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  • Zach Plenert

    Hi, I'm Zach. My passion for bikes began in a rural part of the midwest, where I grew up riding bmx bikes. In my mid-20s I moved to Colorado to be closer to the mountains and I became hooked on mountain biking shortly after. I worked in a bike shop during my first several years in Denver, where I became familiar with working on bikes of all varieties and helping people find their ideal bike. To this day I do all of my bike maintenance myself, and as a hobby I enjoy building bikes from the frame up.

    Let me know what mountain bike related questions you have, I'd love to help you out!

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    Expert: Zach Plenert
    Reviewer: Scott
    Frustrated with lack of follow through and slow responses.
    Instead of going into all the details, I will try and sum this review. I worked with both Zach and Caleb. Both guys were very knowledgeable and I felt they knew their stuff like I could buy a bike over the phone based on how they communicated with me and gave me great options. Here is where the problem is. On several occasions prior to me purchasing the bike their response time was quite slow. When I was ready to talk or needed answers I had to wait 2-3 days for one of them to get back to me. They provided great bikes and information for me to look into and were great about selling me a bike when we did communicate. After the bike was bought. They failed even more. I would send them a text and a phone call, with no response the same day or within a timely manner. This is very frustrating when you spend so much money for something and have to wait several weeks to get the product. The lack of follow through after the sale was the worst. I regret giving them a $100.00 tip. I ended up calling Fezzari personally to get the answers I was looking for. They were VERY helpful.
    Verified Review | Submitted Jan 2, 2020
    Expert: Zach Plenert
    Reviewer: Jake R
    Awesome dude, Knows his stuff.
    Not sure how I found this website, but I'm very happy I did. Zach answered all of my "nooby" questions quickly and knew what he was talking about. He helped guide me to my purchase of my soon to be new Kona Big Kahuna bike. Assuming everything goes well with delivery etc, I can't wait to purchase from this website again and would defiantly use Zach's expertise again.
    Verified Review | Submitted Oct 7, 2019
    Expert: Zach Plenert
    Reviewer: Zion
    He’s very informative and up front, he shares his personal experience and not what a company has paid him to say. And he truly just wants you to have the best bike you can have
    Verified Review | Submitted Jul 6, 2019
    Expert: Zach Plenert
    Reviewer: Erik
    Zach ROCKS!
    He made the best choice, for the best price, after he’d listened to what I’m looking for. Much obliged.
    Verified Review | Submitted Oct 30, 2019
    Expert: Zach Plenert
    Reviewer: Dylan
    Awesome dude
    Opened me up to new options I hadn't even considered. Definitely taking up his advice.
    Verified Review | Submitted Oct 30, 2019
    Expert: Zach Plenert
    Reviewer: Jake R
    Jake R's experience with Zach
    So far my shopping experience has been fantastic. Zach was a fantastic help and guided me the right direction.
    Verified Review | Submitted Jul 17, 2019
    Expert: Zach Plenert
    Reviewer: Cayden
    Cayden's experience with Zach
    prices be better
    Verified Review | Submitted Nov 29, 2019
    Expert: Zach Plenert
    Reviewer: Dan
    Dan's experience with Zach
    Verified Review | Submitted Nov 14, 2019
    Expert: Zach Plenert
    Reviewer: Frank
    Frank's experience with Zach
    Verified Review | Submitted Oct 2, 2019
    Expert: Zach Plenert
    Reviewer: Wyatt
    Wyatt's experience with Zach
    Verified Review | Submitted Aug 21, 2019