The Best Stocking Stuffers for Golfers

Published on 06/16/2023 · 8 min readDon't forget about the little things! Check out this list of expert-recommended stocking stuffers for the golfer in your life.
Tyler Monroe, Golf Expert
By Golf Expert Tyler Monroe

Fall colors are covering the scenery, the air is getting crisp, and the Holiday Season and time of giving are upon us. Perhaps you have a family member, friend, or true love in your life who plays golf, and you need a fun present to put in their stocking. Other than the required club equipment, the drivers and iron sets, bags, and putters, or golf apparel, golfers also need several key golf accessories and training aids to get every bit of enjoyment out of the game.

Do not be troubled. Every possible need or want for a golfer has been created, produced, and revised—the options are endless. Of course, not all golf products out for purchase are as critical or useful as others, and regardless of your budget, there is a great gift to find. Three wise men may not have suggested twelve gifts during Twelvetide but in case that is your tradition here is a required list of stocking stuffers for the golfer in your life.

Video Phone Holder

Staying out of the gorse, waste bunkers, or pear trees means having a repeatable golf swing. Seeing one’s own swing on video can be super helpful to better determine flaws or see improvements that will help hit the ball straight. Paired with any phone, a video phone holder can be set up quickly and conveniently to grab quality videos of their golf swing, whether, on the course, in practice facilities, or anywhere the golfer in your life can swing a golf club.

Ball Mark Divot Tool

When golfers hit their ball on the greens, they leave ball marks that if are not repaired, damage the putting surface. Divot tools are used to fix these marks, protecting the green for future players. Ball markers are needed to mark where the ball ends up, possibly to get out of other players' putting lines or to reset their golf ball. Ball mark divot tools are designed to be a two-in-one accessory. Many of these tools have ball markers that can be personalized, easily replaced, and sold separately at most golf shops. From a favorite sports team to a golf course logo like the Tufted Puffin or Turtle Dove, any logo imaginable can be imprinted on a ball mark and a part of this accessory.

Personalized Head Covers

Another fun, useful gift to show the personality of the golfer in your life, made to fit any club or putter in the golf bag, is a personalized headcover. They are useful to protect the golf clubs from wear as they collide with each other in the golf bag and can also accent the style of any golfer out on the course. Whether the loved one in your life wants Wonder Woman topping the driver, or The Hulk covering the fairway wood, or a flock of French Hens perched on the wedges, a unique headcover, or headcovers, are great for stocking stuffers.

Golf EZ Tri-Line Golf Ball Alignment Kit

Calling birds out feet away from the hole requires confidence and trust in the line of a putt. Drawing lines on a golf ball using tri-line tools can significantly increase the ability to start the golf ball on target, ultimately causing more sunk putts. Inspired by aircraft carrier landing lines and using science-based principles discerning the best way the human eye lines up putts, this unique training aid is legal under the rules of golf to be used during any round. Whether using this tool to draw lines on any golf ball, using Callaway golf balls preset with these lines on them, or either in conjunction with an Odyssey Triple Track Putter, it will encourage the golfer in your life to overcome a significant cause of poor putting, bad alignment.

Voice Caddie VC200 Voice Golf GPS Rangefinder

Landing iron shots into five-foot, golden rings around the hole takes a reliable swing and knowing the right distance to the target. Voice-activated range finders will allow them to get specific distances to the green and hole giving them the information they need to hit the ball close to the target. Attaching to a belt, golf hat, or visor, these incredibly useful tools are convenient to use and are especially good for golfers who walk the golf course and have no access to GPS distance devices available on golf carts.

Flightscope Mevo Portable Launch Monitor

Part of hitting golf balls on target and not laying up is having a repeatable golf swing that concentrates power at impact and can rely on specific club distances. Now more than ever golfers can get easy access to critical data about their golf swing and performance on any golf range. Gone are the days of needing range hole distances or guessing how far you're hitting the ball. One of the ultimate stocking stuffers for the golfer who wants to know more detail about each swing.

Footjoy RainGrip Golf Gloves

When it is pouring out and wet, slick grips can cause clubface rotation, mishits, and golf balls swimming in the lakes, help your favorite golfer secure a good grip on the club with these Rain Gloves. These gloves get tackier when wet giving any player better control, confidence, and playing well even when the elements are more challenging. Whether the golfer in your life regularly plays in rainy conditions or plans to on a golf trip, using these gloves will give them a tremendous advantage.

Frogg Toggs Chilly Mini Cooling Towel

Once soaked with water, cooling towels prevent the summer heat from milking a golfer’s energy and keeps them cooler longer, giving the golfer in your life relief from the sun's rays. Fitting conveniently in the golf bag or stocking, this simple gift will keep your golf champion cool under pressure.

Callaway Chip Stick

Keep your favorite man’s golf ball, or ladies dancing next to the pin with improved chipping ability and control of the golf ball's trajectory with this Callaway Chip Stick. Attaching to any club or wedge and giving feedback when the golfer has improperly unhinged their wrists through impact, this reputable training aid will teach anyone how to hold the wrists in the follow-through and knock wedge shots close to the hole.

Frogger BrushPro Golf Brush

Preventing the golf ball from leaping off the green and getting it to spin to a stop on approach shots means playing irons and wedges that have visible grooves. Cleaning them after every shot is important to keep the wedges performing as they should. Give the gift of clean grooves with this handy Groove Brush that can extend from the golf bag for convenient use. They will never have dirty clubs as an excuse for poor wedge play again.

A Dozen Golf Balls

Piping golf balls down the center of the fairway from the tee is much easier with the right golf ball. If you are aware of the type of golf ball the golfer in your life plays, fantastic. If not, here are a few basic ideas depending on the player.

Women Golfers: Volvik Vivid Golf Balls

The lower spin and harder cores of the Volvik Vivid Golf Balls get longer distances and come in vivid colors to increase visibility in flight and minimize glare on the ground. Available in a large variety of color options these golf balls both play well and look nice out on the course.

Accomplished Players: Titleist ProVs or Taylor Made TP5s

Higher spinning golf balls that require accurate ball striking to get good use from the superior performance. Perfect for the better golfer and both golf balls are used by a large majority of low handicap golfers.

Higher Handicap Players: Srixon Q-Star Golf Balls

With a moderate spin and without too high of a price, these golf balls offer a mix of control of ball flight and distance to be helpful to the newer or slower swinging golfer.

Juniors Golfers: Callaway Supersoft Magna

Though still legal under the USGA Rules of Golf, the Magna golf ball has a larger size and lower center of gravity to get higher launch and deeper distance from slower swing speeds with less power.

Puma Soundchuck Mini Speakers

Give the golfer drumming to their own beat the gift of portable and loud music. Not even the fairways will be safe from their favorite jam. These Bluetooth speakers attach to any cart or bag and will at the very least improve the soundtrack of their golf round.

Beyond having a good swing, playing golf well means looking good, feeling good, and having the right tools. For golfers, the course is the stage, and having everything in order from the golf bag to the proper golf shoes, golf shirts, comfortable socks, and every detail in between is paramount to success. Knowing a few key aspects of your golfer and what is in their bag is important. What size gloves do they wear? Does their home course give away free tees and other amenities? What golf ball do they play? What is their favorite club brand? Do they like using technology to help their game?

These are just a few questions that when answered will give you many fun options that they will cherish as a part of their daily golf routine. If unsure about these answers give my ideas a try or grab them a useful gift card and let me or one of my fellow Golf Experts here on Curated help them find the ideal item for their golf game. Fortunately, this is not a memory and forfeit game, this list will always be right here if you need it!


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