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Snowboard Expert Yuri Czmola
Product Testing @ Powder Mountain, Utah
  • Yuri Czmola

    Hey!!! My name is Yuri, I grew up in New York City, and now I'm currently chasing snow in Colorado. I grew up learning to snowboard at Hunter Mountain as a kid, during college I began volunteering at CHILL, and graduated college to pursue a snowboard coaching career in Vermont.

    I've worked in the snowboard industry for over a decade, teaching/coaching people from all walks of life. I lived in vermont traveling all across the U.S. coaching snowboarding and testing gear for companies. My winter will currently be spent riding a steady rotation of Loveland, Taos, and Grand Targhee!

    Whether you're shredding East or West, please let me help you on your research for gear in the abundance that is snowboard retail!

    My current winter goals: Splitboarding with my dog Ziggy, living remotely chasing powder, and helping you find the gear you need to chase the shred!

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    CategorySnowboard Expert
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    Home townNew York City
    Current locationRocky Mountains,CO
    Favorite terrainBackcountry
    My QualificationCoaching/Teaching over a Decade
    Favorite beerAlchemist Heady Topper
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    Snowboard Expert Yuri Czmola
    Expert: Yuri Czmola
    Reviewer: Kevin
    Yuri was excellent! It felt like a good friend was helping.
    Yuri, was patient and knowledgeable. Answered all my questions and wasn't pushy. He gave options that fit what I told him. It felt like a trusted friend was giving the guidance and recommendations. I'm excited to get on the snow with the new gear I got. A great all-around experience. Thank you and Cheers!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 27, 2022
    Snowboard Expert Yuri Czmola
    Expert: Yuri Czmola
    Reviewer: Ciara F
    Yuri deserves all these 5 Star reviews!
    Had a lovely chat experience w Yuri and like other reviews have stated.. he made the experience very much like you’d have in a store. Super helpful and knowledgeable about what board + set-up would best suit me given I’m getting back into the sport after a long hiatus and needed something to get me back in the groove. He made sure to recommend items in my budget range + ensure that all items fit my riding style / preferences. On top of that, he gave me recos for Vermont as I’m up in the Northeast so def went above and beyond. Will definitely reach out to him again when I need some guidance next time I’m shopping.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 27, 2022
    Snowboard Expert Yuri Czmola
    Expert: Yuri Czmola
    Reviewer: Karen
    Yuri was knowledgeable and great to work with!
    Gave me suggestions based on what I told him I was looking for. Gave me options and worked within my price range. Appreciate the confidence he gave me in making my final purchase!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 30, 2022
    Snowboard Expert Yuri Czmola
    Expert: Yuri Czmola
    Reviewer: Rachel
    Rachel's experience with Yuri
    My expert was so awesome in helping me find the perfect gear for me (I am a relatively new snowboarder and had no idea where to start). And I couldn't believe the price I got for the whole setup - came in significantly under what I expected, and arrived so fast! 10/10 Curated is awesome!!
    Verified Review | Submitted on May 25, 2022
    Snowboard Expert Yuri Czmola
    Expert: Yuri Czmola
    Reviewer: Darius
    Yuri was amazing
    He was clear, concise, and very knowledgeable. He’s funny and very personal I could immediately tell I was actually to someone who cares and wasn’t a robot. His recommendations were awesome, with the vast majority of options he helped me bring it to one. 10/10 would give home more than 5 stars.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Feb 26, 2022
    Snowboard Expert Yuri Czmola
    Expert: Yuri Czmola
    Reviewer: Christopher
    Christopher's experience with Yuri
    Yuri helped me confirm the right board for me. He clearly wanted me to be on the right board and made me feel that we had been friends on the mountain. He was spot on with narrowing down my options and really dove into my current gear, riding history and goals. Was great chatting with him. Thanks Yuri. You rock and hope to run into some day. I’ll let you know how the board works out.
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jan 22, 2022
    Snowboard Expert Yuri Czmola
    Expert: Yuri Czmola
    Reviewer: Benjamin
    He was quick to ask me my personal desires & preferences. Then responded with lightning speed! He funneled down my crowded mind of researching website to website, company to company, and narrowed down a solid selection. Super sick array of gear for an affordable price! This dude rocks!! PROMOTE HIM IMMEDIATELY FOR REAL!!! 😎
    Verified Review | Submitted on Jan 18, 2022
    Snowboard Expert Yuri Czmola
    Expert: Yuri Czmola
    Reviewer: Kyrie
    Yuri was fantastic!
    He made the online shopping experience feel like an in person/in store one. As a beginner snowboarder all of the options were a tad daunting, but Yuri took the time to figure out what I actually needed and what board would work best for where we live - while throwing in a few puns and gifs! In a world of constant stress and cranky people - find yourself a Yuri!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Dec 28, 2021
    Snowboard Expert Yuri Czmola
    Expert: Yuri Czmola
    Reviewer: Cameron
    Yuri is a definitely is the gold standard for Curated!
    Yuri took what he learned about my past snowboards, and style of riding and translated that well into possible boards that would fit that, I was supposed how narrowed down it was and thankful that Yuri was so knowledgeable regarding each board. I definitely would suggest going to Yuri for any snowboarding Q’s!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 23, 2021
    Snowboard Expert Yuri Czmola
    Expert: Yuri Czmola
    Reviewer: Luke
    Luke's experience with Yuri
    The verification process after purchasing almost turned me completely away. Maybe tweak it a bit to help the customers out! Other than that—the professional (Yuri) was incredible. I made sure to leave him a tip. The website was easy to navigate and the selection was stupendous. Thanks and God bless!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 11, 2021
    Yuri Czmola
    5.0 from 104 reviews
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