The Most Exciting New Gear from Daiwa for 2022

Fishing Expert Kevin Frost deep dives into the new, game-changing reels from Daiwa in 2022.

Three fishing reels from Daiwa all in a row.

As the largest manufacturer of fishing products in the world, Daiwa showed off some exciting new products at ICAST 2022 that are sure to pique the interest of many anglers. Daiwa had many new rods and reels on display at the show, and I wanted to give our customers a sneak peek at three new reels that I found most exciting.

Exist 2022

The Exist 2022 Reel.

The Exist has been the premier spinning reel model for Daiwa for many years, and this year, they have redesigned and upgraded the internals to create a stunning look that is packed with technology. This is an absolute must-have for freshwater and inshore anglers looking for top-of-the-line quality and performance.

Most people first notice that this reel is a total eyecatcher with its complete chrome body. But beyond being gorgeous, this reel has a ton of awesome features packed under the hood. MAGSEALED with Daiwa's magnetic oil keeps water out of the reel internals and will keep the reel lasting for years to come. It also utilizes Daiwa's air drive system and monocoque (MQ) design using a redesigned rotor made entirely out of Zaion and reduces the rotor weight by 16%. The Exist also has a new drag system, which improves initial drag response to lower the peak drag on a hook setting. Such an action is especially important when fishing light tackle. These reels come in 2000 to 5000 sizes and are insanely light. My favorite sizes are the 2500 and 3000, which are great for all-around light tackle applications, weighing 5.6 and 6.2 ounces, respectively.

Free Swimmer 2022

The Free Swimmer 2022 Reel.

The Free Swimmer is an entirely new reel offering from Daiwa made for live bait anglers wanting to pull in giant fish. Whether you are inshore looking for bull reds or on a river waiting on a massive catfish, this is the reel for soaking baits.

This reel offers a unique “Bite & Run” drag system, which, when engaged, significantly lowers the drag. Such a mechanism allows bait fish to swim freely (hence, the name) and also allows target fish to eat your bait and not realize they are being hooked. This can significantly increase your hook-up ratio when using live bait and even cut bait.

Coastal 70 2022

The Coastal 70 2022 Reel.

The Coastal 70 is Daiwa's new compact inshore baitcasting reel. This reel was designed for inshore wade fishermen who like to throw small jigs and jerkbaits for inshore game fish. Built with the same design concepts as the Coastal SV, this all-aluminum reel body has corrosion-resistant ball bearings that withstand harsh saltwater environments. The small design of the Coastal 70 is easily packable and palms incredibly well. It also features an extremely lightweight spool, which will allow diminutive presentations to launch at ease.

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