An Expert Guide to Grill Cleaning Brushes: My Top 5 Picks

If you want a grill to stand the test of time, you need to keep it clean. And that requires the right grill cleaning tools! Check out these top five grill brushes.

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Backyard BBQ grills are amazing and a staple for most. They are versatile, create mouthwatering meals, and set the atmosphere during a backyard party. However, they can be a pain to clean.

Now, I know what you are thinking…“Luke, it's a grill brush! It’s just a handle with some metal bristles on the end! How big of a difference can it make? The answer may surprise you!

Did you know that in a 12-year span, around 1,700 Americans visited an emergency room due to ingesting wire bristles? Bristles were left behind from a poor-quality grill brush and made their way from the grill into someone's food. Imagine you’re having the extended family over for a Fourth of July BBQ. Grandma bites down on her chicken breast and gets stuck by a wire bristle because you used a cheap and unsafe wire brush to clean your grill! We don't want that. And neither do you. Your wire brush should blend functionality, safety, and convenience.

Let's jump into the top five in ascending order.

5. Traeger Wooden Grill Grate Scrape

The Traeger Wooden Grill Grate Scrape.

This is my grill scraper of choice. I love the look and the handle is extremely comfortable. The Traeger Wooden Grill Grate Scrape quickly and conveniently removes the gunk from your grill grates. And because it is wood, you don't have to worry about leaving any harmful metal bristles on your grill (and in your food).

The Traeger Wood Grill Grate Scrape has notches on the scraping side to guide you. As you use it more and more on hot grill grates, the teeth burn further into the wood, specifically forming around the shape of your grill. It’s made of solid hardwood and features a leather loop for hanging. It's compatible with any grill and its durability and convenience make it a must-have.

4. Grill Rescue BBQ Cleaner Grill Brush

The Grill Rescue BBQ Cleaner Grill Brush.

The USA-made Grill Rescue BBQ Cleaner Grill Brush was designed by a retired firefighter. This gentleman was tired of seeing barbecue accidents from poor quality grill brushes and designed this long-handled beauty in response. Instead of wire bristles, the Grill Rescue uses a heat-retardant foam pad wrapped in a high-temp kevlar layer.

Dunk the Grill Rescue in water, turn up the grill to high heat, and scrub away. The foam head traps heat inside the kevlar layer and converts it into steam to wipe away the most stubborn grease, barbecue sauce, or rust fast. The Grill Rescue is safe for all grill types, including porcelain. It’s even dishwasher safe. When finished, remove the foam pad and toss it in the dishwasher.

3. GRILLART Grill Brush Super 18 Scraper

The GRILLART Grill Brush Super 18 Scraper.

The GRILLART Grill Brush Super 18 Scraper has a traditional bristle design, but it uses incredibly durable stainless steel bristles instead of flimsy brass ones that break, making it a safer alternative to conventional brushes.

The Super 18 is one of my favorite cleaning brushes because of its unique Double V Scraper head attachment that has six different shapes to match any grill. It makes cleaning even the most stubborn food residue a breeze. Quickly add it to the GRILLART Super 18 with the provided wingnut. Hold it at an angle and give it a push.

The attachment removes just as quickly for easy cleaning. GRILLART recommends only using soapy water on this unit and the brand advises against putting it in the dishwasher. This is a drawback for some and is why it doesn’t rank higher on the list.

2. Weber Grill 18-Inch Three-Sided Brush

The Weber Grill 18-Inch Three-Sided Brush.

Weber is one of the most recognized BBQ manufacturers on the planet. With quality products that last a lifetime, it is easy to understand why. Their three-sided grill brush doesn't look like much at first glance, but it’s a serious grime buster.

The Weber Grill 18-inch Three-Sided Brush removes stubborn grease, debris, and food deposits from your iron grates. Its ergonomic handle comfortably and securely supports your hand as you give them a proper scrub. Use the shorter sides of the brush to clean the edges and break up debris between the grates.

The Weber design protects your grill grates, ensuring it has a long lifespan. As it’s 18 inches, it makes reaching the toughest part (or the largest of grills) a breeze, no matter the length of your arms. A convenient braided loop on the end of the handle is perfect for quick and simple storage.

1. Char-Broil SAFER Nylon Bristles Brush

The Char-Broil SAFER Nylon Bristles Brush.

Another BBQ industry titan, Char-Broil, takes the top spot with the Char-Broil SAFER Nylon Bristles Brush. This brush features 100% safe nylon bristles put through the testing gauntlet during product development. Nylon is the best bristle material because it’s ultra-rugged and has no negative health side effects if one breaks off and gets into food.

In a simulation of 15,000 grill scrubbings, zero nylon bristles broke or came dislodged from the brush head! Char-Broil designed this brush with one idea in mind: to provide a safer alternative to economy wire grill brushes.

The SAFER grill brush is designed for use on a cold grill. Heat and nylon don’t mix—using the bristles on hot grates deforms the head and reduces the scrubbing surface area.

The 18.75-inch handle is the perfect length to reach the back of your grill to scrub every square inch of grilling real estate, and the handle’s padded backside feels great in the palm of your hand. Brush head replacements kits can be purchased for under $10, which means this brush could last a lifetime of safe grill cleaning.

Each of these five brushes has a unique design solution for cleaning your grill. It’s important to choose a safe, high-quality grill brush. If you're interested in purchasing one of these brushes for your BBQ or have questions about grilling, reach out to me or any of our other great Grill Experts here at Curated.

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