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    Hey y'all! I'm Victor Von Claus, I've been skateboarding and snowboarding almost my entire life, starting around 5 years old and can't get enough of it! I've continued progressing a career based around keeping me involved in the action sports industry as much as possible. You'll catch me either in the streets of Portland, OR filming with my skate buddies, or anywhere there's snow ripping up the fresh powder and terrain! If I'm not there, I'm usually back home editing that footage or making soundtracking for it, or I'm plotting my next move to go fulfill the adrenaline junkie itch!

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    CategorySnowboard Expert
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    Favorite spotCopper Mountain, Colorado
    Favorite snow gearSignal Diruptor 3
    Favorite terrainBackcountry
    Favorite brandsSignal, Union, Vans and Volcom
    My Qualification20+ years of riding and climbing
    Favorite beerElysian Space Dust
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    Reviewer: Ben
    Victor’s the man!!!
    I’m the kind of shopper who takes his time researching everything I buy down to the T. I was set on buying my first board this year and with the little knowledge I had I knew I was about to put in some hours finding the right gear - but thanks to Curated for setting me up with Victor I got the perfect gear with minimum effort. Victor absolutely crushed it. I’m extremely confident in the gear I purchased and stayed within budget. Couldn’t recommend this guy more!
    Verified Review | Submitted Nov 6, 2019
    Reviewer: Macy
    Amazing Service
    Victor was so great. He matched me with the best gear and spent so much time and energy to help me find the perfect matches. He was very responsive and so helpful. I am so appreciative.
    Verified Review | Submitted Nov 17, 2019
    Reviewer: Josh
    Victor was amazing
    He worked with me for a week making sure everything fit my style perfectly. He was responsive at all times and provided me with more than enough information to insure my satisfaction.
    Verified Review | Submitted Nov 6, 2019
    Reviewer: Jon
    Jon's experience with Victor
    Verified Review | Submitted Nov 12, 2019
    Reviewer: Chandler
    Chandler's experience with Victor
    Verified Review | Submitted Nov 12, 2019
    Reviewer: Evan
    Evan's experience with Victor
    Verified Review | Submitted Nov 8, 2019