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When it snows, you know where to find me. Mt. Crested Butte, Colorado
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    I live for the cold weather, the snow and the mountains. I am at my best in the silence of the open slopes in the early mornings, before the crowds arrive. The silence that big snow storms bring and the slow style of life of a honest ski town are my medicine. These things keep me grounded. I have chosen to surround myself by the mountains and it is my goal to share this love with you.

    I started skiing when I was 2 (according to my Dad) and switched to snowboarding at age 12. As soon as I could move to the mountains I went. that being sai I have 20 years of snowbaording experience adn 30 in the mountains. Im here to help you on your snowboarding journey. Let's find you the perfe

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    Snowboard Expert William Cameron
    Reviewer: Janet
    Got my needs perfectly
    William was friendly and funny, and listened to my ramblings to figure out what I needed. I had a bad experience with ill-fitting rental boots which made me decide to get my own equipment. He compared rental boots to buying a used shoe - a metaphor that made me understand the situation perfectly. He understood I was a beginner and knew my budget, everything he suggested was on sale, and a great price! 10/10.
    Verified Review | Submitted Jan 17, 2021
    Snowboard Expert William Cameron
    Reviewer: Shane
    A True Expert Devoted to Exceeding Customer Expectations
    William was awesome! He checked in with me all the time but was not too aggressive. I could tell he simply wanted to help me out. I replied on Christmas Eve to a previous message he sent me thinking he鈥檇 get back to me on Monday. He answered me within 10-20 minutes. Aside from his customer service, his knowledge of equipment was spot on with what I had read elsewhere. I told him my riding style, and he knew what to recommend from snowboard to bindings, to boots as I was due for all 3 this year. There wasn鈥檛 a question he didn鈥檛 know the answer to. I would recommend him to riders of all skill levels. Thanks William!!!馃檹馃徎馃憡馃徎
    Verified Review | Submitted Jan 15, 2021
    Snowboard Expert William Cameron
    Reviewer: Stephen
    Found exactly what I wanted!!
    William was so patient with me. After the first day of connecting, he sent me a great starting list that was build just for me. I had my heart set on the Arbor Foundation, but unfortunately after that day it sold out. For the next week he looked nonstop for it until it came back in stock. When it did, he messaged me immediately and I was able to get my hands on the board. He was friendly, funny, and patient with me and I couldn't have gotten my first board without him.
    Verified Review | Submitted Jan 13, 2021
    Snowboard Expert William Cameron
    Reviewer: Cammie
    I came to this website knowing little to nothing about my snowboard, other than knowing how to ride. William was extremely helpful finding what is needed for me. He asked me some simple questions about my riding and paired me with a perfect fit, and even got me a great deal. Not only that, but he is really friendly and easy to talk to! 11/10 would recommend!
    Verified Review | Submitted Jan 16, 2021
    Snowboard Expert William Cameron
    Reviewer: Adam
    Super Helpful
    I鈥檝e been trying to decide which board to buy for weeks now and William was able to help me make a decision in 1 night. He is super knowledgeable about all the boards and which boards would suite your riding style best. Highly recommend him to anyone.
    Verified Review | Submitted Jan 7, 2021
    Snowboard Expert William Cameron
    Reviewer: Ben
    Great guy & a huge help
    Very new to snowboarding and William helped me find the right gear! Was extremely responsive and kind through the entire price, and I truly felt I could trust his advice and recommendations. Appreciate it, William!
    Verified Review | Submitted Jan 14, 2021
    Snowboard Expert William Cameron
    Reviewer: KJ
    Overall Satisfaction
    Personable Easy to speak with Provides all necessary info and plenty more. I feel 10x more prepared to hit the mt. after speaking with William.
    Verified Review | Submitted Jan 17, 2021
    Snowboard Expert William Cameron
    Reviewer: Magda
    Really Helpful! Great Recommendations!
    Very nice and helpful! Great recommendations that were perfectly suited for me! Thank you William!
    Verified Review | Submitted Jan 8, 2021
    Snowboard Expert William Cameron
    Reviewer: William
    10/10 recommend
    Super helpful, wasn鈥檛 pushy on anything, explained all all of my questions in great detail 10/10 recommendation!
    Verified Review | Submitted Jan 14, 2021
    Snowboard Expert William Cameron
    Reviewer: CJ
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