10 Stocking Stuffers for Snowboarders

From beginners to experts, here's a collection of the best things you can put in a snowboarder's stocking this holiday season.

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The most wonderful season of the year is approaching. For a snowboarder, there’s nothing better than a white Christmas, but stocking stuffers are sure to bring some extra joy to their holiday season. Other than the required items for a killer pow day at the mountain, these gifts are incredibly useful for the snowboarder in your life. From beginners to seasoned experts, this list of 10 tried-and-true favorites are for snowboarders of all skill levels.

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1. Snowboard Wax

The art of waxing a snowboard is a skill all snowboarders should learn. Yes, many a snowboard shop will wax a board, but getting the necessary tools is simple and cost-effective. Learning to tune a snowboard will not only provide a rider with a much smoother ride, but it will also get them more in touch with the board itself. Regular maintenance includes waxing, often multiple times throughout the season. Starter waxing kits are affordable, small enough to stuff in a stocking and essential for all snowboarders.

Expert Pick

Instead of purchasing all the necessary tools separately, I recommend purchasing an all-in-one kit. Dakine has built a quality starter kit for tuning a snowboard. This kit features an edge tuning tool, wire cleaning brush, Octane all-temperature wax, 10-inch file, metal scrapper, pocket stone, 10-inch wax scraper, P-tex, a scuff pad, and tuning instructions. Chat with your expert for more information!

2. Facemasks

A top priority for a snowboarder is comfort while riding. There are a variety of masks loaded with features that’ll keep you dry and comfortable while you ride. Let’s face it, one can never have enough facemasks in this day and age. Why not treat the snowboarder in your life to a quality facemask that can be used over and over again?

Expert Pick

A balaclava is the ultimate for warmth and comfort. This type of mask is worn to fully cover the ears, head and neck for added protection. These can be found in a variety of colors and styles. My personal favorite is Outdoor Research’s Ninjaclava. This mask is the ultimate in comfort and necessary for extra chilly days. Nylon material is breathable and moisture wicking. Chat with your expert for more information!

3. Tool Kit

A big part of snowboarding is preparedness. Like any trip, it’s important to make sure you have the necessary supplies to conquer any problems that may arise. Every snowboarder should own a simple tuning kit. Adjusting and mounting bindings can be performed with a simple pocket tool. These pocket tools can be incredibly useful in a pinch and should be owned by all snowboarders who take the craft seriously.

Expert Pick

Burton makes a hand-held bullet tool that is extremely convenient when a quick tune-up is needed. Ever had a binding come loose on the slope? If you or a friend has had some technical difficulties on the mountain, this tool is a game-changer. The Bullet Tool comes with 4mm allen key, 10mm wrench, #2 and #3 Phillips head screwdrivers, and a flat head screwdriver. When a binding or strap adjustment is needed, this tool is incredibly handy to keep in a jacket pocket. Chat with your expert for more information!

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Photo by Hamish Duncan

4. Massage Ball

The next item on the stocking stuffer list is a practical one to treat sore muscles. Deep tissue massages can be performed with a simple massage ball on tight ligaments. To use a utility ball, simply lean into the ball with your body weight to relieve pressure and tightness. The ball can be used for sore neck, shoulders, back, arms, legs and even foot pain. Massage balls can also be used as a preventative measure before riding to release tightness and combat soreness.

Expert Pick

There are endless varieties of massage balls on the market. A massage ball is extremely beneficial to help break up knots in the muscles and aid in recovery. Stuff that special someone's stocking with a handheld massage ball roller to show how much you care.

5. Beanie

A classic stocking stuffer that is truly essential for snowboarding is a beanie. Did you know snow reflects a large portion of UV rays from the sun? Staying protected while keeping cozy is key for having an epic day on the mountain. A snowboarder can truly never have too many beanies.

Expert Pick

Coal has always been one of my personal favorites, the ultimate in style and comfort. The Coal Squad Beanie is constructed with a recycled Polyana material guaranteed to be comfortable and itch-free all day long.

6. Stomp Pads

Adding some flair to a snowboard is part of the fun, so why not pick up a high quality stomp pad for the stocking this season? Stomp pads are attached to a snowboard, between the boot placements, for additional grip while getting off the chairlifts. Stomp pads vary in size, shape, and design, but adding one of these to a snowboard can provide much needed support while skating with one boot strapped in.

Expert Pick

High quality grip pads are a simple addition that will provide traction for any levels of snowboarder. Burton makes a full-foot grip stomp pad that does the trick. Chat with your expert for more information!

Pro tip: After applying a stomp pad, be sure to give it a full 12 hours to dry before riding.

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Photo by Ostap Senyuk

7. Battery Pack

Give the gift of extra battery power to the snowboarder in your life. A full day of shredding doesn’t require a fully-charged cell phone, but it definitely comes in handy. The obstacle of a low battery can prevent meet-ups with friends or just jamming to some quality tunes on the mountain. There’s endless varieties of battery packs on the market, and a small pocket-sized device is all that is required to keep those precious devices powered up. Don’t forget to pack a separate USB cable for external charging purposes!

8. Base Layers

Quality base layers are crucial for surviving a full day at the mountain. Warmth, comfort, and all-day moisture protection is key for snowboarders, so investing in quality base layers for a loved one is a priceless gift. Base layers play a major role in regulating core temperature and managing overall moisture while riding. High quality merino wool and polyester material offer the ultimate in comfort and overall breathability.

Expert Pick

A functional and stylish base layer for snowboarders is the Salomon Lightning Lightshell pant. These are built using a lightweight polyester fabric that offer protection and overall mobility on the slopes. The Salomon Lightning Legging keeps you warm and shredding at optimum levels.

9. Thermos

Staying well fed and hydrated is a key component of excelling at snowboarding, and well, let’s face it, any rigorous activity. A vehicle won’t run at optimal performance with no gas in the tank! A quality thermos will keep temperature no matter the conditions outside. Investing in a thermos is a practical gift and will be used year after year.

10. Socks

What would a stocking be without a quality pair of socks? Riding in a pair of mediocre socks is not a fun time when it’s below zero outside. Treat the snowboarder in your life to a pair of top of the line antimicrobial socks that keep feet moisture free and comfortable all day.

Expert Pick

An essential for the coldest of temperatures is the Ultimax Altitude sock by Wigwam. These socks have a built-in Ultimax moisture system to keep feet blister-free and dry while riding. Wigwam adds some extra cushioning over the calf to protect from snowboard boots. The fact these knee-high socks don’t ride down at all during the day make them the ultimate sock for snowboarding. Chat with your expert for more information!

A snowy mountain in the distance with snowy trees in the foreground

Crystal Mountain. Photo by Sarah Taruscio

There you have it folks, 10 of the best stocking stuffers ideas for snowboarders. Whether the stocking is for your friend or family member, these featured stocking stuffers will bring big smiles for the holiday.

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