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Fly Fishing Expert Stefan Elliott
Gorgeous Smallmouth Bass from the beautiful state of Washington!
  • Stefan Elliott

    The first time I picked up a fly rod was around 15 years ago. As a conventional fisherman since the age of 5, this new journey was (and still is!) a very exciting time in my life. From Puget Sound Beaches to high reaches of the Cascades and the nooks & crannies in-between them, I have chased fish on the fly all across my state.

    I really developed and crafted my abilities on the fly rod with just a mid-range TFO NXT combo kit and spent a lot of hours on my local river practicing my casting, trying new patterns and figuring out which methods and styles I enjoy and are productive for me. I spent years with this setup alone before I really started to step into more premium components. Once I began to invest in quality components, all the techniques I learned through the years started really shining bright!

    I've spent a lot of time learning gear and techniques for fly fishing Smallmouth Bass. As one of my absolute favorite catches as a child on conventional gear, I was immediately hooked upon my first to be had on the fly. I began to heavily focus on these fish more than anything else. Their striking colorations, appearance and hard fighting abilities, make for an excellent sport for the fly fisherman!

    In the last 6 years or so, I've heavily plunged into the great wonders and joys of backpacking & hiking into absolutely breathtaking, gorgeous and rugged backcountry alpine lakes and terrain that Washington State has to offer. During the peak snow-free summer period, if I'm away for more than 24hrs, I'm likely chasing Westslope Cutthroat and Golden Trout far off the beaten path!

    Throughout the past 15 years of my journey through fly fishing I've spent countless hours, late nights and entire weekends researching any tip or techniques to help make me a better angler. Online forums, groups, videos, 20+ year articles and more. From tightline nymphing, throwing massive streamers to indicator rigs I have researched them, tested them & share my knowledge with other anglers.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my details to get to know me. Let's connect online here at Curated, and let my expert knowledge enhance your fly fishing enjoyment! I'm here to get you connected with the absolute best gear for YOUR personal needs, not to fill a quota! I am always researching, buying and testing new equipment! Trust my expert hand selected curations from my many years of experience!

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    Fly Fishing Expert Stefan Elliott
    Reviewer: Francie
    Stefan saved my anniversary!
    Struggling to find the perfect gift for our anniversary, and knowing nothing about waders, Stefan made my choices easy. He got all the information he needed and made the perfect recommendations and steered me away from mistakes! My husband is going to be thrilled!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 5, 2022
    Stefan Elliott
    4.9 from 25 reviews
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