The Best Gifts for Skiers (Or Anyone Who Loves the Snow)

Published on 07/25/2023 · 10 min readIt's time to start holiday shopping! Check out this comprehensive list of everything you might need for the skier, snowboarder, or snow enthusiast in your life.
Savannah J, Ski Expert
By Ski Expert Savannah J

So, you love someone who loves the snow. Maybe they’re a winter sports enthusiast, or maybe they’re just a snow bunny—either way, you will find something for them in this gift guide! And if for some crazy reason, you don't, Curated has an elf (aka a Winter Sports Expert) waiting for you to ask for their expert gear advice.

Skiing is a pretty spendy sport because of all the gear it takes just to be comfortable in extreme weather. So if you can, help a skier out! Gifts for skiers don’t have to break the bank—there are plenty of budget-friendly items any snowy weather sender will be thrilled to unwrap.

White Elephant Gift: Under $35

Budget gifts don’t have to feel cheap. Here are some practical gifts any snow sports lover will be psyched to receive.

  • Coal Uniform Beanie: A hat is always a good gift, nobody can ever have too many beanies!
  • Coal Men's North Hat: But if they do have too many beanies, here’s a hat.
  • Hand Warmers: For when they’re too far away to hold their hands, or if you’re too busy shredding it up beside them! Hand warmers go right inside your glove or mitten over your palm. These are great and affordable and may keep your hands warm on the hill. I always get a big pack from Amazon at the beginning of the season so I always have them on hand. They also make rechargeable hand warmers if you are looking to take them to the next level.
  • Socks: Or you could get them the most underrated gift; socks. Some of my favorite ski socks are from Smartwool. They are high quality, warm, and made from real merino wool.
  • CatTracks: Tried slipping when walking in your ski boots? CatTacks are rubber pads designed to add traction to the bottom of your boots. They also protect your boot soles from getting worn down.
  • Lip Balm: Who doesn't need some extra lip balm for those dry winter days? Everyone will appreciate some quality lip balm with SPF to keep their lips from getting dry and burnt.

Decorative Gifts

Decorative Ski Lift Glasses from Etsy

  • Trail Map Prints: Looking for some decor for a friend's ski cabin? Get them a custom trail map print of their favorite resort!
  • Decorative Glasses: Esty has some great decorative skier-related gifts. Check out these great cocktail glasses with skier imprints.

Sustenance Gifts

Gift ideas that will keep their hot cocoa hot and their bellies full! You can only eat so much lodge food, or maybe you want to save your leftovers. Either way, food storage is important, and now more than ever, it's stylish.

  • Hydro Flask Thermos: The perfect choice for someone who loves warm, home-cooked meals. This thermos will keep their oatmeal or soup warm for around four hours!
  • Yeti Rambler: Who doesn't drink coffee or tea on their way up to the mountain? This is the perfect present for anyone who encounters cold weather.
  • Stasher Reusable Snack Bag: This one might seem random, but anyone who cares about producing less waste will love this one. A snack bag is a great gift for your friend who over-uses their single-use sandwich bags until they disintegrate. Or for anyone who wants their snacks to look cute!
  • Hydration Packs: A great ski gift is a Hydro backpack! Sometimes it's hard to remember to drink water when it's so cold out, but this backpack will make it easy to take a sip on the ski lift.

Comfort Gifts

Perfect gifts for someone who’s always cold, chasing powder, or simply putting themselves out in the elements!

  • Base Layers: Okay, socks aren't the most underrated gift—underwear is! And everybody needs a good base layer or two! Extreme weather conditions call for extreme underwear. Keep in mind, there are many different types of base layers made from different fabrics designed for different types of adventures.
  • Snow Boots: Nobody wears their ski boots at home... well I hope not. So get them some snow boots to slip into in the parking lot or on the ski bus! (Check out these for Men and Women)
  • Mittens: Don't get ski gloves—mittens are where it's at!
  • Glove Liners: Don't forget these!
  • Electric Boot Warmers: This is a super technical item for your techie friend who doesn't mind wiring up their boots to keep their feet toasty! Electric boot heaters can be pricy, but a great gift for a close loved one.
  • Heated Socks: Heated socks are another great alternative to electric boot heaters for those cold days on the hill. Heated socks are great because you can keep them on for all your Après-ski adventures.
  • Ski Jacket or Ski Pants: Proper jackets and snow pants are the keys to staying warm, dry, and happy on the hill. Whether water resistance, insulation, or style is the most important thing for your loved one, there's a jacket for them! If they will be skiing on the West Coast, look for something waterproof to keep moisture out. If they're in the Midwest or East, insulation is probably the most important part of a jacket. But wherever they will be skiing, keep track of style! (Check out these for Men and Women)

Gear Gifts

Ski gear is a tricky one to surprise someone with, but here are a couple of safe, unique gifts, that will surely knock their socks off.

  • Tuning Kit: As you may know, getting your skis tuned at the shop can get pricy. Investing in some tuning equipment is a great idea for serious skiers looking to save some money. A full tuning kit will typically include some files for edge sharpening, wax, an iron, a brush, and a scraper. See this great, affordable Dakine tuning kit sold at REI.
  • Ski Poles: Ski poles are a great option for a gift because they aren't too big of an investment, but they are a great accessory! All you need to know is how tall the person is to get the right size.
  • Ski Helmet: Though you will need to know generally how big their head is, that’s an easy thing to guess, and most helmets are somewhat adjustable.
  • Ski Goggles or Sunglasses: Goggles are an easy way to elevate someone's style, and they are so important for seeing on the slopes. Different colored goggle lenses are actually for different weather! Choose orange or pink for places that get a mix of clouds and sun, blue or black for sunny days, and clear if it's going to be dark (night skiing) or super cloudy bad weather. It's so much better to ski when you can see!
  • Ski / Snowboard Roof Rack: Skis and boards take up a lot of space inside cars, and they’re always dripping all over the place when the pow starts melting in the steamy car. A roof rack ](undefined)[is not only practical, but it makes any car look like a sport utility vehicle.
  • Skis: Hands down, the best gift idea for a skier is a pair of skis. If you're buying skis for someone else, use Curated. Our experts can give you advice on which skis will be best for your lucky loved one. You will steal the show Christmas morning with this one.
  • Action Camera: You can never go wrong action camera such as a GoPro. This will help capture those unforgettable memories on the hill.
  • Boot Dryer: A boot dryer is a great device to have to ensure your boots dry overnight! They make super small transportable dryers which are perfect for traveling with on a ski trip.

For gear gifts like boots, it might be best to go to give them the money to go pick out their own because both ski and snowboard boot fit are very personal.

Backcountry Trekking Gifts

Backcountry skiing is gaining popularity, especially with ski resorts becoming so crowded. There are a few things that will help somebody get going with their backcountry dreams by helping them stay safe and giving them a place to keep their gear!

  • Avalanche Safety Kit: A typical avalanche safety kit will include a beacon, shovel, and probe. These are the most important and common pieces of backcountry safety gear. Keep in mind, beacons get expensive, upwards of $300.
  • Avalanche Float Pack: For a skier looking to take their backcountry adventures to the next level, a floating backpack is a great thing to have. These bags have an airbag inside of them which can be inflated by the pull of a cord. These are designed to help a skier or rider stay on the surface of the snow if buried in an avalanche.
  • Avalanche Safety Course: Avalanche courses are super helpful for someone who wants to get into the backcountry. It's a big confidence boost, and if you buy a course for someone, you can rest assured that when you tell them to be safe, they’ll know how to do that. There are courses all over the country, and even some online ones this season. If your loved one is going to go out, make sure they do it right.
  • Smart Watch: A smartwatch like a Garmin is a great gift for a true adventure enthusiast. Garmin uses GPS navigation technology in their watches which is great for someone going on backcountry adventures. These watches also track heart rate, mileage, elevation gain, and more.

Kids Gifts

Start them out young! Mini ski bunnies are way too cute. Get them some fun kid gear to start off their ski careers right.

  • Mittens: Hands are the best form of communication on the mountain, so let them indicate to go faster through some cool mittens.
  • Pants: Fancy pants are a term for a reason! Plus, if they only fit into them for one season, they might as well be specific to their taste right now.
  • Boots: Their boots should be as cool as they are.

Dog Gifts

Don't forget a Christmas gift for the ski town dogs! They’re part of the family too.

  • Dog Jacket: Some dogs lack the proper fur to stay warm in the snow, but don’t let that hold them back from joining in the fun. Some of these will have a pocket or a pouch which is always a plus!
  • Dog Beacon: This safety light will help keep track of furry pals as they frolic in the snow. It can provide much-needed visibility in those darker winter months!
  • Dog Shoes: Dog paws are pretty tough, but if your pup is doing too much playing in the snow, they can get cold and chapped. To protect their paws from getting chapped or frostbitten, give them some shoes. Plus it’s super funny to watch dogs get used to things on their paws…Christmas entertainment delivered.
  • Helinox Reversible Dog Cot with Fleece: All that playing in the snow will have them tired, so bring along a fluffy bed that you can toss onto the snow and make your pup as cozy as they would be at home, but better, because they’re with you.
  • Dog Toy: Durable toys are a must in the snow. Since all the sticks are covered up with snow, you’ll have to bring something to chase them! This one is super fun because of the rope so you can fling it, then tug a war when they bring it back!

Whoever the skier is who you are giving a gift to, they will love something on this list. But if for some reason you’re still lost, don’t fret! Reach out to me or one of my fellow Ski experts here on Curated. We're happy to help you out with free advice and recommendations. We also offer the option of a Curated gift card which can be used towards making a winter sports purchase with free expert help finding the right gear for your skier's needs.

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