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People know me as the 🦖 Hiking T-Rex!
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    The Short:

    Octavio Rivas is a jack of all trades and by this I mean he has worked in multiple industries, ranging from ski resorts, hospitality, military, and recreational. He works out of a room with some climbing gear 🧗, snowboards🏂, skis🎿, and his dog Vesta🐾, who stares at him for another walk around the mountains or for treats.

    The Long:

    I was born in beautiful Concepcion, Chile. (Yes, the country that looks like a Chili pepper) We moved to the states when I was a wee lad, doing my elementary in Virginia. Later would move back to Chile and stay throughout high school. During this time I was focused on a snowboarding career; instead, I got injured and started reconsidering my life choices. I would create a board shop that was a great success and then look into becoming a sports physician. However, life happens again and I decided to move to Incline Village, NV, and study Finance & Economics, and Global Business Management.

    With more things happening in between, and of course the pandemic. I started to look at what made me happy, and photography, film, and being able to travel were keystones. Now I work as a UX Designer, Investor, Business developer, Digital Marketing, and most recently, yours truly Curated Expert.

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    Camping & Hiking Expert Octavio Rivas
    Reviewer: Kaiwen
    Great expertise and a fun guy all around
    The man has a real passion for the outdoors and knows how to survive out there. It's easy to adopt a cheapskate mindset and go for the lowest pricing stuff. But the quality of outdoor gear is what separates a fun trip from a crappy or even a dangerous one. This guy here convinced me by breakdowning the why and hows. 5 stars
    Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 10, 2022
    Camping & Hiking Expert Octavio Rivas
    Reviewer: Juan Pablo
    Great advisor!!
    It was great since minute 1 asking as much questions as possible and then offering multiple options based on quality and price in order to meet my needs. We even faced an issue with an item (related to stock and timing), and Octavio’s response was fast and easy. All good! For sure I’ll keep getting advise from him as he knows what’s he’s doing by by his own experience.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 21, 2022
    Camping & Hiking Expert Octavio Rivas
    Reviewer: Prasad
    One of best and most knowledgeable person reagrding outdoors
    - Octavio will provide you with the best of stuff which suit your needs perfectly - Trust him, he definitely has had more experience outdoors and it definitely shows - 11/10 would trouble him more about shopping again
    Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 6, 2022
    Camping & Hiking Expert Octavio Rivas
    Reviewer: Stephen
    Octavio is the best rep to have!
    Easy to work with and understood my needs immediately. He was always looking forward to meet my next needs and also gave great ideas. Very thankful to have met him and look forward to the next time! He exceeded any expectation I could have had and having someone personally help you through a process on a personal level was amazing. I felt like I had a friend helping me make good decisions and he was personally vested in me having a great time on my upcoming trip. Thanks for all your support!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 7, 2022
    Camping & Hiking Expert Octavio Rivas
    Reviewer: Jeannie
    Jeannie's experience with Octavio
    Octavio has been super helpful and patient with me as usual. He is so amazing and so knowledgeable about the equipment that I am inquiring about. I never feel pressured to purchase from Curated and his recommendations have been spot on so far! Thank you Octavio!!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 6, 2022
    Camping & Hiking Expert Octavio Rivas
    Reviewer: Lanae Roxas
    Can do attitude!
    Octavio didn't give up when we he hit a snag applying a price match for me. I wanted 4 total items and for whatever reason the system was not allowing that to happen. He kept at it getting me what I asked for and I was happy to be able to give him a tip once all was said and done. Thank you so much for not letting me walk away, I will for sure be back to shop on your site because of this shopping experience.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 1, 2022
    Camping & Hiking Expert Octavio Rivas
    Reviewer: Katherine
    Octavio (noun)
    -knower of all things outdoors "I don't know if there is anyone more knowledgeable than Octavio in all things outdoors. Always has a great recommendation for so many different activities. If I ever have a question he can certainly answer or point me in the right direction to get an answer! He's my go to!!" Other definitions for "Octavio" -super high energy person -best hiking guide ever -great outdoor activity suggester - T-rex
    Verified Review | Submitted on May 14, 2022
    Camping & Hiking Expert Octavio Rivas
    Reviewer: Nicole
    Octavio + Adventure = Happiness
    Had a great time talking gear and adventure with Octavio. Great advice and conversation all around. Plus he has plenty of wisdom to share on multiple topics to get you ready for anything.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 14, 2022
    Camping & Hiking Expert Octavio Rivas
    Reviewer: Samantha
    Octavio was super helpful!
    Octavio was super helpful. He answered all of my questions and gave amazing feedback on all of my requests. He helped me pick great options for an upcoming backpacking trip I am planning. I would definitely recommend Octavio to others.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 24, 2022
    Camping & Hiking Expert Octavio Rivas
    Reviewer: Luke
    Octavio - The hiking Trex!
    Octavio - or “Octo” the nickname I established with him - was an excellent curator and a knowledgeable expert who showed me tried and true gear that he himself uses as well as guiding me on best practices for the hiking goals I was trying to achieve.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Apr 20, 2022
    Octavio Rivas
    5.0 from 48 reviews
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