An Expert Guide to Weber Grill Accessories

Published on 01/09/2024 · 8 min readCheck out these Expert recommended grill accessories to make your grilling experience with your Weber grill both easier and more fun!
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One of the best added bonuses about owning any grill is the accessories! Not only do different recipes call for different grill toys, but many are needed for preparation while maintaining the perfect cook. One of the biggest names out there regarding accessories is Weber. Weber has leaped bounds in their grills, accessories, and even replacement parts for those grills and accessories.

From kamado-style ceramics, pellet grills, and gas to that classic Weber kettle, the company is ever-changing in its practical innovation. This guide will give you a glimpse of some of the top-rated, most-purchased, and regularly-used Weber grill accessories.

These accessories have been tested and put through the “ringer” to ensure they stand up to the hype. Continue reading below to gain insight into some of the best Weber grill accessories.

When Looking for Weber Grill Accessories


Once you get your grill set up, if you are like me, you’ll want all the accessories, but you might want to prioritize certain ones first. Start by getting a few primary cooking tools and then space out the others as needed.


Some accessories have many uses, while others are designed to do a single thing. When going for your purchases, ensure you have a firm grasp on what you cook and cook with the most.

Dependability and Durability

You are going to want your new shiny accessories to last and stand up to the high heat and flames, and even the most durable products can fail due to the heat. A higher price does not always mean longer lasting, so you want to ensure you get products that stand up in your day-to-day life.

Kettle Grill Accessories

Weber charcoal grills are an absolute staple for a good nostalgic backyard BBQ, and the original Weber Kettle Charcoal Grill gives you simple versatility. You can accomplish almost every cooking style and technique on a Weber Charcoal Grill with the right accessories. Weber Kettle grill accessories are durable and easy and sometimes interchangeable with other Weber grills.

Expert Tip: Check the compatibility of the kettle attachments on the Weber website to make sure they line up with your current kettle spec before making a purchase.

You have just assembled your new Weber Kettle Premium Master-Touch, and you are ready to do the inaugural lighting of the charcoal. Or you have just pulled your "old reliable" kettle out to start this season's BBQ adventures. What do you need from there? Well, the right grilling accessories bring confidence and intuitive action to the grill master.

Smoke Tools

Photo by Travis Hill

Getting the right charcoal has been a headache for some with so many opinions on what kind to use and how to start it. First and foremost, use lump charcoal and a clean start for the natural, clean, blue smoke that adds the right smoky flavor to your food. Briquettes have so many additives in them, and you will taste them on your food. However, some like the flavor of these additives and lighter fluid.

Next, grab yourself some Weber wood chips/chunks. The chips give a good, quick pop of smoke over your veggies and burgers; the wood chunks are good for low and slow cooking, giving a long, slow burn of smoke to your pork butts or brisket (yes, you can do a brisket on a Weber kettle).


Photo by Travis Hill

Chimney starters are the most used and for a good reason: they allow you to get your coals piping hot in about five minutes. Weber has two different sizes of rapid-fire chimney starters, the big and the small. The bigger rapid-fire chimney has two handles for better control over the larger amount of charcoal, which gives you the ability to cook lots more and more efficiently. The smaller rapid-fire chimney is great for when cooking for one-three people and ideal for charcoal basket attachments. The chimney starter works in conjunction with paper starter tumbleweeds or Weber’s lighting cubes.

Grill Tools

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A great pair of tongs, a basting brush, a durable cleaning brush for the grate, a thermometer to check your food at the proper temperature, and a grill cover are all needed. With these five items, you can accomplish most grilling adventures.

But to amp up your cooking, there are a few more amazing tools. A secondary tool to always have in your arsenal is an ash tool. You are going to thank yourself every time you cook when you need to reposition your coals or end cleanup.

The small and large grilling baskets are also fan favorites for smaller diced-up veggies and your more delicate meats. There is also a large grilling pan with slotted sides and a bottom, just like the grilling baskets for your larger bacon-wrapped sides of salmon and prime-grade meats for full flavor and less char.

Expert Tip: Using some of the Weber grill baskets upside down will elevate your more delicate foods away from the flames while still adding a searing, smoky flavor.

The 22-inch Weber Kettle Rotisserie attachment brings your kettle charcoal grill to the next level. This fits on top of your 22-inch Weber Kettle and gives you the ability to bring the succulent art of rotisserie cooking to your patio.

One of my favorite ways to elevate the Weber Kettle is the Gourmet BBQ System. This is a category of Weber grill tools that fit in and on each other to give you more versatility. Accessories like charcoal baskets, searing grates, griddles, and even woks fit onto the Gourmet BBQ System Hinged Cooking Grate. This system makes it possible to cook so much more than BBQ! This ingenious system’s pizza stone can quite literally turn your charcoal grill into a pizza oven!

Gas and Pellet Grill Accessories

The Weber Crafted Rotisserie Crisping Basket

When you think of gas grilling, Weber Genesis and Summit are always up there with the best of them. This amazing piece of innovation has options to get just about anything you need as attachments go.

My favorite accessory for Weber’s gas grills would be the Weber Crafted Rotisserie Crisping Basket. This is a fantastic addition to the Weber Crafted family and will cook your veggies like nothing else. There is a double rotisserie rod that can be substituted for the rod that comes with the Genesis.

In addition to the rotisserie, I also love the smoke box. You can add any wood chips to this box to give your food some added flavor.

The Weber pellet collection offers every flavor of smoke you could want in your cooking. Weber has pellets in stand-alone flavors and mixed—like the grill master blend that has hickory, cherry, and maple all in one bag. The convenience of having every flavor of pellets at your fingertips is life-changing.

The Weber pellet grills are known to be an all-in-one grill, much like the gas grills, but there is a gourmet BBQ system built just for this modern marvel. With cooking attachments, including its one single hinge grate, dutch oven, and griddle plate, you can turn your pellet smoker into quite the intuitive grill machine.

Electric Grill Accessories

If there was ever a noticeable flash of grilling innovation we could see today, it's Weber's electric grills and accessories. The Weber Q is the face of Weber electric, but with Weber Pulse out now, there has been a paradigm shift!

The Pulse has attachments like cast-iron searing grates that you can put in your dishwasher and direct plug into the Weber Connect smart grill system. All of the grills have the option for covers and some with portable covers/cases.

Thermometers and Probes

The Weber iGrill smart thermometer with Bluetooth capabilities

Weber has a few unique thermometers and grilling probes like the Weber Connect system and the iGrills thermometers. Along with stand-alone stick thermometers, these all serve a bigger purpose.

The Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub has the option for one to four probe hook up that tracks the real-time temperature of whatever you are cooking, and you can adjust ambient temperatures and set timers. The iGrill is like its little brother/sister; it only comes with one-two probes, gives internal temperature, and allows you to set a timer.

Expert Tip: Always have a stick thermometer when you’re grilling because there are food products you’ll want to check the temperature of quickly and times when a meter probe is not feasible.

A Note on After-Market Accessories

Sometimes it can be an eye-opening revelation to find the right third-party accessory that meshes so well with your Weber. A few examples of this are the different types of indirect baskets with attachments that can hold water to retain moisture. Other accessories range from rotisseries for the 18-inch kettle to Bluetooth-controlled fans for the Weber Kettle that let you control the airflow and, in turn, the temperature of the fire from anywhere where there is WiFi connectivity.

Please read all the specifications on the third-party products that catch your eye. Some may be very limited.

Let's Go Get All the Things!

Together we have touched on a few of the fantastic Weber grill accessories that can transform you into a better, more efficient grill master. There are other articles with similar content, but I hope this one has given insight and a creative outlook on what can be accomplished with the right tools.

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