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We love helping groups-big or small-find the best gear for their unique needs and budgets. Our Real Experts will work with groups of any size - from large corporations down to a group of friends planning an event - saving them time and money and providing great advice on group orders.
Examples of groups we serve:
  • Outdoor groups (local hiking groups, ski & sports clubs)
  • Community and religious organizations (Scouts, YMCA, church groups)
  • Collegiate clubs (sororities and fraternities, ski and golf teams)
  • Corporations (corporate events, employee awards/incentives)
  • Outfitters and tour groups (outdoor expeditions, golf and winter tourism)
  • Government and military groups
  • Private events (wedding parties, milestone birthdays)
  • +plus many more!
Why work with Curated?
  • One trusted point of contact to guide you through your order, start to finish
  • Customizable selections of top-rated picks from nearly every major outdoor gear brand
  • Real Expertise to find the the best product for your group's needs
  • Group-specific pricing – the best deals to fit your requirements and budget
  • Estimates available for all items our vendors carry, even those not in-stock on
  • Streamlined order cost estimation, reporting and detailed invoice and order tracking
  • Tax exemption processing and military discounts available
  • Order fulfillment via purchase order (with prior credit approval) or by net terms. Pay via major credit card, ACH/ Wire Transfer, or Federal Government credit card.
Examples of who we’ve worked with:
Outdoor Promotional Company
Our team had the pleasure of working with an outdoor promotional company to source and curate high-quality gear for several sweepstakes events they were holding. The buyer for this company approached us with an immediate need for a large order of both camping gear and fishing equipment, which we fulfilled in less than 24 hours.
Girl Scout Troop
We worked with a leader of a large girl scout troop in advance of a series of upcoming camping trips. We helped this customer understand their needs and sourced them a comprehensive set of camping tents, chairs and other campsite gear for their entire scout troop in just a few days.
Bike Touring Company
We worked with an owner of a bike touring company based in the Northeast who needed to source a fleet of high-end road bikes for an upcoming trip. Our expert worked in close connection with our inventory partners to identify and source these bikes, each with strict size requirements, at low prices, and we successfully delivered the order on time in advance of the trip.
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