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    I started snowboarding when I was 11 years old at a small low elevation resort called Snoqualmie just outside of Seattle, WA. Growing up, I spent my time riding with a small group of friends from school alternating between Stevens, Baker, & Snoqualmie. I still remember the first powder day I ever had at Mt. Baker. To be honest, I haven't had one like it since!

    I taught snowboarding for 3 years at Snoqualmie as a teenager, learned as much as I could, then after a few years moved to Mammoth Lakes, CA to take photos working with the mountain. Mammoth was where my passion for snowboarding exploded. For the first time I was riding every single day, & since then I've been completely hooked!

    My love & passion for snowboarding has only grown over the years, & it has slowly consumed more & more of my life! Right now, I'm living in Lake Tahoe, CA. I'm building out a van to live in & travel for the winter for the sole purpose of snowboarding as much as I can!

    I've helped 2,260 people find the right product - I'd love to help you too!
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    Snowboard Expert Ray Manalo
    Ray Manalo
    Snowboard Expert
    I've helped 2,260 people find the right product - I'd love to help you too!
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    Snowboard Expert Ray Manalo
    Expert: Ray Manalo
    Reviewer: Floridel
    Floridel's experience with Ray
    I'm not sure how I stumbled upon this service, but I'm glad I did. I'm a new snowboarder and have been trying to figure out gear. This service has been a blessing! Curated matched me with a nearby expert who knows my area & most importantly who tailored my equipment to my needs. Ray even sent me a video explaining why he curated the options he chose for me & that was extremely helpful. He has been sending messages throughout the process in case I have questions and to ensure the deliveries are going well. He's absolutely professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this service especially to people like me who are lost in the sauce ;)
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 8, 2023
    Snowboard Expert Ray Manalo
    Expert: Ray Manalo
    Reviewer: Reid F
    Ray is Amazing!!
    I was having trouble finding a snowboard that fit me because I have big feet and am very light, so its hard to find a board that works for me. After I was matched with Ray, he found me a board that will work for me and that I like! I would defiantly recommend Ray to anyone having trouble finding a board!
    Verified Review | Submitted on May 2, 2023
    Snowboard Expert Ray Manalo
    Expert: Ray Manalo
    Reviewer: Olivia
    Rays the man!
    First off, I had zero knowledge coming into the snowboard game sadly given that I had bought a used board 4 years ago and had ridden on it ever since, not thinking I needed to update or assumed it was affecting my riding. But thanks goodness for people like Ray who actually know the snowboard game like the back of his hand. Not only did he help me find more affordable bindings/board that worked for the snow conditions, but he was also super super friendly and quick to give me an honest opinion on something if I needed it. He truly went above and beyond (phone call/video chat to make sure I had set up everything correctly) to help me find the perfect board. There’s too many good things to say about him, so all I’ll say is this-if you’re in need of advice from a snowboard expert, look no further. Ray is your guy!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Mar 16, 2023
    Snowboard Expert Ray Manalo
    Expert: Ray Manalo
    Reviewer: Jeromy
    Would blow him to completion through the phone if I could
    So here I am, minding my own business when this absolute hunk hollers at me about snowboard boots. I was taken aback at his 15 blazen white stallions and chariot made of gold. He steps off, throws his cape to the side and let’s his harem of half tortoise half rabbit half blonde babes with three tits each carry back to their space ships. He chooses some all too dope boots for me, a peasant with little cash and a dream, and says alacazim!! I suddenly have so much stoke and my local mountain gets the 2 foot dump in minutes. After the shock leaves me and a I realize this isn’t a dream I ask for some even better boots and stuff cause you know…. Shred the gnar bruh… he gives me the coolest personalized list ever with just his mind telepathy thing (got a full boner) then vanished off into the night Iile Peter pan but with those sweet horses and shit. As a try to recover what I can for a normal life I cry… cry a river so deep no man can cross it. Then I see my 3 headed unborn child crying in fear of the wolves of hades. Like dawg, wtf do I do. And right then Ray comes full sense nose press (think silver surfer but like with space strippers holding neon machetes) he saves my child then brings it back to me and says “nah man. I’ll keep in touch about those boots”. Like what a hero. And just when I wanted to give up and take a nap I realize I need to take a shower. But like totally while in the shower I see a time portal open up with kid rock in it!! He says “ my name is kiiiiiid kiiid ROCK” (that’s how I knew it was kid rock) he offered me a better world in the portal so I peeked in and he totally had my three headed unborn child with him. He’s all like “if you don’t renounce king gizzard and the lizard wizard as the absolute fucking best ever I’ll keep you baby and give it to the goblin king” (not Dave Bowie of course cause that would have been dope) but I was like hell nah and did this sweet smooth criminal dance then said kid rock three times backwards and Ray appeared A fucking GAIN!! Like who is this guy!!? He brought Waylon Jennings, Jerry Reed and Alan Jackson to beat the holy tiger poop out of kid rock then handed my kid back and was like trust me bro. Get the Ride Lasso pros. So I did. Man… I wish my dad was that cool.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jan 22, 2023
    Snowboard Expert Ray Manalo
    Expert: Ray Manalo
    Reviewer: Nick
    Ray was super helpful and easy to talk to
    Ray helped me with my schedule trying to find a board and asked many helpful questions to match me with the right one. Choose Ray if you need help finding the right board.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 2, 2023
    Snowboard Expert Ray Manalo
    Expert: Ray Manalo
    Reviewer: Stasiu
    Stasiu's experience with Ray
    Excellent service. Ray did a phenomenal job at giving me great advice. The entire time I felt like he was genuinely trying to help instead of just selling me. Will be using this website/service again in the future.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Aug 27, 2023
    Snowboard Expert Ray Manalo
    Expert: Ray Manalo
    Reviewer: Amelia
    Ray was the best!
    Ray was the absolute best! He made it very clear from the start that he was eager to help me find every thing that I needed and fitted in my budget, and any other wants/needs I may have included. He was so friendly and knowledgeable about all the gear, he provided very clear and understandable explanations. He was always willing to answer my questions and in a quick manner as well! Ray made my first experience buying brand new snowboard gear the best and easiest and I can’t thank him enough! If I ever need anything else I will definitely be contacting Ray. I highly recommend!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jan 12, 2023
    Snowboard Expert Ray Manalo
    Expert: Ray Manalo
    Reviewer: Colton
    Ray was patient and extremely helpful!
    I may have taken weeks to piece together my kit, but Ray was adamant, ensuring that I was confident and understood what I'd be getting. This helped me settle on a board/bindings that would fit my riding style and also carry me through multiple years of shredding the gnarliest of passes. I am extremely grateful for the personable experience I had through working with Ray and I HIGHLY reccomend others to do the same!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jan 10, 2023
    Snowboard Expert Ray Manalo
    Expert: Ray Manalo
    Reviewer: Molly
    Ray was very helpful!
    Ray is such a wonderful and knowledgable guy when it comes to snowboarding gear! He answered all of my questions in a timely manner and explained difficult topics in an easy way to understand. He also made a beautiful video for me explaining the curations that he had chosen. 10/10 would highly recommend Ray!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jan 8, 2023
    Snowboard Expert Ray Manalo
    Expert: Ray Manalo
    Reviewer: Gavin
    This guys a homie. He’ll get you what you need fr
    Raymond is definitely an expert and a super chill guy. He knows what he’s talking about and will help you with your problems 100%. He gave me tons of advice on how to improve the spread of my bindings to balance out my board and make sure that my board setup doesn’t hold me back from improving quicker. I trust this guy and Ima stay in contact since he’s got really good advice and doesn’t just try to push a sale on you. 100% my go-to guy now
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jan 3, 2023
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