23 Unique Gift Ideas for a Baby Shower

Published on 07/27/2022 · 8 min readHaving trouble picking out a gift for the mom-to-be in your life? Let us help! Check out these 23 incredibly useful but not as common gift ideas!
Robbie M, Baby Expert
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Baby showers are an awesome time to gather around a friend who will be having a baby and give them gifts to set them up for success with their upcoming addition to the family. One of the fun—and sometimes challenging—aspects of going to a baby shower is coming up with a gift idea. Sure, you could go with the safe play and get something off of the expecting parents’ registry. You could also opt for diapers and wipes which are always great baby shower gifts. However, sometimes a unique or more personalized approach can mean the world to your friend and their family. Here’s a list of special baby gifts to snag for the next baby shower on your calendar.

1. The Fridababy Basics Kit

On the outside, this kit appears relatively simple, however, this gift contains four essential items (the NoseFrida, Windi, NailFrida, and DermaFrida) that you can almost guarantee will be used within the first six months of any infant’s life. My wife and I received this as a gift at our baby shower and didn’t fully appreciate it until it helped us on numerous occasions with stuffy noses, constipation, sharp nails, and cradle cap. Trust me, your friend will thank you for this gift.

2. The Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine Night Light

This white noise machine and night light has been in use from the day my wife and I brought our son home from the hospital. With an easy one button on and off, it can be operated even with full hands. Wifi-enabled app functionality allows you to also turn the Hatch on and off remotely, which is helpful for nap transfers from cars to cribs.

3. A Baby Bottle Sampler

Finding a bottle for an infant can be difficult, as each infant may prefer a different one. Getting a baby bottle sampling pack is an awesome way for parents to figure out which bottle their baby prefers best without having to spend a fortune.

4. A Pacifier Sampler Collection

As with baby bottles, newborns can be very picky about which pacifiers they want to use. A sampler pack of pacifiers can, with any luck, ensure that at least one of them will be a good fit for the new kiddo.

5. The Aveeno Baby Bathtime Solutions Gift Set

A nice gift for both mom and new baby, the Aveeno Baby Bathtime Solutions set comes with lotion, calming bath wash, and shampoo for baby, and stress relief body wash for mom.

6. The Aquaphor 5-Piece Baby’s Skin Care Essentials Kit

This kit contains all the essentials for your baby’s first year. It comes with Aquaphor Diaper Rash Cream, Healing Ointment, Tear-Free Wash and Shampoo, and Water Wipes (my wife’s and my favorite baby wipe). A one-and-done baby shower gift solution with many quality products will set your friends up for success for the first rounds of rashes, baths, and diaper changes.

7. An Activity Gym

The SkipHop Silver Lining Cloud Activity Gym

An activity gym like the SkipHop Silver Lining Cloud Activity Gym is a great way to get in tummy time and encourage new babies to develop hand-eye coordination while exploring the world around them. It was the place our son spent the most time during the first eight months of his life. He loved looking at toys hanging above him and enjoyed the cause and effect of hitting the toys or vertical supports with his hands or feet. This is a wonderful gift that is sure to get lots of use.

8. A Diaper bag

Diaper bags are a great way to personalize an everyday item for your soon-to-be-parent friend. With many different styles to choose from like traditional backpack, outdoorsy camping backpack, or designer-inspired diaper bags, there’s a diaper bag out there that matches your friend’s style. Look for a diaper bag that has separate compartments for wipes, changing pads, and bottles. Any level of compartmentalizing is great for easy and organized storage.

9. The Blooming Baby Bath Lotus

Bathtime for newborns typically happens in the kitchen sink, and with the Bath Lotus those first few baths can be fun and even stress-free. Made of extremely soft fabric with a non-slip base, the sink bathtub is also machine washable and can be thrown in the dryer post bathtime.

10. A Diaper Caddy

Turns out diaper changes don’t always happen in the nursery on a changing pad. A diaper caddy can act as a mobile diaper changing station, providing all the necessities in one portable location. The Oxo Tot Diaper Caddy not only helps organize the mobile “battle station,” but also includes a changing pad which is very handy!

11. Bandana Bibs

The Copper Pearl bandana bibs

Your friends are bound to get plenty of burp cloths, so get them bandana bibs instead as they are a great multi-use gift. Bandana bibs like the ones made by Copper Pearl are incredibly useful for the drooly stage of a baby’s life. Not only do they help catch the drool and spit up, but they are also able to go right in the washing machine for easy clean-up.

12. A Baby Swing

The 4Moms Rockaroo swing

If you’re looking to go big for the baby shower, a baby swing is a great gift to help save your friend’s arms from hours and hours of rocking. One of the few items my wife and I regret not having was a baby swing. Our son loved constant motion and a baby swing could have saved us from ages of rocking. The 4Moms Rockaroo is a world-class swing and a great option.

13. A Baby Wrap

The Ergobaby Omni Breeze Baby Carrier

Baby wraps, such as the Ergobaby Carrier or Ergobaby Aura Wrap are an excellent way for parents to carry their new babies hands free. Made with lightweight and soft materials, baby wraps tie your child around your chest for a wonderful snuggle that keeps your newborn feeling safe and secure, and gives parents’ their hands back. Most are machine-washable which is a nice perk considering babies can be messy!

14. A Personalized Wooden Name Sign

If you know the name of the baby, a personalized wooden name sign is an incredibly thoughtful and beautiful gift that can be a lasting keepsake. A customized gift will be much appreciated by the expecting couple and can help add a final touch to the baby's nursery decorations.

15. A Boppy Original Nursing Pillow

Don’t forget about mom! The Boppy is a wonderful gift for to-be nursing mothers and bottle-feeding dads. Designed to help comfortably lay babies in an easy-to-feed position, the Boppy and other nursing pillows are back and arm savers for parents!

16. A Shape Sorting Toy

Older babies will love a shape-sorting toy that helps develop hand-eye coordination. Our son still loves playing with his sorters and is incredibly excited when he gets a shape right. The Green Toys My First Shape Sorter is an excellent option for those first learning moments for little ones.

17. Mushie Stacking Cups

Our 20-month-old son continues to play with his Mushie Stacking Cups. Made in Denmark with safe plastics, these stacking cups are great for everyday play.

18. Sophie the Giraffe

One of the most popular teething toys on the market is Sophie the Giraffe. It can not only help kids through their teeth growing in, but also act as a cute companion. Our baby became best friends with Sophie and we had to bring her everywhere we went. Sophie’s made with natural rubbers and other materials safe to go in babies’ mouths, so no need to worry about finding a safe teether.

19. A Travel Crib

If you want to go the extra mile with your gift (pun intended), a travel crib is an awesome item to give as a gift. Since it can be used by a newborn baby to toddler aged child, it is sure to rack up some miles. Travel cribs can even be used as a portable nap option for around the house–a secondary use my wife and I found very helpful during the early months of our son’s life.

20. A Silicone Changing Pad

A silicone or rubber changing pad like the Keekaroo Peanut Changer is a must-have for new parents because it offers the comfort of a traditional foam or cloth pad but with added cleanability. Diaper changes can end up being very messy, and in the event of a worst-case scenario, these types of changing pads can be easily cleaned and disinfected for future use.

21. A Diaper Pail

If the parents you’re looking to purchase a baby shower gift for are planning to use disposable diapers, a diaper pail is a must-have item. By keeping the diapers—and the smell—contained, diaper pails make for easier disposal of those “toxic waste” items. The Diaper Genie or Diaper Dekor pails are two great options.

22. Meal Delivery Service

New parents have very little time to grocery shop, cook, and clean. A meal delivery service (either a name brand, grocery delivery service, or food delivery service like UberEats or DoorDash) can save your friends some time, money, and even sleep.

23. A Curated Gift Card

Want to give a unique gift curated just for the expecting parents? Get them a Curated gift card so they can speak with one of our Baby Experts. Our Experts can help them find exactly what they’re looking for and ensure they have what they need for their incoming child–there is no better gift!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this list of unique gift ideas will help you find a gift for your next upcoming baby shower that will stand out among the rest. A gift off of this list not only shows a little extra effort and research on your end but also will provide so much more value to the receiving couple and baby. If you have any questions or need assistance in your search, reach out to one of our Baby & Toddler Experts who can help ensure you get the right gift to wow your friends!

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