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Cycling Expert Nathan Silver
  • Nathan Silver

    I grew up on a dirt road on the edge of the earthquake capital of the west, Ridgecrest, California. This location dictated my first bikes, a Nishiki BMX, later an SE Racing P.K. Ripper.

    In my teens, mountain biking began to rise as I bought my first trail worthy mtb, a Schwinn Cimmaron. Say that three times fast! I bought the Cimmaron a little too big, as I was lured by top end Shimano Deore XT components. Now I always buy on the smaller side for better handling, but still prefer XT.

    While at college in Santa Barbara, I rode all the legendary trails of the area, Tunnel, Romero, Cold Springs, Jesusita, McMenemy and the death-defying San Ysidro, without suspension. Before decamping from Santa Barbara for the Front Range of Colorado, and the cycling mecca of Boulder, the first black bodied, pink logoed Rock Shox appeared on a friend’s Yeti, at the time still based in Malibu. Yeti and I moved to Colorado at the same time, and I have ridden nothing but Yeti mtbs since. If they fit you, there is no better mtb. To date, I have owned 5 Yetis: ASR, 575, 303RDH, SB66 and now an SB-6, a bike better at descending, but still climbs well.

    During seventeen years living on the Front Range of Colorado, I had the good fortune of riding some of the best high country singletrack in the nation, with multiple yearly visits to Utah, and rounds on the Kokopelli Trail and White Rim. These experiences led me to the Whistler Bike Park and many days of mountain bike touring the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, retracing the courses of much of the BC Bike Race from Powell River to Cumberland.

    While I have been a committed cyclist for as long as I can remember, I have always preferred the solitude of open desert, deep forest and the high alpine. I have raced on Triathlon teams - yes, I know road bikes, too - and as an Xterra soloist, as well as a few early mtb races. The shwag attached to such events is fun, but I do not care for crowds. The biggest group event I have raced was the Steamboat Marathon. I am not built to be a distance runner, but enjoyed the methodical training leading up to it. I am a confirmed carbohydrate fiend, and training is never hurt by this weakness. Cycling has become a baseline of my fitness, now in my mid 50’s, with a resting heart rate in the mid to high 40’s, I have climbed almost all of the 14 thousand foot peaks in the west, and ridden my SB-6 up one too, California’s White Mountain, in the time of COVID.

    During my time in Colorado I also taught snowboarding for fifteen years, first at Eldora, then Winter Park, where I came into contact with some of the early innovators in snowboard instruction. They helped change the way I ride and made me a competent boarder in powder to bumps, once spending an afternoon shredding the Jane bumps with members of the US Olympic Mogul team, visiting from Telluride. Feel free to visit me on the Winter Sports side of Curated:

    In recent years, I have bridged the gap between dirt and road and have put 12K miles into a 1x drivetrain equipped Cannondale Slate gravel bike, which evolved into the Topstone. The vast majority of my road miles have been accompanied by my wife, paced by her ebike for extra measure. And I take particular pleasure in finding ladies under 5’5” properly fitting bikes of all kinds. It is a matter of safety.

    I am happy to be working with you in any cycling capacity. If I do not have answers to your many questions, rest assured I know people who will. Now based back in Southern California, I work closely with one of the largest Cannondale dealers in the country, and occasionally move his state-of-the-art creations. You will not find a better build.

    Glad to share some tips and learn from you, too.

    I've helped 5,592 people find the right product - I'd love to help you too!
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    Cycling Expert Nathan Silver
    Nathan Silver
    Cycling Expert
    I've helped 5,592 people find the right product - I'd love to help you too!
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    Cycling Expert Nathan Silver
    Reviewer: Netti
    Nathan is AWESOME!
    Nathan’s been by my side, the entire process from finding the perfect bike for me to answering any questions I had on repairs. He’s constantly finding good deals for my accessories. He helped me find a mobile E bike, repair guy, even though he was a bit pricey, Nathan’s been there for me. He has made the process of buying a bike online super easy, I would definitely use Nathan and his company again.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Dec 9, 2022
    Cycling Expert Nathan Silver
    Reviewer: Jim
    Nathan listened to the what I had to say
    Wanted a new bike for my retirement , that did not go according to plan for me.He kept in touch with me and than was able to help me with some great choices .Was never to pushy.Very knowable in his answers with the questions I asked mayed it so much better than shopping online n looking at pictures
    Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 18, 2022
    Cycling Expert Nathan Silver
    Reviewer: Guy
    Nathan was super knowledgeable and super helpful
    Nathan was super knowledgeable and very helpful in helping me pick out the right bike for me! I’m moving downtown and need some form of transportation and his first recommendation was the best! We talked about many bikes, sizes, brands and everything! He was very responsive and was available all the time to talk. Would very much so recommend him as the expert!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 18, 2022
    Cycling Expert Nathan Silver
    Reviewer: Kerstin
    Nathan was awesome!
    Nathan made sure to answer all my questions and guided me to a bike that will hopefully help me climb out of the C group! I really enjoyed working with him. I did run the suggestions by my local bike shop - which had nothing in my size in stock or available in the near future - and they told me to snap it up. They agreed with his recommendations for me - and they have been working on my gear for years.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 1, 2022
    Cycling Expert Nathan Silver
    Reviewer: Jesse
    Nathan found the perfect bike in minutes!
    I had been looking to replace my old bike for almost 6 months. I read reviews, "top 10" charts, discussions on blogs, talked to sales associates at Trek, Specialized, REI and local bike shops, but always walked away feeling disappointed and like I was getting pushed towards bikes that were more than I wanted and above my price range. I was also told multiple times that it would be next-to-impossible for me to find my perfect bike because of supply-chain shortages. I ran into Curated in my google search and thought I might as well give it a try. Within seconds, I was connected with Nathan who was smart, kind, witty and very honest. After a few minutes of chatting, he lined me up with three amazing bikes. I asked him a few more questions and he found me an even less expensive bike that fit exactly what I wanted and was 1/3 of the price I thought I would have to spend. Nathan clearly knows his bikes, but you can tell he also knows the industry and the lesser-known players from whom you can get a quality bike without having to pay for the name brand. Again, I cannot recommend Nathan enough.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Apr 21, 2022
    Cycling Expert Nathan Silver
    Reviewer: Susan
    Knew exactly what I wanted/needed
    I came here to buy my first full size ebike. I knew some of the features I wanted and my approximate price range. Nathan zeroed in on the perfect bike for me! He was always ready to answer questions (very quickly I might add) super friendly, very relatable and extremely knowledgeable. If there was an answer he didn't have, he quickly researched and got back to me. I'm so looking forward to my BeeCool Explorer! Thank you Nathan!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Feb 27, 2022
    Cycling Expert Nathan Silver
    Reviewer: Alberto
    Nathan is doing something unique
    For those of us who know nothing of bikes, he knew how to listen to me and understand me. Felt better than going to my local bike shop. I’m really glad of what this organization has facilitated to those who, like me, can feel comfortable asking questions.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Mar 7, 2022
    Cycling Expert Nathan Silver
    Reviewer: carr
    Nathan was extremely nice and knowledgeable
    I asked for his help to find a bike that will fit me and within 15 mins he found the perfect bike and we had a good conversation in-between. then the next day I asked him to find me a full-face helmet and a few mins later he found a perfect match. he is also super kind and although I have lots of requests he still finds the exact thing I was looking for. he was a big help and I will definitely come back to ask him a million other questions abt what I should buy next.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jan 23, 2022
    Cycling Expert Nathan Silver
    Reviewer: James
    He knows his stuff
    Nathan helped me find something really special to look forward to even with some harsh restrictions. He is very friendly and approachable giving great advice and truly keeping your objectives in mind. Felt like talking to someone I have known forever even though I have only sent him a few messages.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jan 13, 2022
    Cycling Expert Nathan Silver
    Reviewer: Dev
    Professional & unbiased
    Nathan’s approach was spot on from word go, unusual to find someone on the end of the chat line who understood my situation, which is far more complex and for me painful. He showed empathy, his compendious knowledge of the subject matter made me confide even more in him. Even on topics outside the nature of my inquiry I found Nathan to be well versed, informative and caught off guard with his witty ness (which made me laugh). One of my needs was a particular crankset which I could not source for sometime now, and within a few minutes he told me he had located one! I had never heard of Curated before, but I would not hesitate in recommending them to other cyclists.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jan 5, 2022
    Nathan Silver
    5.0 from 287 reviews
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