Expert Review: 2023 Burton Daily Driver [with Video]

Snowboard Expert Spencer Storck tested the 2023 Burton Daily Driver snowboard at Powder Mountain in Utah.

Curated Snowboard Expert Spencer Storck jumping with the 2023 Burton Daily Driver snowboard
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Snowboard Expert Spencer Stork tested out the 2023 Burton Daily Driver at Powder Mountain, Utah. Check out how it performed, but don’t forget, every rider is unique. If you have any questions on the Daily Driver or would like recommendations on what board would be ideal for your needs, reach out to a Snowboard Expert here on Curated. Before we get started, it's worth noting that Curated Experts are not sponsored or affiliated with any company or brand. We are here to give you a totally unbiased review.

What does the brand claim about this board?

Burton claims this to be an all-mountain directional board with 3D shaping and camber. The Daily Driver is for intermediate and above experienced riders who want a versatile board that can carve and surf through all types of terrain and conditions.

What is your overall impression of the board? It is all-mountain friendly with their sweet 3D shaping in the nose and tail. That shaping helps you float in powder, make your turn initiations really fast and keeps you catch-free with smooth edge transitions. It’s an all-around great all-mountain board from Burton. My first impression was that it carves really hard. It transitions super-fast from edge to edge with great edge hold with no stability issues at high speeds. I would definitely categorize this as an all-mountain board. It’s not a powder-specific board, you could definitely ride it in the powder with no issues. If you are looking to ride mostly in powder, I would look at some specific powder options. If you’re a rider looking for a great all-mountain board that can handle a little bit of powder and a little bit of everything in between, the Burton Daily Driver is one of those boards without a doubt.

How is the speed and stability? With its full camber directional design, it felt amazing to carve on. It actually powered out into the next carve, it was great! The turn initiation was really nice, it held an edge really well at high speeds and was very stable.

How playful is it to ride? With the flex being more mid to mid-stiff, I would categorize this as not being a playful board, but with the 3D shaping, it was pretty easy to get around on the nose and tail. Compared to other all-mountain boards that have a similar flex and full camber, this board was a lot of fun to ride. If you're looking for something to jib around the whole mountain, I would probably look for something that is a little softer and more playful.

How is it to ride switch? I had no issue riding switch on the Daily Driver. It is a directional board, but you can totally get around backwards on this thing making plenty of turns and still whip it back 180. I would feel fine throwing a 180 or a 540 on this and land it with no issues. With that camber profile, it had plenty of landing gear, tons of pop, making it a great board for jumps.

Is this a beginner, intermediate, advanced board? I would recommend this to a more aggressive intermediate to expert rider, because it is a full camber directional board and it is very edgy. If you're looking more for a cruiser board, I would consider another option as the Daily Driver is definitely a hard carver.

What terrain is it good for? What terrain is it not good for? As an all-mountain board I would categorize it more towards that groomer, more freeride focused rider on the mountain, compared to something that is more freestyle oriented. It wouldn't be a go to board for riding through the park, there are better park boards. If you only needed one board and only dabbled in the park here and there, I would have no issues getting into the park on this board. If you're looking for something strictly for park riding, I would recommend looking at something else. I could see this doing really well in powder. We didn't get it into the best of conditions today, we did have a couple of inches of new snow and some of it softened up and got slushy throughout the day. It definitely handled the choppy, cruddy snow that we had in the trees and it plowed right through that stuff.

Is there anything that you haven't mentioned about this board that you want to talk about? One more thing that I want to touch base on is Burton's channel system for bindings. This does have the channel mounting system that Burton specifically uses on its boards and you will need to make sure that your bindings are compatible with the channel. Most newer bindings from other brands are compatible and come with the mounting hardware. If you’re riding on older bindings and need an upgrade, don’t forget to hit us up and we'll make sure that you get the right gear.

Snowboards work differently for different riders and in different conditions. If you need help finding the right board for your type of riding, reach out to chat with Spencer or another Snowboard Expert here on Curated. We will be sure to get you set up with the right gear that fits you.

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