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Cycling Expert Mikael Hanson
Part of USA Triathlon's Century Club having competed in well over 100 triathlons
  • Mikael Hanson

    After spending nearly 15 years working on Wall Street I was exhausted, bored and just a little a bit out of shape. With the blessing of my wife, I left the banking world in 2004 and started ENHANCE SPORTS - an endurance sports coaching and consulting company. A world champion, a few National champions, and far too many race victories from my athletes to keep track of and I am still loving every minute of it.

    ​I am a USA Cycling and USA Triathlon certified coach and have worked in a head coaching capacity with institutions such as Asphalt Green, Cadence Cycling and Multisport and currently work with both NYU and Columbia Universities.

    I've been published in numerous periodicals such as Bicycling, Triathlete, and Outside magazines (and even graced the cover of Outside magazine a few years back!). As a nationally ranked duathlete, I represented Team USA for the 2007, 2009, 2013, and 2015 World Duathlon Championships.​

    Hailing from the Badger state of Wisconsin, I earned a BA from the University of Wisconsin and an MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business. I currently live in New York City with my wife and son.

    I've helped 3,172 people find the right product - I'd love to help you too!
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    BirthdayOctober 19, 1967
    Favorite beerFat Tire
    Home townBrooklyn, Wis
    My QualificationFormer Elite rider turned coach
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    Cycling Expert Mikael Hanson
    Mikael Hanson
    Cycling Expert
    I've helped 3,172 people find the right product - I'd love to help you too!
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    Cycling Expert Mikael Hanson
    Reviewer: McKenzie
    Mikael was great!
    I started asking questions months ago, and Mikael stayed in touch to ensure I had the information to purchase when ready. He didn't push anything but was responsive to questions and checking in and was able to secure me a great deal. Great service and very friendly!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 10, 2022
    Cycling Expert Mikael Hanson
    Reviewer: Jeff
    Awesome opportunity to connect with a serious expert.
    Mikael was really easy to connect with. He asked me great questions to determine what my specific needs were. He quickly found a number of options for me to choose from & was responsive answering my questions. I had a great experience working with Mikael.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 23, 2022
    Cycling Expert Mikael Hanson
    Reviewer: Juan
    Mikael was better than excellent!
    From day one Mikael contacted me with information about what I was looking for. I wasn't sure but told him my criteria for a bicycle. He quickly got my info and gave me 3 recommendations for a bike that met my criteria. Then he had the patience of dealing with me asking him more ad more and me being undecided to buy and making excuses. He stayed professional and courteous throughout the process. Thank you Mikael.
    Verified Review | Submitted on May 21, 2022
    Cycling Expert Mikael Hanson
    Reviewer: melissa
    Beyond expectations
    What an awesome surprise! Very detailed and kind responses which taught me quite a bit! He explained some concepts I wasn’t fully understanding with bike fit and actually saved me from buying the completely wrong frame size based on what I thought my bike fitter was recommending. It turns out I misunderstood what my in person fitter was trying to teach me. Awesome list of recommendations too! Thank you!
    Verified Review | Submitted on May 12, 2022
    Cycling Expert Mikael Hanson
    Reviewer: Jess
    Mikael was fantastic!!
    Mikael was very quick to respond and answered all my questions regarding road bikes and accessories and what would be best for a beginner rider like myself! I’m looking forward to receiving my first bike!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 15, 2022
    Cycling Expert Mikael Hanson
    Reviewer: John
    What a resource
    Mikael was extremely patient and answered a LOT of questions. In addition to providing good expert input on bike options, I found him to be really friendly and approachable. We texted a bunch and had a call and it was helpful to me and just easy and relaxed. I really felt like he was focused on finding the right thing for me.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Mar 8, 2022
    Cycling Expert Mikael Hanson
    Reviewer: Bryan
    Mikael did a Great Job
    Mikael was very helpful. Finding the right bike for some reason has always been difficult with so many brands, options, costs, fit, ability etc. Mikael honed right in to something I was not even looking at and really seems like a great bike recommendation at a reasonable cost and available! He also has experience that makes him very trustworthy and knowledgeable. Thanks Mikael!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Feb 20, 2022
    Cycling Expert Mikael Hanson
    Reviewer: Thurston D
    Pleasant Surprise
    I have to admit, I haphazardly stumbled in my Curation experience. I thought I would just be forwarded some recommendations and harassed with messages and emails until I had to unsubscribe & spam flag it. I shared my criteria for my first e-bike, and Mikael graciously lead out of the Land-of-Make-Believe to settle on a bike that realistically exceeds my expectations. It was great sharing our insights about the industry, and how difficult it can be to sort thru the garbage. I am blessed to have stumbled into the Curated family. Many thanks
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jan 22, 2022
    Cycling Expert Mikael Hanson
    Reviewer: Jaro
    Mikado was very helpful
    He recommended the right size of my bike and gave me several suggestions of different bike makers such as Scott, Marlin, Santa Cruz and Cannondale.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Dec 13, 2022
    Cycling Expert Mikael Hanson
    Reviewer: Traci
    Mikael provided some great options for me!
    Mikael provided some options for bikes that I hadn't reviewed myself yet and one of them proved to be a winner for me!! Had my bike for a few days now and having so much fun with it! Thanks Mikael!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 10, 2022
    Mikael Hanson
    5.0 from 142 reviews
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