazing! She has been very informative and knowledgeable on the things you want. On a budget? Looking for performance? Anything you want or need, she will help you with. She responds very fast and gives you a good option to select for your preference of gear choices. 10/5 very good!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Dec 1, 2022
    Snowboard Expert Michelle K
    Expert: Michelle K
    Reviewer: Cameron G
    Couldn’t have picked a snowboard without Michelle!
    Michelle was essential in my journey to picking out my first snowboard. I’m fairly experienced but have always rented. When it came time to buy my own board I was experiencing a bit of paralysis analysis. There’s so many options! I had know idea what to get. I had narrowed it down to some brands I was curious about and from there michelle steered me in the right direction based on my preferences, riding style, boot size, budget, etc. Most importantly, Michelle was patient. We traded messages for months before I ultimately made a purchase. I can’t recommend Michelle enough!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 30, 2022
    Michelle K
    5.0 from 78 reviews
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