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    Started riding Mountain High in the eighties before June Mtn opened to boarders, and Chuck Barfoot was often seen in the parking lot with his beater Subaru held together with bailing wire, good times. I quickly graduated from a used Burton Elite 150 to a Sims 1700 Ultimate Powder, not long before the James Bond movie came out with that board ridden by Steve Link. Moved to Boulder, Colorado, for school and snowboarding, not necessarily in that order, and started teaching snowboarding at Eldora Mountain, where I would meet a group of guys who would help define my snowboard and outdoor life for the next twenty years. Moved to Winter Park the following season and worked my way through American Association of Snowboard Instructor's cetification to Level III. (It did not hurt my riding.) Snowcat tours throughout Colorado, from Steamboat, to Monarch, to Ice Pirates on Molass Pass, and many days of 10th Mountain Hut touring, split-boarding from the Never Summers to Irwin Lodge outside Crested Butte, to seven days of Berthoud Pass closed due to avalanche conditions, and actually see the contours of Mary Jane and Winter Park mountains change from 70 plus inches of snow in one night. Thank God for swallowtails!!! Recently graduated to short, fat Jones Hovercrafts and not looking back. Though I do see getting back on a Never Summer, nothing cuts chatter better, or a classic Burton Custom, the boards I learned to ride switch on!

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    Snowboard Expert Nate S
    Expert: Nate S
    Reviewer: Matthew
    A true homie and RAD guy
    I had the best experience with Nate as my expert!! I had a lot of questions and I kept going back and forth between boards but I am extremely satisfied with my purchase!! I highly recommend having Nate as your expert!! He would always get back to me in a very timely manner and he was ALWAYS there to help or to answer my questions. I am super grateful that he was my expert! 100/10.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 16, 2022
    Snowboard Expert Nate S
    Expert: Nate S
    Reviewer: Alvaro
    Nate was Awesome!
    After being away for so long and hardly knowing what I'm talking about or doing. Nate had the patience and knowledge to help me build an awesome set up. With his help I'm going to be achieving a goal I set for myself. I was too self conscious and overall uneducated to pick something out myself. Can't wait to be back on the mountain again. Thank you Nate!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 5, 2022
    Snowboard Expert Nate S
    Expert: Nate S
    Reviewer: nic
    Nate The Legend
    Nathan, a great man with many talents, and although we could not get a discount he gave me expert advice. I would trust this guy on a mountain, just look at his pro pic you can tell this guy shreds and gets money. When I grow up I wanna be like nate and when I have my first kid guess what I am naming him.... Nate! lol jk but this guy was cool af.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 29, 2022
    Snowboard Expert Nate S
    Expert: Nate S
    Reviewer: Jason
    Knowledgable and friendly
    I came here with low expectations and really not sure about what I wanted. Nate is super patient and just had a real conversation with me to help talk through the overwhelming amount of choices. I still haven't decided what I want, but I'm really happy with the recommendations and conversation that Nate has provided as I continue to search.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 14, 2022
    Snowboard Expert Nate S
    Expert: Nate S
    Reviewer: Gabriel
    Awesome guy, an expert without a doubt
    Helped me a lot with finding a gear that is perfect for me, understanding and knowledgeable person. I didn’t feel any pressure, everything went smooth and fast, handpicked gears that I’ve been looking for. Shake your hand, Nate!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 23, 2022
    Snowboard Expert Nate S
    Expert: Nate S
    Reviewer: Caitlin
    Nate’s a rockstar
    Nate was very knowledgeable on the different types of products that would best suit my needs. He was able to find me a set of bindings and a set of boots that are more set to my skill level and that will help me be more comfortable while I’m on the mountain.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 20, 2022
    Snowboard Expert Nate S
    Expert: Nate S
    Reviewer: Lilly
    Nate waded through the depths so I didn't have to
    I'm so overwhelmed when it comes to shopping for snowboards. Something camber, rocker, twins, split, damp...? As a person who used rentals for one season, I feel like I'm drowning in options. But I also want to make a good investment for the long run, and that's where Nate comes in. I told Nate about some things I've been doing on the mountain, what I'm trying to do more of, and places I've been. He skips stuff like "are you a beginner?" because what does beginner even mean? I feel confident that Nate picked me a board that suits my personality and needs. I've been on the fence about buying my own gear for MONTHS. I've literally considered renting again just so that I wouldn't have to make a decision. Nate gave me the confidence I needed to be happy with my next few seasons. Highly recommend.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Aug 7, 2022
    Snowboard Expert Nate S
    Expert: Nate S
    Reviewer: kelly
    kelly's experience with Nate
    Nate was super informative, personable, authentic and very patient with me. I was going through a lot the past couple of weeks (basically just after I started my search with him) and it was chill the whole time. I appreciate you, sir!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 13, 2022
    Snowboard Expert Nate S
    Expert: Nate S
    Reviewer: Montana
    Nate is awesome!
    Such a friendly, personable experience. Extremely kind and knowledgeable. Great conversation and great recommendations! Nate is awesome and made great suggestions. Overall incredibly stoked on my experience with speaking to him :-)
    Verified Review | Submitted on Aug 24, 2022
    Snowboard Expert Nate S
    Expert: Nate S
    Reviewer: John
    Fantastic to work with
    Nate is very passionate and knowledgable about snowboarding and it shows in his interactions with customers. He was kind enough to look at some other reviews of products and offer positive feedback on items that Curated didn’t have in stock, so he will genuinely point you in the right direction of what your needs are even if they are outside of what Curated has. In general a great person to talk to and I could not recommend enough.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Apr 13, 2022
    Nate S
    5.0 from 154 reviews
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