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Published on 07/28/2022 · 8 min readBaby & Toddler Expert Alex K. shares her top five favorite baby bouncer options on the market to help you find the best fit for your family!
Alex K., Baby Expert
By Baby Expert Alex K.

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We all know babies are a lot of work. Holding them, feeding them, rocking them, bouncing them—that’s just the beginning. But what if there was a product that made any one of these tasks easier? Enter the baby bouncer.

The fact that you’re reading this indicates that you’re interested in this baby list item, and you probably know what it is or what it does. Maybe you’re looking for a small, safe seat for your infant—something that will bounce them, entertain them, and maybe even grow with them into their toddler years.

A bouncy seat isn’t for eating; usually, bouncers are quite low to the ground and made of a simple wire-frame construction that lightly bobs with a baby’s leg or arm movements while they sit in it. Mom, Dad, or anyone else watching the baby can also nudge them into motion with a little push or foot tap, depending on the bouncer’s design.

These cozy, padded baby chairs (with straps to hold them in) are designed to be portable and easy to pack or move around the house. They often fold flat, and the lightest bouncers weigh around 5lb or less.

So which baby bouncer is the absolute best or even the most highly recommended by baby experts? To determine the top baby bouncers, I canvassed reviews across the internet from sources such as Babygearlab, WhatToExpect, Healthline, Verywell Family, and more. I also checked out many of the products firsthand to give the best expert advice from a parent who knows what kids like—and what you as their caregiver actually need!

The following bouncer recommendations are presented by categories that address a range of needs and priorities. All bouncers are rated based on their construction, portability, stability, and effectiveness at keeping or making a baby happy. After all, that’s all we’re really trying to do, right?

Expert note: Bouncers and swings are not the same thing. While some are marketed as both, for the sake of this list, bouncers are defined as bouncy seats (sometimes rockers) that operate without batteries or electricity. They are self-powered and typically lack the bells and whistles, like nature sounds, melodies, vibration mode, and toy bar/mobile features, that tend to come standard with swings. They’re also considerably more lightweight.

I recommend buying either a bouncer or swing—not both—depending on your lifestyle (are you mostly home or on the go?), preferences (do you like the look of a small bouncer or the purpose of a large swing better?), and budget (how much do you want to spend?).

For more on what a baby bouncer is and how it should be used, check out this “Expert Guide to Baby Bouncers.” As for swings, we’ve got you covered there, too, with these “Do You Need a Baby Swing?” and “Most Recommended Baby Swings” articles.

Without further ado, here are the most recommended baby bouncers on the market:

Best Overall: BabyBjörn Bouncer Balance Soft

Baby-gear fans love BabyBjörn, and for good reason. This Swedish company is family-owned and baby-safety driven, and their products are high quality with a flair for stylish simplicity that many parents are drawn to. Basically, their stuff looks good in your home and works great to provide comfort for most babies.

The BabyBjörn Bouncer Balance Soft is a classic bouncer that comes in a variety of pastels/neutral colors and soft fabrics, including airy mesh, soft cotton, and a cotton-jersey mix. All are extremely soft to the touch and breathable for indoor and outdoor use, and the fabric seat is machine washable.

This bouncer stands above most of the rest because of its carefully engineered, ergonomic design that fully supports a baby’s back, head, and neck—which is especially important for newborns. It can hold infants as light as 8lb and grows with them until they reach 29lb, with the ability to convert into a chair once the child can sit up on their own (and starts trying to climb out).

The battery-free bouncer weighs just 4.6lb and folds flat, making it ideal for travel. It rates highly on the “bounciness” scale and responds well to baby kicks, which not every bouncer does (some need manual pushing or rocking by a caregiver). For those looking for a practical bouncer that’s easy to pick up and move with one hand while holding a child in the other, this is certainly a good one.

Some might balk at the price and absence of entertainment features (removable toy bar sold separately), but hear us out: this bouncer is worth splurging for and can give your arms a break for two full years!

Best Looking / Space Saving: Bloom Coco Go 3-in-1 Bouncer

Did someone say tiny and trendy? This three-in-one bouncer is marketed as a “lounger, bouncer, and fixed upright stationary seat” for accommodating a baby at all times of the day.

Note: Lounging does not mean sleeping, as bouncers and swings are not American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) approved for safe sleep. However, they’re totally game for just hanging and even playtime, which the Bloom Coco Go 3-in-1 Bouncer has covered.

This bouncer/rocker weighs about 11lb, which makes it a bit heavier than other bouncers, but it’s very space-efficient and folds down to just 4.5in thick, with concealed front and rear retractable feet. It includes a travel bag and also sports Scandi-style, birch-wood elements and a plush, 100% cotton seat pad, which looks incredibly comfortable.

In terms of safety, it has a five-point harness and a baby-facing surface that is free of harmful chemicals, like lead, PVC, and flame retardants. It can hold babies weighing up to 25lb and has three levels of recline: fully flat, semi-reclined, and fixed upright. For maximum newborn support, a newborn insert (not included) is recommended.

This bouncer also has two vibration speeds (which requires batteries) and an overall look that other parents will rave about wherever you take it—which may justify the steeper price tag. An optional toy bar is sold separately.

Best Budget: Baby Delight Alpine Deluxe Portable Bouncer

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with not wanting to spend big bucks on a bouncer, or any baby chair for that matter. While there are a lot of “cheap” bouncers and rockers in the under-$100 range, one of the best in this category is the Baby Delight Alpine Portable Bouncer.

Much like the BabyBjörn at the top of this list, this seat features three recline positions, maximum portability, a practical design, and neutral colors parents love. It weighs just 4.5lb, folds flat, and includes a carry bag. Like most of the best bouncers, its seat cover is removable and machine washable, and it has a three-point harness for infants.

Its age and weight limit are a bit lower than other bouncers: up to 6 months or 20lb, or whenever a baby starts trying to sit up. That means it may get less use than the BabyBjörn, but the savings might justify that.

Most Upscale: Nuna Leaf Grow Baby Swing

This one kind of looks like a swing (and has “Swing” in the name), but don’t be fooled. It doesn’t have a motor, so it’s extremely quiet and sleek without any cords. True to its name, the Nuna Leaf Grow Baby Swing moves like a leaf swaying in the breeze—which is a unique motion for a bouncer. The downside is that it only sways for about two minutes on its own before you have to nudge it into motion again.

What’s most notable about this deluxe bouncer is that while most bouncers or swings top out with a 30lb weight limit (or less), the Nuna Leaf can hold children weighing up to 130lb! You read that right; it grows with your kid and can still be used long after they can walk. Some children find this bouncer, which converts to a stationary chair, to be a comforting space as they grow into their toddler years and beyond.

It’s one of the more expensive bouncers out there, but you can be sure your child will never be too big for it. For the eco- and socially-minded, it’s made with premium GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified fabric.

Best Hybrid: Chicco E-Motion Auto-Glider & Bouncer

There’s always an outlier, and this one can’t go without mentioning even though it breaks our self-imposed rules of what qualifies as a bouncer. The Chicco E-Motion Auto-Glider & Bouncer can operate as a typical bouncer that’s entirely controlled by a baby’s movements. It also has the added benefit of “E-motion”, with a gentle side-to-side swaying motion powered by an AC adapter (wall plug) or four AA batteries.

The coolest thing about this bouncer/swing is that it can run continually on a timer for 10 minutes and then restart with motion-sensing technology that responds to a gentle nudge or the baby’s own movement. Talk about hands-free!

Its seat pad is made of 100% organic cotton and is machine washable. The auto-gilder/bouncer weighs about 9lb (considerably lighter than many 25lb swings) and is designed for babies from 5 to 20lb.

Note: The seat angle cannot be adjusted, so it may be better suited to babies who are a few months old with better neck and head control (a newborn or infant insert, sold separately, is recommended to support the heads and necks of younger babies).

Picking the Best Bouncer

As technology evolves, so does baby gear, but as far as bouncers go, all you need is something study, safe, comfortable, and happiness-inducing for your baby that fits your price range. If you’re looking for help with a purchase, don’t hesitate to reach out to a Baby & Toddler Expert here on Curated; we’re here to help you find the perfect gear for you and your child!

It’s important to note that baby bouncers are made for infants who cannot sit up unassisted; once a baby is capable of climbing out of a swing, it’s time to stop using it. Check individual manufacturer guidelines for weight/age limits and safety information. Babies should never be left unattended in a swing, and if they fall asleep in one, it’s best to transfer them to a safer sleep space, like a crib or bassinet.

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