Expert Review: 2023 Burton Custom [with Video]

Published on 07/27/2023 · 4 min readSnowboard Expert Mike Leighton tested the 2023 Burton Custom snowboard on carving, freestyle, and freeride at Powder Mountain in Utah.
Mike Leighton, Snowboarding Expert
By Snowboarding Expert Mike Leighton

Curated Snowboard Expert Mike Leighton got his hands on the 2023-2024 Burton Custom Camber this spring and put it to the test at Powder Mountain in Utah. Check out how it performed in the carving, freestyle, and freeride categories, but consider the fact that each and every rider is different; if you have any questions about the 2023 Burton Custom or need recommendations on which board would be best for you, reach out to a Snowboard Expert here on Curated.

Before we get started, it's worth noting that Curated Experts are not sponsored by any brands. All of these reviews are completely unbiased.


How does it turn? Camber and carving go hand in hand. This board lays really solid, clean edges. It's pretty quick edge to edge too. It does have some carbon reinforcements and some wood inlays that really help you hold that edge. It's nimble, turn to turn, but once you get it up high on edge, this thing just wants to hold and see how long your legs can hold on. Carving this board, switch or regular, it is at home on edge.

How about edge hold? There's a reason you saw this board in the most recent Olympics. There were multiple riders riding this in everything from slope style to half pipe, and if you know anything about half pipe riders, they know how to use their edges.

Is it stable? It's super stable. It's moves a little bit, but once you're locked in, it's locked in.

What about dampness? Any chatter in the board? There's not a lot of underfoot chatter. It's predictable. That's probably one of the biggest and best characteristics of the Custom, it's predictable. You know what it's going to do in every type of condition, you can trust it. This is just your trusty steed here, day in, day out.


Could you speak about playfulness and pop? It's playful. It has a little bit more of a locked in feel, so you're not going to get a lot of that really buttery, spin around like a top, but in terms of performance, if you want to ride this in the half pipe, or ride in the jump line, hit rails on it, you can do it all. The Burton Custom is a staple in the freestyle world. If you spend enough time in the training park, you're going to see a Custom.

What about riding switch? So it is a directional twin. That means anytime you see that twin shape name, people call it different things. So it's not a true twin. So it is a directional twin. It's designed to be ridden with a slight setback. That said, with the Burton channel system, you can do whatever you want with your stance. You’ll feel comfortable rolling into a jump or rail, switch, regular, whatever direction.


What kind of terrain would it perform well on? The Custom is at home all over the mountain. It is designed to have a slightly longer nose than tail. So when the snow gets soft, it's going to float. It still has all that control of that Camber profile. And it's a twin shape. So switch to regular, soft snow, hard snow, the Custom's at home.


Who would you recommend this board to? The Custom Camber, anyone intermediate through pro-level rider is at home on this board. If you want a board that's going to be comfortable in all conditions, whether it's icy, whether there's no soft, the Custom Camber is awesome.

Who should avoid this board, there are better options for them out there? I wouldn't recommend the Camber version for a true beginner. Camber does take a little bit more awareness of your edges. It can feel twitchy or catchy, which nobody wants a board to feel catchy, for those lower level riders. That said, Burton does offer a Flying V version, which has a bit more rocker in it. So it has rocker in the tip and the tail and in between the feet. If you're a beginner looking for your first board or a lower level intermediate, or you're kind of looking for a more cruisy board, I would look at the Flying V version of this one.

If you need help finding your next board, chat with Mike or another Snowboard Expert here on Curated, and they’ll help you get set up with the right board for you. Note that the 2024 version of the Burton Custom is linked below - same tech, just different graphic:

Mike Leighton, Snowboarding Expert
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