10 Camping & Hiking Gifts for Dads

Published on 05/14/2021 · 6 min readLooking for a gift for that outdoorsy dad who swears he doesn't actually need anything this year? Look no further than this list.
Amy B, Camping Expert
By Camping Expert Amy B

Photo by Karen Gibbons

This gift guide was created with the plaid-wearing, outdoorsy, and dad-joke-loving father figures in mind. Whether you are shopping for your own dad, the father of your children, or someone else who falls into the category, one of these suggestions is sure to be a hit! Below you will find 10 fun and practical gifts for adventuresome dads who “don’t need anything” and “just want you to be happy.” Dads are notoriously difficult to shop for so consider this gift guide my gift to you.

1. Multi-tool

Dads and their tools, amiright? But really, they are incredibly handy. A good multi-tool can be a lifesaver during emergency gear repairs or can help whittle the perfect point on marshmallow sticks—and Dad can rest easy knowing he has the tools he needs within reach wherever he ends up.

Expert Pick

The Leatherman Signal features 19 different tools which can all be opened and operated with just one hand! Included among these 19 tools are a fire starting rod, hammer, and an emergency whistle, making this the ideal multi-tool for camping and outdoor use.

2. A Chair Fit for a King

Photo by Amy Boissonneault

Whether it’s tending to the grill, getting creative with pitching the tarp, or chasing the kids around camp all day… there is a lot to do around camp. Make sure Dad has a comfortable chair around the campfire when he’s ready to relax and put his feet up. A gift he will use and enjoy often—at camp, at the beach, in the backyard.

Expert Pick

The Stargaze Recliner Luxury Chair from Nemo means business when it comes to your comfort and relaxation levels. Not only is this camp chair a recliner (perfect for naps and stargazing) but it swings, too! Unlike most rocking chairs, this smart design can be set up on any surface. It features a no-spill cup holder as well as an adjustable headrest—everything we could have thought of and more.

3. Flask

The perfect gift for the dad who cherishes a warming sip of whiskey at the top of the mountain. A flask full of spirit is a nice little treat to keep in his pocket for special moments.

Expert Pick

This Unbreakable Hip Flask from Stanley slips easily into Dad’s pocket for any adventure. Not only is it leakproof and easy to refill, but it will withstand the most rugged excursions he goes on. Fill it up with his drink of choice and put a bow on it—he’s sure to savor this gift.

4. The Classic Plaid Shirt

Photo by Chris Henry

Every outdoorsy dad needs to look the part and there’s no question that includes a plaid button-up shirt. Function beats fashion when it comes to the outdoors but the right dad-plaid can satisfy both categories.

Expert Pick

The Tentree Bowren Button Up is a cozy and comfortable long sleeve, perfect for wearing around camp or at the cabin. Made sustainably from hemp and organic cotton, this shirt is not only good for the planet, but it provides UV protection and features anti-odor properties!

5. Direction and Connection

Whether or not the stereotype is true, there generally isn’t anyone to ask for directions when you get lost in the backcountry. A GPS device will not only help ensure Dad knows where he is going, but it will help him stay connected with friends and family who aren’t along for the adventure.

Expert Pick

The Inreach Mini from Garmin is extremely portable. It allows the user to stay connected via SMS and email, alert emergency responders with an SOS signal, check weather forecasts, and more. Stash it in your pocket or attach it to the strap of your pack—this little device provides peace of mind for avid adventurers (and their loved ones).

6. A Good Pair of Boots

Photo by Ali Kazal

A good pair of boots are essential when you do a lot of walking, hiking, and adventuring. Dad is tough but nothing ruins a hike quite like a painful blister or two. The right pair will offer comfort, stability, and support while he’s making his way through the forest, up mountains, across the desert, or wherever his adventures take him.

Expert Pick

The best-selling Keen Pyrenees are a classic hiking boot designed to keep dad’s feet dry and comfortable during even the longest, most rugged days on the trail. These all-leather boots are waterproof and breathable with stellar arch support.

7. Backpack

A well-fitting backpack (alongside a good pair of boots) is paramount to enjoying time in the backcountry—especially during multi-day excursions. Whether he is heading off on a solo mission or the whole family is trekking off into the wild unknown, a good pack will allow him to carry everything he needs and remain comfortable along the way.

Expert Pick

The Stein 65 is a full-size expedition backpack from Mystery Ranch. Dad will appreciate this lightweight and durable choice for all of his backpacking adventures. One of the coolest features on this pack? The top lid converts into a day pack for shorter hikes or trips from base camp!

8. Deluxe Camp Stove Set

Photo by Amy Boissonneault

For the dad who loves to cook, a quality camp kitchen set up will have him itching to whip up his next meal in the woods. Just because you’re a little off the beaten path, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy some stellar meals!

Expert Pick

The Biolite Campstove Bundle is incredibly versatile. Not only will he be equipped with everything he needs to grill, boil, and cook food, but this set is also capable of charging devices! The Biolite Campstove Bundle includes the CampStove 2, KettlePot, portable grill with cover, USB cord, FlexLight, firelighter, and coffee press.

9. Headlamp

Headlamps are a camper's best friend—keep one in the gear bin, in the car glove box, beside the grill, in the garage… they’re incredibly handy (not to mention hands-free).

Expert Pick

The Spot Headlamp from Black Diamond will keep Dad lit on all of his low-light adventures. The light beam can be easily adjusted with the touch of a finger. At night, opt for the red-light setting to give your (and your fellow camper’s) eyes a rest. A few notable features are that this headlamp is waterproof and it has a built in digital memory—that means it learns your most-used lighting and sets it as the first option when you turn it on!

10. Insulated Mug

Photo by Alex Holt

An insulated mug is a camping staple. Keep hot drinks hot, cold drinks cold, eat your oatmeal out of it, or simply use it for water. One dish, many uses—it’s a win win all around.

Expert Pick

Dad’s soon-to-be-favorite camp mug—the Yeti Coolers Rambler! Not only will his coffee stay hot all morning long, but the double-wall vacuum-insulated body will protect his hands from potential burns.

Hopefully after reading through this guide, you are 10 ideas richer than when you started. If you are still stumped and looking for more ideas, shoot me or one of my fellow Camping & Hiking experts a note here on Curated and we can find the perfect gift together! We also offer the option of a Curated gift card which can be used towards making an outdoor equipment purchase with free expert help finding the right gear for your father's needs.

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