An Expert Guide to Napoleon Grills: A Family-Run BBQ Enterprise

Napoleon makes some of the most superior grills on the market today! This Expert gear guide will take an in-depth look at their popular gas grills.

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Let’s start off with a quick history lesson!

Napoleon started as a family enterprise in Barrie, Ontario, Canada in 1976. Wolfgang Schroeter started manufacturing premium steel railings for stairs, decks, and buildings as Wolf Steel Ltd. in his garage with his wife Ingrid. By 1980, Wolfgang and Ingrid transitioned to making cast-iron wood-burning stoves with a glass front door, a first of its kind in the '80s! This unique viewing glass allowed customers to look inside the stove and view the fire, both a relaxing and functional feature.

By the 1990s, Wolf Steel stoves were being distributed throughout North America, and in 1995, they introduced their first stainless steel barbecue grill. By 2010, the grill's high-quality craftsmanship, excellent corrosion resistance, and durability cemented it as the most popular selling item in the Napoleon lineup. This, coupled with the rapid growth of the company, led Wolfgang to transition the name to Napoleon and to open offices in the United Kingdom, Austria, and the Netherlands. In 2012, Wolfgang was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in recognition of his outstanding business achievements in Canada. In 2018, Wolfgang and Ingrid retired, and their sons Christopher and Stephen Schroeter stepped in as co-CEOs. After nearly 50 years, Napoleon is still a family-run enterprise!

Luxurious Gourmet Gas Grills

As an authorized dealer of Napoleon barbecue products, Curated is proud to offer a high-quality shopping experience for all seven Napoleon lines. These high-quality grills are equipped for propane bottles right out of the box, but can easily be converted to natural gas grills if your home has the versatility to pipe in natural gas.

Each line offers multiple options to fulfill your grilling needs. The Prestige Pro Series (including built-in options for a permanently mounted outdoor kitchen), the Rogue SE Series, and the Freestyle Series each have six models, while the Phantom Series and the Rogue Series have five models each. The Prestige Series, however, has 12 models (including built-in options), and the Rogue XT Series has 18 models. That is 58 different models to suit your every grilling need!

Are you looking for something with a specific BTU rating? Or perhaps you want a simple grill to put some chicken or burgers together for the family after a long day at work? Regardless of your grilling needs, Napoleon has the perfect grill to match, and a Curated Expert can help you find the best fit. In addition to that, Napoleon backs their quality products with reliable service, outstanding dedicated customer service, and superior warranties. Let’s look at the most popular selling Napoleon Series: the Napoleon Prestige Pro and Napoleon Rogue XT Series.

Napoleon Prestige Pro Series

Might as well start at the top! The Napoleon Prestige Pro has the most outstanding product quality out of any Napoleon series by far. Napoleon describes the Prestige Pro series as having the "wow factor that comes standard too." The same spirit of manufacturing excellence that earned Wolfgang a Jubilee medal from the Queen goes into the carefully crafted and high-performing Prestige Series. There are three different models available with options for two separate fuel sources in the Prestige Pro Series, bringing the line to a total of six different models.

Prestige Pro 825

The Prestige Pro 825 is the Bugatti of gas grilling. This twin-head grill features exclusive infrared grilling technology and a power side burner and also includes dedicated infrared "sizzle zone" bottom burners. Napoleon's competitors probably cried a little when this grill hit the market! Packed with features and a lifetime bumper-to-bumper warranty, this could be the last grill you ever buy.

This grill produces 123,000 BTU and can go from zero to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit in 30 seconds. The integrated wood chip smoker tray in this gas grill gives you the classic smoky flavor but without the charcoal. With 1,430in2 of grilling space, an infrared rotisserie, and dual-level stainless steel sear plates, one cook can comfortably serve up to 52 people with this grill. Get ready to take your neighborhood cookouts to the next level with this outdoor grill!

In addition to those great cooking features the Prestige Pro 825 comes with LED Spectrum Night Lights and SafetyGlow control knobs. Safety Glow is a useful feature that helps you from accidentally leaving the gas on after you are done cooking. The LED lights turn from blue to red when the gas is on. This is also a handy feature when trying to dial in the perfect temperature for direct and indirect cooking techniques! There are also two stainless steel side shelves with an integrated cooler/marinade bucket to give you all the convenience you need while watching those ribeyes sear!

The Prestige Pro 825 also boasts a Lift Easy Roll Top lid, which features center-gravity technology for easy lifting. This delivers space-saving benefits by not extending beyond the back of the grill. On top of that, two soft-closing cabinet doors with interior lighting, and two gliding pull-out drawers provide plenty of storage for all your grilling accessories. The propane tank storage area also glides, which makes swapping out your gas cylinder a breeze. No more hunching over and having to try to finagle a cylinder into the back of a cabinet, simply pull out the ULTRA-GLIDE drawer and lift straight up. You can also opt for the Prestige Pro 825’s built-in option to create your dream backyard island and outdoor kitchen Oasis!

Prestige Pro 665

The Prestige Pro 665 Grill.

Next is the Prestige Pro 665 series, the Lamborghini of gas grilling, which comes with all the same great features as the Prestige Pro 885 but with a smaller footprint. The 665 comes with eight burners instead of 10 like the 885, so the BTUs drop to 99,000. However, the 665 still packs plenty of power. It comes with an awesome 1,140in2, which is enough for a single cook to feed 41 people. To help reduce its size, the 665 comes with fewer ULTRA-GLIDE pull-out drawers, but it still has the integrated ice cooler/marinade bucket. As with the 825, the Prestige Pro 665 can also be converted to a built-in to fit into your plans for the perfect outdoor kitchen!

Prestige Pro 500

The Prestige Pro 500 grill.

Finally, we arrive at the Prestige Pro 500 series which is arguably the Cadillac of gas grilling. This comes with all the same great features as the 665 and 825 but in an even smaller footprint. The 500 Series comes with six burners and produces 80,000 BTUs. With 900in2 of grilling space, this grill can still comfortably serve 31 people per cook! With the iconic WAVE cooking grids, you'll be sure to have amazing sear marks on any protein, and the Napoleon trademarked Lift Easy lid makes rolling back the top of this grill a piece of cake! You can rest comfortably knowing that your gas is fully turned off at the end of your cook as the 500 series does come with Safety Glow knobs!

Napoleon Rogue XT Series

The Rogue XT Series provides an ideal blend of looks and functionality that builds on Wolfgang's legacy of dedication to innovative engineering, but in a more economical package. Napoleon describes these stand-alone gas grills as "beauty, performance, and durability." As with the Prestige Pro Series, the Rogue XT comes with three different series and two fuel options. In addition to these six base options, there is also the option to integrate a smoker box into the Rogue XT 625 SIB, and Rogue XT 525 SIB, which brings it to a total of nine different setups.

Rogue XT 625, Rogue XT 525, Rogue XT 425

Three grills. From left to right: The Rogue XT 625, the Rouge XT 525, and the Rogue XT 425.

From left to right: The Rogue XT 625, the Rouge XT 525, and the Rogue XT 425

The silver Rogue XT 625 SIB comes with an infrared side burner, a smoker box, and all the other technical specifications of a Napoleon premium gas grill. The black version, though, does not come with a smoker box. You lose some functionality for style in this case! The XT 525 and XT 425 also come with silver and black options but without sacrificing any of the great features and accessories. These grills are made from durable, long-lasting stainless steel, and include versatile folding shelves on the sides to give you extra flexibility around space and storage needs. Premium casters make these backyard beauties super easy to move too. The entire Rogue XT series comes with my favorite feature, the JETFIRE Napoleon ignition system. A simple press of the button makes starting your grill quick and efficient. There’s no need for a flamethrower as the JETFIRE provides the spark to start your cook-off right!

While all three of the Rogue XT Series grills come with some of the great features that Napoleon is known for, there are big differences in their grilling size, physical footprint, and BTU levels. The XT 625, operating with 69,000 BTUs, delivers the largest grill real estate at 625in2. The XT 525, with its 48,000 BTUs, provides 517.5in2 of grill space, and the XT 425 operates on an even smaller footprint of 427.5in2. The smaller size of the 425 is the perfect fit for smaller homes or apartments. If you think great grilling has to be restricted to homes with a huge backyard, you’re wrong—there is a Napoleon grill to fit any size backyard or patio!

Friendly Personal Shoppers and a Look Ahead

Have questions about the Napoleon Pro Prestige or Rogue XT Series? Reach out to me or any of our other great Grill Experts on Curated. We are happy to be your personal grill shopping partner!

Keep an eye out for future articles where we will go into more detail on Napoleon's other grills and outdoor products!

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