10 Camping & Hiking Gifts for Mom

Published on 04/29/2021 · 7 min readLooking for the perfect gift for the outdoorsy mom in your life? Camping and hiking expert Dani F. has some suggestions.
Dani F., Camping Expert
By Camping Expert Dani F.

It can be hard to find the perfect gift for the mom in your life. If she’s your own mother, it’s hard to find the perfect gift for someone who has spent their life raising you. If she’s the mother of your children, what can you give her that shows her how much you appreciate her?

Well, shopping for a mom who loves the outdoors doesn’t have to be hard. What moms want most are convenient tools to make simple pleasures more accessible. If you’re stuck on what those tools could be, just use this guide to find that perfect addition to Mom’s pack to make her adventures even better.

1. Coffee Maker

Photo by Philipp Lublasser

Let’s be honest—moms run on coffee, on trail and off. A coffee maker made for the backcountry is perfect for keeping a hot, caffeinated cup always within her reach. A lightweight, easy to pack, clean, and transport system is ideal for a cup on the go. As a mom myself, I can’t tell you how important it is for me to be able to make my preferred drink, since I’m usually carrying beverages for the kids as well. It’s a small thing that brings a ton of joy.

Expert Pick

With the GSI Outdoors Java Drip Coffee Maker, Mom can get 50 piping hot ounces of her favorite brew, right into a carafe she can drink from. Quick, convenient, and sure to please, you can’t go wrong with this gift.

2. Water Filter

There are few things more important than hydration, and safe-to-drink water should be accessible to everyone in the backcountry. Whether it’s for straight drinking or for cooking use, clean water should always be easy to filter. And nothing ruins a trip quite like giardia.

Expert Pick

Upgrade Mom’s water quality with a new, easy-to-use water filter. If she likes her squeeze filter, she will LOVE a fast flow rate pump like the Katadyn Hiker Filter Pur. In just 48 strokes/min it can fill an entire 1L bottle with fresh, clean water, which is beyond impressive for a microfilter. Plus, it filters out both bacteria and protozoans. It’s one of the best lightweight, easy to use filters loved by backpackers, thru-hikers, or any kind of backcountry adventurer!

3. A Great Mug

Photo by Peter Secan

Once she’s made her coffee, she’ll want to enjoy it hot. Plus, if she is hiking or camping in cold weather, her hot drink risks losing heat that much faster. Even if she can’t get to it right away, ensure that it’ll be just as fresh when she finally gets the chance.

Expert Pick

Hydroflask mugs are fantastic for keeping beverages hot long after they’re made, and for moms who rarely enjoy the luxury of a hot cup of tea or coffee, this is a big deal. The double steel walls with a vacuum between prevent heat transfer, keeping her hands safe from burns, too. Check out the 12oz mug—available in four colors!

4. Waterproof Socks

Wet feet can put a damper on even the best day, so help keep hers dry in rain or through water crossings with a pair of waterproof socks. That way she can focus on the trail, rather than worry about blisters.

Expert Pick

Waterproof, windproof, but still breathable, Sealskinz socks are the top choice. With their special stretchdry technology, she’ll have warm, dry feet every step of the way. They are made to retain warmth even while crossing ice cold streams or snow melt. They are an excellent all-season choice.

5. Headlamp

Photo by Vincent Guth

A solid light source, even if she isn’t planning on being out in the dark, is essential for a safe trip. Plus, if she wants to catch a sunrise or sunset, she’ll need high-quality lighting to get herself there or back with full visibility no matter the hour.

Expert Pick

The Black Diamond Storm is an award-winning pick. Providing 400-lumen brightness, equivalent to a standard 40 watt lightbulb, with green, blue, red, and full-spectrum lighting options, this headlamp is about as good as they get. Just tap to change lumens! Plus, it’s waterproof, rubber-cased to protect from cracks, and has locking abilities, so it won’t accidentally turn on in your pack or pocket.

6. Trekking Poles Built for Her

Women’s-specific designed poles, made for all seasons with extra comfort built into the hand grips are sure to help Mom reach her goals. Plus, a set that folds up for easy stowing can help keep her pack light and compact.

Expert Pick

These Black Diamond Z Poles are built to last for any of Mom’s adventures. Combining quick setup with adjustability, these poles deploy with just a wrist flick to provide secure support in an instant. Lightweight aluminum shafts are durable and trustworthy, along with foam grips that contour to her grip to keep her moving longer.

7. Sleeping Pad

A women’s-specific sleeping pad, made to fit to her body and keep her warm and comfortable all night long is the perfect gift. Better sleep, better hiking.

Expert Pick

Help her catch some z’s with this Sea to Summit self-inflating pad. With an R value 5.1, this will be ideal for car camping or overlanding adventures in cold temperatures. Plus, the self inflating technology lets mom sit back and relax while the pad does the work on its own.

8. Inflatable Pillow

A bit of added luxury for barely any added weight, an inflatable backpacking pillow is perfect for some extra help getting a full night of quality rest. Personally, I think a pillow is an essential even though many omit it. It’s worth the comfort to add to the packing list.

Expert Pick

This 1.6 ounce Exped pillow is a great choice for packable neck support. It packs down small and inflates with just a few breaths. She’ll be happy to wake up feeling refreshed without any discomfort.

9. Hammock

Photo by Zach Betten

When mom isn’t hiking, she should be relaxing and enjoying wherever she is. A lightweight hammock is an excellent addition to any camping trip, giving her an extra space to take a nap, read, or just hang out and enjoy the day... or night! With the right hammock, she can even sleep swaying between the trees.

Expert Pick

Packable enough for backpacking, but durable enough for longer term camping, this Grand Trunk hammock is just a few clips away from easy lounging. It’s lightweight at just 11 ounces, and made from special Trunktech fabric, which makes it softer and stronger than other hammocks, plus it is quick-drying. Straps are sold separately.

10. Navigation Device

Even the most seasoned hiker can lose the trail, get turned around, or need to send a message in an emergency. Always be in reach for Mom with a navigation and communication device that can work without a cell phone signal.

Expert Pick

The Garmin inReach+ is one of the most-recommended satellite message and SOS signaling devices on the market. Used by day hikers and backpackers alike, this navigation device provides a priceless sense of security. Two-way messaging capabilities, bluetooth connectivity, and up to 100 hours in 10 minute tracking mode or up to 30 days in power-save mode. Mom can even set up a social link for family and friends to track her on, keeping her on your radar no matter how far off the grid she wanders.

We also offer the option of a Curated gift card which can be used towards making an outdoor equipment purchase with free expert help finding the right gear for your mother's needs.

Now that you know what to give that special mom in your life, all you have to worry about is choosing wrapping paper. Remember, when shopping for Mom, it is all about practical luxuries. Warmth, comfort, and a little something to make her life easier and she will be thrilled. So whether it’s her birthday, Mother’s Day, a holiday, or other occasion, any adventurous mom will appreciate any one of these thoughtful gifts.

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