11 Mountain Biking Gifts for Father's Day

Published on 05/13/2023 · 8 min readFinding a Father's Day gift can be hard, but if your dad is a mountain biker, it doesn't have to be! Check out these 11 gift ideas that mountain biking dads are bound to love!
Riley Plummer, Cycling Expert
By Cycling Expert Riley Plummer

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Finding the perfect gift for someone is always a challenge, no matter the holiday or person. Throw in a technical sport like mountain biking, and gift-giving gets ever more challenging, especially if you yourself have never done it before. Fortunately, whether you are shopping for yourself or that special mountain biker in your life, our team at Curated is here for you and happy to assist you. This short article is going to go over some of the best gifts that just about every mountain biker would be sure to appreciate.

Father's Day is right around the corner, and the sun is warming things up in the mountains. The trails are about ready to open, and it'll soon be time to get that old bike up and rolling. I personally can not think of a better way to kick off the 2022 bike season than with some fresh new bike gear for that special mountain biking dad in your life. The following are some ideas for the perfect Father’s Day gift:

1. Bike: Nothing Better than a New Ride for Dad

For most of us, we experienced a long muddy winter, and the last thing we want to do with our free time is get our old bike tuned up at a shop while we could be out riding in the sun! There are many problems that can arise from riding a lot during long harsh conditions: bad bearings, worn drive trains or even worn suspension seals can make a great bike feel terrible. Most of us can agree that it is always a good idea to go get your spring tune up at your local bike shop. There is a second alternative for dad though. It is always a great feeling to show up to the trails looking fresh on a new bike! The Rocky Mountain Fusion 29 is the perfect bike to start on, as it is a hardtail, and hardtail mountain bikes are generally awesome for building basic skills. Moreover, the Rocky Mountain Fusion 29 would be a perfect all-around bike for dad no matter how quickly he progresses. The Rocky Mountain Fusion will not hold him back even from his wildest mountain biking dreams!

2. Tires: Grip Helps Keep Your Dad Safe

When we hear the word “safe” being associated with mountain biking, most people are quick to associate their thoughts with a helmet. While I agree that helmets are a very important aspect of mountain biking, so is your only contact point with the ground (unless you're crashing of course). Tires are one of the most overlooked products and are especially important if you live in a muddy or rainy region. So new tires are always one of the best gifts you can get your MTB dad!

3. Tubes: A Gift Every Mountain Biker Needs

These may not be the most exciting gifts, but sometimes the boring gifts are the ones they will use the most! If you want to play it safe, there is one gift you can not go wrong with: inner tubes! What good is a new tire if you get a flat? Every mountain biker should be carrying at least one inner tube with them. While not flashy, a good inner tube will be exactly what your dad will need at some point, and if and when he does get a flat, he will be thinking of you for saving him the walk of shame back to the car!

4. Pump: Keep Those Tires Rolling

What is the point of soup with no spoon? Or……..What good is an inner tube with no pump? The Lezyne Pocket Drive Pump is the perfect small pump that you can throw in your fanny pack and not even notice, The Lezyne Pocket Drive Pump is also one of the lightest pumps on the market, which in turn will help you save those valuable grams. It’s the perfect pump to tape to your bike and leave there for six months until you get a flat.

5. GPS: Everyone Likes to Know Where They Are

You think you know where you are going until you don't. It’s super easy for dads to get lost when they are having the time of their lives out on the trails with a bunch of riding buddies. Don’t let poor mapping or getting lost ruin his fun! That won’t happen when the Garmin Edge 130 is doing the work for him. The Garmin Edge 130 has so many awesome features for analyzing rides, including incident detection in case of a crash. The Garmin Edge 130 is also the perfect option for connecting to Strava to try to smash his local KOM’s (King of the Mountains).

6. Sunglasses: MTB Dads Want to Look Cool too

There is not much better in life than putting on a fresh pair of quality shades. Thus, these POC Devour sunglasses may be another perfect gift for your dad that shreds, as they are great for the summer and winter, with ultimate clarity. The POC Devour sunglasses offer UV protection and come equipped with a scratch-proof film. And not only do these sunglasses come with tinted lenses; also provided are clear lenses for those darker winter days. The POC Devour sunglasses will ensure that your dad cannot only see clearly but also has the coolest-looking shades on the trails.

7. Outerwear: Make Fall & Winter Rides Feel Like Summer

Ok, in most places there isn't a jacket that will make the winters feel like summer; however, the right outerwear can make cool weather rides a lot more bearable. The summers always seem short and the winters always seem long—here in the Pacific Northwest that is. Good winter riding gear can make or break a cold-weather ride, and your dad will be staying warm with the POC Guardian Air Jacket, perfect for those mild fall and winter riding days, and late spring/early summer mornings. The POC Guardian Air Jacket will also wick moisture and is a super breathable jacket that won’t heat up too much as the temperature rises, yet still has the ability to keep you warm.

8. Gloves: Stay Connected and Protected

I have never heard a mountain biker say "I have too many gloves". Still waiting for that day! One thing mountain bikers will always need more of is gloves. Your dad goes out on a ride using low-quality gloves, and with one minor crash they will be ripped! The Hand-up Summer Lite gloves might be the perfect gift for the special mountain biker in your life. They are ultra-thin, yet durable, and they have the ultimate grip feel. The Hand-up Summer Lite gloves not only feel great, but they look great as well, with some crazy unique designs available to choose from.

9. Knee Pads: Another Must-Have for Every MTB Dad

What is something you may not guess mountain bikers can't live without? Knee pads! Aside from a bike and helmet, there are a few things that I won’t go on a bike ride without. Knee pads are one of those exceptions. Every mountain biker should own at least one pair of knee pads. The POC JOINT VPC knee pad is among the best when it comes to protection, without sacrificing weight or durability. And, the POC JOINT VPC Knee Pad will likely last a lifetime, so dad will always have a reminder of this gift while on the trail!

10. Trainers: Stay in Tip-Top Shape Year Round

Getting in base miles is always great, but if your dad is tight on time, the Garmin Tacx Galaxia Advanced Roller Trainer may be the perfect option. There isn't a much better feeling in the world than just going out for a spin on your bicycle without any technology…just you, the bike, and the open road. However, it can be a challenge to get out sometimes, especially during the winter months. You may run into snow, ice, rain, and many other obstacles. While electronic trainers are a great tool, rollers are a great alternative!

The Garmin Tacx Galaxia Advanced Roller Trainer is super easy to use and will work with pretty much any bike. Every cyclist would be thrilled to get those legs strong for the summer!

11. Headlight: Because All Days Come to an End

As great as summer is, some people believe there is no better time of year to get out and ride your bike than a nice day in the fall. There is one problem your dad might run into, though: the actual daylight hours to ride become shorter and shorter. But that after-work ride with his buddies doesn’t have to come to an end, as the Garmin Varia UT800 Smart Headlight will keep him out on the trails past your bedtime. Summer’s end doesn’t have to mean the fun ends when he has the Garmin Varia UT800 Smart Headlight.

Still Need Help Finding The Perfect Gift For Dad?

Thanks for reading all the way through this article. Hopefully, you now have the perfect Father’s Day gift to get for your dad in mind; or at least learned something today! If you still need help finding the right gift idea for dad, we have tons of other Cycling articles here in the Expert Journal on Curated that might spark an idea!

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