The Top 12 Best Baby Cribs

Published on 06/01/2023 · 9 min readFrom futuristic models to designs you have to see to believe, these are the best and top-rated cribs of 2022 according to Baby & Toddler Expert Ashley Spurlock.
Ashley S., Baby Expert
By Baby Expert Ashley S.

Although you might not get much sleep in the near future, your bundle of joy will be doing lots of it (sometimes up to 17 hours a day!). So picking the perfect crib is often the first place to begin when designing your little one’s nursery. It’s true what they say about the urge to nest—before I even felt those first little flutters, the maternal instinct to prepare and protect kicked in. Safety, functionality, durability, and style were all at the top of my checklist as I started shopping for my baby’s first bed.

Like any big furniture purchase, a crib is an investment. Especially since many of today’s cribs transition well beyond the infant stage, growing with your child through their toddler years and beyond. Safe sleep guidelines recommend your baby stay in your room for at least the first six months and often up to a year.

This may mean you decide to invest in a crib that transitions from mini to full size, or you may want to purchase a separate bassinet in addition to your crib. Another option is the portable crib which can be used at home or while you travel. This article will review the following categories: safety, top-rated, best small cribs, and best travel cribs.

The Safest Best Baby Cribs

When it comes to safety, look for the GREENGUARD gold certification. This means the crib has gone through rigorous testing to make sure it’s free from most chemicals and Volatile Organic Compounds (or VOCs). Solid natural wood cribs are the least toxic because they use the least amount of glue, therefore releasing fewer VOCs—making them both more durable and eco-friendly. According to both the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the best baby crib is one that is free from pillows, blankets, and crib bumpers to avoid the increased risk of suffocation and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Lastly, always go new; it’s okay to repurpose grandma’s old dining set, but vintage drop-side cribs no longer pass today’s safety standards. Check out the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association (JPMA) for the latest information on second-hand crib information.

1. Pali Spessa

Pali Spessa Crib

You can’t go wrong with this classic white sustainable wood standard crib that will fit in with any nursery decor design you can dream up. Speaking of dreams, you and your baby will rest peacefully knowing that this crib is GREENGUARD gold certified. The mid-range price won’t bust your budget, yet doesn’t sacrifice style and safety. Best yet, this crib grows with your baby with three adjustable mattress heights. It can also transition to an open-side toddler bed when the Pali gate is added and a full-size bed with additional purchased accessories.

2. Natart Leander Linea Baby Cot

Natart Leander Linea Baby Cot · Beech

Not only does this crib transition to a toddler bed, but when converted to a small sofa it will last all the way into your child’s teen years. A design made of Scandinavian dreams, this tastefully styled crib comes in natural solid oak or beech wood. For added simplicity and comfort, add the breathable Natart foam crib mattress and Leander crib sheets in off-white. At just 52” long and 25.5” wide; you can safely keep this crib in your room for the first year without taking up too much room.

Complete your nursery’s design with the Natart Linea 3-Drawer Dresser.

3. Stokke Sleepi

Stokke Sleepi Canopy. Image courtesy of Stokke

Available in a mini crib version and V3 - standard size, this oval-shaped crib may be one of the most diverse and modern designs on the market. The mini comes in at just 32.3” x 26.4” x 34.3” and can easily fit in any space. The lockable swivel wheels allow you to transfer this bed from room to room with ease. This sleek solid beech wood crib comes in three color choices and has multiple accessories, including a mini mattress with an organic cover, two sizes of mesh liner: mini and V3 - standard size, and an ethereal canopy, attached with the drape rod, to add style and function. Purchase the additional bed extension to convert to a junior bed suitable for a big kid age 3-10.

Pair this gorgeous crib with the Stokke Home Dresser which can be used as a changing table when the Stokke Home Changer with Mattress is attached.

The Top-Rated Best Baby Cribs

When it comes to the standard-size crib market, these hit all the marks—function, price point, and style. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an article on the topic of best cribs that don’t feature at least one of these classic choices. From mid-century modern to traditional designs, all of these cribs feature an array of colors so you can find a choice that fits your style and needs.

1. Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1

Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1

This best-selling crib is a hit with petite moms. At a height of 35” and four adjustable mattress settings, the Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib will allow you to lift your baby in and out of their crib with ease. At just under 5” tall myself, this was the go-to choice for my own nursery. The toddler bed conversion kit is included, or purchase the junior bed conversion kit to extend your crib into a junior-sized crib with wooden rails. Choose from nine color combinations—whether it’s traditional white or modern gray, you can’t go wrong with this highly-rated, stylish crib.

2. DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1

DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1. Image courtesy of DaVinci

DaVinci features the largest selection of GREENGUARD-certified products on the baby market. Made of 100%-solid, sustainable New Zealand pine wood, this 4-in-1 convertible crib does it all. With four mattress heights, it also transitions to a toddler bed, daybed, twin bed, or full bed frame with headboard and footboard, with the purchase of accessories. Available in seven colors, you are sure to find a style to meet any aesthetic. Tight on space? This crib also comes in a “mini” version, with all the features of the full size.

3. DaVinci Jenny Lind 3-in-1

DaVinci Jenny Lind 3-in-1. Image courtesy of DaVinci

Charming vintage spindle slats meet modern-day safety features on this portable, GREENGUARD Gold-certified Jenny Lind crib. Not only are there four adjustable mattress heights, but this crib can also convert to a toddler bed and daybed. It comes in nine colors including some fun choices like swoon-worthy blush pink, upbeat emerald, dreamy lagoon, and classic navy.

The Best Baby Cribs That Are Small

If you are limited in space, these bassinet options are worth a second look. Keep your newborn safely nestled in your own bedroom without the risk of tripping over a bulky crib during nighttime feedings and diaper changes. Offering innovative shapes and cutting-edge designs, the best baby cribs that are petite are some of the hottest trends in nursery furniture design.

1. BabyBjorn Cradle

BabyBjorn Cradle Bassinet White

Designed to optimize sleep, this airy mesh-sided cradle will gently rock your baby to sleep. Featuring a design that’s both foldable and easy to clean, your baby will rest easy next to your bedside for their first six months of life. Transport this lightweight crib seamlessly from room to room so that you are never far from your sleeping babe. Add the cozy organic cotton fitted sheet to the provided mattress and a whimsical canopy to complete this set.

2. Maxi-Cosi Iora

Maxi-Cosi Iora Bassinet

Sleep safely next to your baby with this gliding bassinet. Adjusting to five height positions, this portable bassinet can move up and down as well as side to side. This allows you to provide extra cuddles for your little one from the comfort of your own bed. An added storage compartment keeps diapers and wipes on the ready and within reach. Easily fold the bassinet for storage or travel, maximizing functionality.

3. Graco DreamMore Bedside Bassinet Deluxe with Calming Motion

Gently rock your baby to sleep in this contemporary bassinet available in Maison (dark gray) and Skylar (light gray. This bedside sleeper will fit any bedroom configuration with 9 height adjustments. The gliding legs - keep baby close and easily accessible for nighttime feedings and soothing. Simply remove the newborn bassinet and this becomes a portable bed. A quilted, washable mattress pad is included.

The Best Baby Cribs for Travel

Ideal for families on the go, these cribs travel with you. Plus, don’t count these cribs out for their convenience…Set one up for an added sleep spot in the living room or any active room around your house, allowing you to put the baby down for some extra rest while you catch up on chores (or better yet, some zzz’s of your own).

1. Baby Jogger City suite™ Multi-Level Playard

Aeromoov Instant Travel Cot

At just 13.5lbs, this lightweight multi-level cot is perfect for travel. Designed to be stain-resistant, simply wipe clean, fold, and store. It comes with an included carry bag and can be used in either bassinet mode for infants or playard mode for toddlers up to 35” - providing years of usage. Available in neutral black graphite.

2. BabyBjorn Travel Crib

BabyBjörn Travel Crib Light Mesh

The mesh walls and water-resistant mattress cover on this durable selection are machine-washable. Pick from silver or black and save when you buy as a bundle which includes a fitted sheet. Keep an extra set of lightweight organic sheets on hand as well for all the messiness of travel. This crib unfolds in a simple one-step motion and can be set up with simplicity in mear minutes, which after a long day of travel will be welcomed.

3. Maxi-Cosi Playard

Maxi-Cosi Swift Playard

The Maxi-Cosi Playard makes an excellent addition to a room outside your nursery, giving you additional space to lay your baby down to rest while also providing a space for changing. The two-stage mattress gives you the ability to use this playard during the newborn stage and then grows with your child as they transition into toddlerhood and need a lower sleeping surface. It also doubles as a travel crib, so the three-in-one system provides extra functionality. And best yet, you can assemble it with one hand!

How to Pick Your Perfect Crib

Start by considering your needs and ranking your priorities. Are you looking for something you can use long-term, something that takes up the least amount of space, or something you can throw in the back of the car while you hit the open road? Curated is here to help. Talk with one of our Baby & Toddler Experts to help you choose the perfect place for your little one to lay their head. Get started today with me or one of my fellow Baby & Toddler Experts here on Curated. After all, who better to ask for advice, than someone who has been there before?

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