The Most Exciting New Gear from 13 Fishing for 2022

Fishing Expert Kevin Frost details four awesome new pieces of gear for the 2022 season from 13 Fishing that will have you excited to get on the water!

Four pieces of gear from 13 Fishing. On top is the Meta Rod, on bottom are three reels. From left to right theres the AXUM Reel, the G2 Reel, and the AL13 Reel.

13 Fishing has come onto the fishing scene faster and harder than any other gear manufacturer in recent years. They have been known for pushing the boundaries on reel, lure, and rod technologies since their inception. At ICAST 2022, 13 Fishing had some excellent new products they are bringing to market, and I wanted to give a glimpse into some of the ones I found most exciting.

Gerald Swindle Inception G2 Reels and META Rods

The 13 Fishing Inception G2 reels on display at ICAST 2022.

The 13 Fishing Inception G2 reels on display at ICAST 2022. Photo by Kevin Frost

Gerald Swindle, aka The G Man, has been a pro angler for over two decades, and his career includes two Bassmaster Angler of the Year awards as well as 19 Bassmaster Classic appearances. In the past couple of years, Gerald Swindle signed with 13 Fishing to use their rods and reels exclusively. Since signing, Gerald has been personally involved with designing the Inception G2 reels and META Rods that are high quality at an attainable value. These are exactly what The G Man will be using in tournaments.

The Inception G2 reels were designed for casting all day and lasting in tough tournament conditions. These reels come in three different speeds, including 5.6:1, 6.6:1, and 7.3:1. The 5.3:1 is made for cranking and has a slightly larger handle to increase torque while cranking in moving baits. All three of these reels have a drag clicker, which is new for 13 Fishing baitcasting reels, and brass gears for extra torque.

The 13 Fishing 2022 META rod.

The 13 Fishing 2022 META rod

Gerald has been said to have one of the hardest hook sets in fishing, and the META rod was made to hammer fish all day long. Gerald designed this with the customer in mind, wanting to build a tournament-ready rod that was affordable. These rods include Japanese PVG36T technology, a premium split grip EVA handle, a custom reel seat, stainless steel guides, and a five-year warranty.


The 13 Fishing AXUM Reel.

The AXUM is 13 Fishing's latest saltwater-ready reel that is all about greater action. This reel features their Ultimate Cut Drive gear with Hyper Brass Pinion for high execution, and Precision CNC cut gearing lets this reel glide with ease when turning the handle. This reel has a sealed rotor, ceramic line roller, and 100 percent corrosion-proof CZB bearings for upgraded performance. This reel is perfect for inshore anglers who also like to do bass fishing!

AL13 Reel

The AL13 Reel from 13 Fishing.

The AL13 was built to be a TANK. This reel is constructed entirely out of aluminum and doubly designed to withstand any conditions thrown at it. The AL13 is incredibly tough, built with a sealed aluminum gearbox and ceramic line roller. To top it off, this reel has an insane amount of drag using the new Coolstop drag system, with the 6.0 size boasting up to 44lbs of drag! The AL13 is perfect for saltwater anglers that need a very strong reel. You better hold on tight when a monster starts pulling on it!

Ultimately, 13 Fishing has some excellent new products coming out very soon, and I am sure anglers all over are ready to get their hands on some. If you know exactly what you want, or want some guidance to find the perfect setup for you, feel free to come and chat with a Fishing Expert that will hook you up here on Curated. Tight lines!

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