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    Tournament Golfer, Club Expert, 25 years golf experience, 4 Handicapper, avid Bronco fan, former baseball guru, and Chipotle lover.

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    My QualificationLong-time Coach, single handicap
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    Golf Expert Ryan Hernandez
    Reviewer: don
    ryan is trying hard but no success yet
    I am looking for the exact replacement of the driver I wore out after 20 yrs of use!! The bazooka driver, 7* -stiff -46" graphite shaft-320J cc-high kick point-TI beta II face material!!!! I hit all the other drivers on the range on demo day last spring and my Bazooka went farther then the newest $500.00 demo they had?? So, I don't want to spend that much to gain 3 to 5 yards---its not worth it. So I'll keep me if u come across anything close...thank you for all your help. Shank you very much, don battoe
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jan 16, 2022
    Golf Expert Ryan Hernandez
    Reviewer: nick
    I started talking with Ryan about getting a whole new bag of clubs(this is after I went to a fitting and the gentleman that did my fitting only gave me three clubs and turned it into his own little lesson). I live in California and I would send Ryan questions at about 9:30 PM which is 11:30 PM his time and he would respond within five minutes! He is by far the most down to earth, knowledgeable and helpful person I have ever worked with in any type of customer service. He walked me through this process for over two weeks answering every single question I had and actually asked about my swing my golf history which really made me feel good about working with him he actually wanted me to get the best clubs for me not to just sell me the most expensive set! If I ever need anything else golf wise I will not go anywhere but To him from now on!! He is so personable and easy to talk to! I wish he lived closer to me so I could schedule some lessons with him! 10 out of five stars! Thanks again Ryan!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Dec 26, 2021
    Golf Expert Ryan Hernandez
    Reviewer: John c
    What a Guy!!!
    Ryan is a Humble man. He is a joy to work with. He helped me on a variety of equipment. The man knows golf period. We have gotten to know each other on several different levels here of late. I live in a little town in northern Arizona and golf equipment is 3 hours away in any direction and this come tour front door. What a deal and what a convience. Your can't say enough Great Things about Ryan, what a Trooper. Curated you got a KEEPER. Big John in Arizona
    Verified Review | Submitted on Dec 6, 2021
    Golf Expert Ryan Hernandez
    Reviewer: Freeman
    Tremendous help!
    I haven't left a review for a product or service in a decade, but it's warranted here. As a brand new golfer I have been overwhelmed by product choices and bad advice. Ryan's expertise and help cutting through the clutter has been invaluable. The man seemingly works 24/7 including holidays. Ryan is always friendly and eager to help any way that he can. Rating: 11 out of 10.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 30, 2021
    Golf Expert Ryan Hernandez
    Reviewer: Chris
    Ryan was so helpful
    Couldn’t believe I was talking to a real person at first. But then I learned that Ryan was not only real he was super helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. I’ve been playing a lot more golf lately but I am by no means an expert. Ryan answered all my questions no matter how dumb and helped me find the right clubs for my game. Would highly recommend. Thanks Ryan!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 1, 2021
    Golf Expert Ryan Hernandez
    Reviewer: Jester
    Jester's experience with Ryan
    Ryan has been nothing but patient, helpful, prompt, and most of all, completely willing to help you get what you need/want. I am a beginner at golf and wanted to get something tailored for me based on my experience and height. He was able to recommend not just a complete set, but also was able to piece together a whole set for me based on what I wanted. He was also able to pull some strings together to get me a bag that he recommended that was not available/discontinued on the curated list, but knew a way to get it. I could not have asked for someone better to help me out with my purchase and the experience was phenomenal. I would 1 million percent recommend Ryan to anyone looking to seek help with gear and knowledge as well. Thank you Ryan! I appreciate you!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 26, 2021
    Golf Expert Ryan Hernandez
    Reviewer: Cody
    Super responsive, helpful, patient, and overall excellent customer service.
    Ryan was awesome. Provided a lot of great insight and feedback. Was patient with me while I did the research and tried out the recommendations on the simulator. Gave me feedback after I sent him the results of the simulator session and again when I went back for round two the next day. Took an interest in my game and asked a lot of questions that helped me narrow down what I was looking for. Made the experience overall very reassuring and easy. 10/10.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 12, 2021
    Golf Expert Ryan Hernandez
    Reviewer: Brady
    Ryan’s the real deal!
    Ryan did a great job analyzing my swing and suggesting several club heads and shaft combinations to best suit me. He also was able to price match to a competitors website, so that was the cherry on top. 10/10 would recommend Ryan and the entire Curated process to anyone looking to upgrade their bag.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jan 12, 2022
    Golf Expert Ryan Hernandez
    Reviewer: Willie K
    Ryan is helpful and insightful.
    Ryan was patient with all the questions I had about various options and clubs, etc. Really approachable and compassinate personality. I appreciate how he was able to relate some of the challenges the ordinary golfer are the same for those that play a lot. Thank you Ryan.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 26, 2021
    Golf Expert Ryan Hernandez
    Reviewer: Billy
    Quick and helpful
    Ryan was very responsive to any questions I had. Gave me multiple options to choose from. Made it very easy to narrow the selection to just what I was looking for. His expert advice was what I needed to feel confident in the purchase I made. Don’t be skeptical about the chat feature. It’s worth it.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 23, 2021
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