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Golf Expert Nick Y.

Nick Y.

My name is Nick and I currently live in Florida. I played NCAA golf and shortly after graduation became a teaching professional. Helping people play the game they love and enjoy the game throughout their life is a huge passion for me, and one of the biggest reasons I got into teaching. I now transitioned into the Golf Expert side of things because I have a huge passion for equipment, and helping people find the right gear for their games is what really makes golf enjoyable for everyone. Look good, Feel good, Play good!

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Golf Expert Nick Y.
Expert: Nick Y.
Reviewer: Jared
Jared's experience with Nick
Shopping experience with expert was great, but I don't appreciate the bait and switch approach of offering 10% discount on the first order when signing up and then limiting the discount to $50, with no disclaimer or explanation. The expert tried to assist but was capped by customer support. I view this as "under the table" marketing and I will share my experience with others.
Verified Review | Submitted on Aug 19, 2023
Golf Expert Nick Y.
Expert: Nick Y.
Reviewer: Marcello
Nick was incredible! And even that's an understatement.
Nick was super easy to work with. He was knowledgeable about the clubs and how they would best fit me. I had a fitting before and I provided that information as best as I could and Nick was able to use that to his advantage. He was unbelievably helpful, genuine, and timely throughout the process. Nick was able to get what I needed for the best possible price, while be accommodating. 10/10 would certainly recommend Nick! Can't wait for my clubs to arrive.
Verified Review | Submitted on Apr 6, 2023
Golf Expert Nick Y.
Expert: Nick Y.
Reviewer: Chris
Chris's experience with Nick
Nick had excellent recommendations and options to consider. I had several conversations before making the final selection. I would highly recommend Nick for golf club purchases.
Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 26, 2023
Golf Expert Nick Y.
Expert: Nick Y.
Reviewer: Luke
Luke's experience with Nick
Nick was super helpful in my journey to find new irons. I was trying to find an older set for the longest time but I eventually landed on a fitted set, and he hooked me up. Nick is awesome and the overall shopping experience was great too!
Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 15, 2023
Golf Expert Nick Y.
Expert: Nick Y.
Reviewer: Matt
Matt's experience with Nick
It's so nice to have things explained that you don't understand. I wouldn't have had a clue about the difference between the options available.
Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 22, 2023
Golf Expert Nick Y.
Expert: Nick Y.
Reviewer: Robert
Robert's experience with Nick
Nick did a fabulous job learning about what the level of my golf game and and what I was looking to get out of a new ser of clubs. I can't wait till they get here. It's wonderful knowing that, if they don't fit me as expected, they can be returned ... unlike the box stores!!
Verified Review | Submitted on Aug 13, 2022
Golf Expert Nick Y.
Expert: Nick Y.
Reviewer: Chris M
Chris M's experience with Nick
Nick is patient and answered all of my questions quickly and happily. I wasn't expecting to purchase anything today but he gave me the knowledge to feel confident that I was buying the right clubs.
Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 7, 2022
Golf Expert Nick Y.
Expert: Nick Y.
Reviewer: Paul
Paul's experience with Nick
After providing details of my golf background and details, Nick provided me an excellent array of choices and “fitted” me online with I hope will be the best set of clubs I will ever use. His knowledge and expertise were exemplary!
Verified Review | Submitted on Aug 10, 2022
Golf Expert Nick Y.
Expert: Nick Y.
Reviewer: Greg
Greg's experience with Nick
Nick matched my preferences in manufacture to my ability and then some. He is very knowledgeable and spends the time to research and answer all questions! When you’re getting ready to spend a good amount of money on clubs, it’s worth it to have someone like Nike in your corner! Thanks
Verified Review | Submitted on Mar 22, 2022
Nick Y.
4.9 from 179 reviews
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