The Best Fishing Gear from ICAST 2022

Curious about 2022's top-rated reels, rods, and tackle? Check out the ultimate ICAST breakdown here.

Curated Experts with a professional fisherman at ICAST 2022.

Photo courtesy of Kevin Frost

Over July 19 - 22, the American Sportfishing Association held the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades, or—as it's commonly known—ICAST. At this convention, all of the biggest and best brands in fishing share their new gear, industry experts demo the products, and exhibitors compete to win "Best in Show." It's basically the dream for those of us who love to fish!

For the second year, Curated Experts were able to attend and learn more about this season's top-rated products. Read on for their firsthand recaps of the new gear from major brands—13 Fishing, Daiwa, Pure Fishing, Shimano, and St. Croix.

The Most Exciting New Gear from 13 Fishing for 2022

Four pieces of gear from 13 Fishing. On top is the Meta Rod and on the bottom are three reels. From left to right there's the AXUM Reel, the G2 Reel, and the AL13 Reel.
Three of Daiwa's new reels in a row—Exist 2022, Free Swimmer 2022, and Coastal 70 2022.

Check out Kevin Frost's article on Daiwa's new gear to learn if these reels are right for you!

The Most Exciting New Gear from Pure Fishing for 2022

From left to right, the Dura Spiderwire Braid, the Berkley Slobberknocker, and the Revo Reel from Pure Fishing.

Interested in these top-rated products? Read more about Pure Fishing's new releases here.

The Most Exciting New Gear from Shimano for 2022

Product images of the Shimano Spheros SW Combo and the Shimano Stella FK.

Fishing Expert Matthew Watts breaks down these two standout choices from Shimano here.

The Most Exciting New Gear from St. Croix for 2022

Product images of the St. Croix Rift Salt, Rift Jig, and Bass Tournament GRIP.

Find out more about these rods in Matthew Watts' guide to St. Croix's new gear.

The 2022 ICAST was a blast! We loved learning about these exciting new products from the best in the business. If you have any questions about the gear above or want to find new gear perfectly suited for you, reach out to a Fishing Expert here on Curated!

Conventional Fishing Expert Matthew W.
Matthew W.
Conventional Fishing Expert
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Kevin Frost
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