how it works
Here's what to expect
Wondering how we find everyone the best product or experience? This is how we do it.
Tell us what you want
Don’t be shy! We’ll ask you a few basic questions on what you’re looking for, so we can match you with the perfect expert.
How long does it take?
Our quizzes take 3 minutes! That’s faster than ordering a pizza.
How much does it cost to shop with an expert?
It’s absolutely free! Seriously. You’ll just pay for any products you buy or experiences you book.
Meet your expert
Or should we say, your new friend?

Talk to someone who (finally!) gets it. They’ll reach out to you to start the conversation.

Share your hopes and dreams, budget and preferences, and even your Pinterest boards. Like a true friend, they’ll listen, be patient, and be here for you when you’ve had 5 cups of coffee and 500 tabs opened.

Is my expert a real human being?
Not convinced they’re real? Come see how real they are
How can I talk with my expert?
  • Message from our site
  • Text on your phone
  • Email
  • Video chat
  • Send a message in a bottle (No guarantees that this will actually make it to your expert.)
Find it together
Doing stuff with a friend is always better. See-sawing. Tennis. And shopping, especially when the friend is an expert.
As your expert, they’ll:
  • Send you a list of personalized recommendations
  • Compare prices and products
  • Help you get the best deals
  • Give you insider tips
And you'll:
  • Send feedback
  • Ask questions
  • Share research
What if I don’t like my expert recommendations?
If you’re not happy with your recs, just let your expert know! The more honest you are, the better they can find what’s right for you. They won’t quit until they find the right product or trip itinerary for you.
What kind of questions can I ask my expert?
Just like in school, there are no dumb questions. Your expert is here to answer any and all questions. Like:
  • How does this year’s model compare to last year’s?
  • Are lab diamonds real diamonds?
  • What are some of the hottest places to eat in Miami?
Buy & enjoy
Once you’re confident you’ve found what you’ve been searching for, check out directly on our site and feel good knowing you made the right decision. No more second-guessing. No more buyer’s remorse.
We guarantee:
  • Price matching (details here)
  • Free shipping on most product purchases over $50
  • White glove service for all travel experiences
  • A big, fat smile on your face
What if I find a better price elsewhere?
If you find a better price at a qualifying retailer or brand website, just let your expert know. Send them the link, and they’ll verify and approve the price match. Details here.
My expert was the best! How can I let them know?
You can:
  • Leave a review
  • Leave a tip – 100% of it will go to them
  • Refer them to your friends and family
  • Keep in touch! Let them know how much your loved your product or travel experience.
Ready to get started?