10 Golf Gifts for Dad

On the hunt for a great gift for the dad who golfs? Look no further—golf expert Tyler Monroe lays out some of his favorite options.

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Golfer dads love golf gifts! And caring about his golf game shows a lot about you. It shows your courage, intellect, and, if you find the perfect gift, creativity. Regardless if you know a ton about his game or just some of the basics, there are plenty of gifts that will end up in his bag, not left to get dusty in some obscure part of the house.

There’s something for every golf need, whether before, during, and after a round. Some products that seem like the next big craze, that every dad must have, can end up fading away. Others are ingenious products that are worthy of a spot in the golf game. As technology in golf shifts over time, it is not immune to the once cool/now silly progression of some products and ideas, and buying him golf clubs can be tricky unless you are well versed in his golf world or can sneak out a lot of his club specifications for our experts. Before I go over that spectrum of equipment options here are 10 golf gifts that require less information about your dad's golf game.

1. Rangefinder

A Leupold GX-3i rangefinder

I can name several reasons a rangefinder is a needed tool: speeding up his play, giving factual data about his actual distance, and opening his ability to walk. Plus, a rangefinder will be useful at any course or practice facility. Quick, accurate distance to any target is key to anyone’s quest to hit the ball where they intend. If he uses his phone as a GPS device, maybe this will finally change his mind, forcing him to leave the phone for better uses or better, turn it off completely. Entry-level rangefinders do what they need to, while the top-quality options offer slope calculations to give him even more range to the hole data.

2. Dave Pelz Putting Tutor

A putter tutor with a black base and a white ball with red lines on it

Not all golfers use the same type of putting stroke in the backswing, but everyone is using their stroke to send the ball on the target line to the hole. Some training aides are specific to the golfer, this is not. Useful practically anywhere if the carpet rolls true, this compact putting tool will keep your pops learning to putt online whenever he gets the chance to practice.

3. Bluetooth Speakers

“Any way you want it” is more a reality than ever playing golf. Taking the stuffy out with music is always a valued gift. Whether attached to a walking or riding cart or hanging by his bag, there are plenty of options that will have him pumping tunes down the fairway.

4. Pushcart

Give the gift of better health. Whether he just needs an upgraded pushcart from his pull cart days or should get off the golf cart and walk every now and then, pushcarts have become more compact when stored, and easier to push when opened than ever. Comfort, durability, and ease on the back to push comes at a price, so if the investment encourages the action, go big.

5. Stretch Pole

Maybe he is not Dustin Johnson yet, but being flexible will get him on his way. Flexibility adds power and longevity in the sport and using a warmup routine and a tool like the stretch pole, daily or before a round, is an excellent gift for your dad.

6. Sun Mountain Golf Bag

A red, white, and blue stand golf bag with the label "Sun Mountain"

Not every golfer should or can afford to be brand loyal with their golf clubs, and buying a bag for them that has a specific club brand stapled all over it can be a mistake. Universal bag-specific brands such as Sun Mountain have super convenient pockets and designs that are forward-thinking for his enjoyment. If his bag is not being charged the night before his round, a few items in it are. Back him up with the Supercharged Stand Bag. Cart bags or stand bags are optional from Sun Mountain so make sure you know which he prefers to narrow down the options and find the perfect bag.

7. Callaway Strata Full Set

A full set of golf clubs in a red and black bag

If your father is only just starting out with golf, a complete set to give him all the tools he needs to get out and play the game is a fantastic gift. It is important for anyone learning the game of golf to have enough clubs so that they can improve the proper way and not build bad habits. Sets like the Callaway Strata '19 Tour Package come with a well-designed combination of woods, hybrids, and irons, with the appropriate shafts to achieve the desired results from each club, and will propel his game forward faster. The two wedges available in this set also get him learning to control shot heights around the greens, a much-needed skill to lower scores.

8. Travel Cover

For the dad who travels with his clubs a bunch, having a quality travel bag to protect them through their journey is critical. The biggest concern is that the clubs are not handled with care—if a fairway wood or driver head snaps in route, your dad is left scrambling on the golf course and ultimately doesn't have the experience he wanted. Using tips like taking the heads off the shafts and storing them in the golf bag pockets can help, but inevitably having a travel cover protecting the entire set is safer. Heavy hardback cases can be expensive to fly with, instead try an easily-transportable and padded golf club bag (like this one from Bag Boy) for him. He will be much more relaxed traveling to his next golf destination.

9. Callaway Mavrik Max Driver

A black driver with bronze accents and a label reading Mavrik

If your dad is in need of a new driver and you're not sure what to get him, with just a little information about his current driver or how he hits the golf ball, we can begin to pinpoint the best option to improve that aspect of his game. Callaway’s Mavrik Max Driver, designed for a vast array of players from low to higher handicaps, is a perfect driver choice to input the best loft, shaft, and flex specifications based off what information you have gleaned from him. If he just wants to hit it straight and far, gifting him this driver will surely make you the favorite child.

10. Speaking with a Curated Golf Expert

All of our Curated golf experts are experienced golfers, fitters, caddies, and golf professionals who help players find the right golf equipment for their games. If you are unable to get enough information about your dad’s game, including his level of ability, amount of time he plays, and other pertinent information, it is tough to advise the right clubs for any part of his game to help him get the best results. If you do have this key information, great—let’s talk. If not, my 10th best gift idea is gifting him the opportunity to chat with one of us and the funds to buy him what he truly needs out on the golf course.

A Few Other Ideas

As with every sport, hobby, or activity, the levels of golf club quality and specifications depend largely on the player. Some clubs can be fitted with basic information, while others require more in-depth knowledge of many aspects of his golf game and the challenges he faces out on the golf course. Even golf balls, which seem like they would be at least useful, can end up feeling wrong to him and not good for his game.

Accessories and personalized items like headcovers, or towels, belt clip divot tools, or hat clip ball markers are always useful and are safer gift options. Weatherized gear such as Footjoy Winter Gloves or Rain Gloves if he plays a lot in the rain, umbrellas, or club umbrellas to keep his clubs dry can also be super helpful. If he travels a bunch, a quality travel bag that protects his golf clubs might be a better gift idea.

Buying a gift for your dad is daunting but can be a wonderful present. Golf is really about the experience. Golf products help us play better as do training aids and golf lessons, but the time spent on the course with friends or family and the experience of it all is way more important. A tee time at his favorite course or maybe a good round with the fam is the best gift idea.

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