The Most Exciting New Gear from Pure Fishing for 2022

Fishing Expert Kevin Frost recently attended ICAST, the world's largest sportfishing show. Below he walks us through three exciting new products from Pure Fishing!

From left to right, the Dura Spiderwire Braid, the Berkley Slobberknocker, and the Revo Reel from Pure Fishing.

Pure Fishing is one of the most well-known names in fishing. At ICAST 2022, the company showcased some eye-catching new products across each of its brands; so I wanted to let readers know what will soon be available on Curated.

Revo Relaunch

Two photos of the Revo Relaunch Reel by Pure Fishing

Photos by Kevin Frost

The name Revo has been associated with Abu Garcia and their reels for years. This year, they have completely redesigned all of their Revo spinning and baitcasting reels. Each of the new Revo low-profile baitcasters features an asymmetrical design that is optimized for comfortability while being palmed.

In turn, the new Revo Rocket is a high-speed spinning reel able to pull up to 47in of line per crank. Each of these new spinning reels has also incorporated the one-piece body—helping to reduce form factor and weight—which was only previously seen on Revo’s Zenon spinning reel.

SpiderWire Dura Braid

The SpiderWire Dura Braid.

SpiderWire has long been well-known for producing quality braided fishing line. This year, they introduced a new line that is sure to catch the eye of many anglers.

DuraBraid is SpiderWire’s newest and lightest braid per pound test; it’s also 25% tougher than conventional braids. This results in stronger knots, more shock absorbency, and an overall tougher line. This braid is made for anglers that like to fish around rocks, jetties, bridges, docks, and heavy vegetation. However difficult your conditions may be, DuraBraid will not fail.

Berkley Slobberknocker

The Berkley Slobberknocker.

Bladed jigs have been making a lot of noise in the bass world over the past few years. Many tournaments, including the Bassmaster Classic, have been won using this lure. Now Berkley is making its own version.

Compared to other bladed jigs on the market, the Berkley Slobberknocker features an innovative through-head design that is completely unique. Through hours spent testing on and off the water, Berkley Labs scientists fine-tuned this unique design; it not only delivers a consistent vibration, but it’s also perfectly suited to move through heavy cover while staying engaged.

The Slobberknocker also features a signature, hand-tied, Berkley silicone skirt. Infused with PowerBait flavor, this design ensures that each fish that bites will hold on longer. Plus, the lure possesses a chip-resistant paint finish as well as the sticky, sharp Fusion19 hook.

And to match the hatch, there are 12 premium forage-matching colorways to choose from. This grand combination makes the new Berkley Slobberknocker the ultimate solution for fishing bladed jigs. Knowing the quality of baits Berkley has been producing for decades, this will be a must-have in every bass angler’s tackle box.

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Per usual, Pure Fishing is releasing many exciting new products this year, and the few mentioned above are only a taste. If you’d like to find out more about the new releases from Pure Fishing brands like Berkley and Abu Garcia, and maybe get your hands on them, reach out to a Curated Fishing Expert like me. We will happily help you find the perfect gear for your needs. We look forward to chatting with you!

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