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    I have been riding mountainbikes for over 10 years. I worked for Trek bikes for 4 years where I got fully immersed in the culture and every changing technology of the cycling industry. I spent the past two years working for a major online cycling retailer, where I learned not only invaluable product knowledge, but in depth understanding of many of the biggest companies operation procedures. I was on a race team for about a year, but now ride purely for pleasure.

    In the past 3 years I've owned 5 bikes so I have had time on almost every style of bike imaginable. I love bikepacking and anything really to do with riding.

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    Cycling Expert Zaal Rottunda
    Reviewer: Aly Rubio
    Zaal is the JAM!
    He has been helping me to find every single item-even the ones I don’t know about!!! Zaal has been nothing but quick to respond, excited for me to get new gear and so pleasant all around. I couldn’t be happier to have him on my side cheering me on and giving me the best advice!
    Verified Review | Submitted on Aug 28, 2020
    Cycling Expert Zaal Rottunda
    Reviewer: Kim
    Looking for something to ride for pleasure or exercise or to get from...
    He was very helpful with the details I was looking for. Knew his bikes in and out. But all in all I'm unable to afford the bike that would be best for me.Thank You Anyways for the great service and ideas and suggestions. Have a wonderful day Zaal. Kim Daniel
    Verified Review | Submitted on Aug 7, 2020
    Cycling Expert Zaal Rottunda
    Reviewer: Juan
    Juan's experience with Zaal
    Go straight to the point, great advice
    Verified Review | Submitted on Aug 13, 2020
    Zaal Rottunda
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